Often toothbrush can not guarantee healthy teeth

Often toothbrush can not guarantee healthy teeth – dmatxi.com. Brushing teeth is useful to remove plaque and bacteria on the teeth. But if the toothbrush is used not stored properly, even brushing your teeth can cause infection or spread of certain diseases. Therefore keep your toothbrush well to stay healthy.

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is a mandatory requirement to do as the standard steps to maintaining health oral. Regular brushing to maintain healthy teeth and prevent cavities.

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Usually parents are always telling kids to brush your teeth when in the shower, after dinner, or before bed. But unfortunately in this way alone can not prevent cavitiesCavities are caused by brittle teeth.

Brittle teeth itself occurs due to damage to the tooth structure, resulting in depletion of the email (hard coating that protects teeth) and the outer layer of the teeth to the inner lining of the tooth, the dentin and pulp.

There is no guarantee someone diligently brushing teeth free from cavities. Since all these things are affected by time, how to brush your teeth and the type of toothpaste used. Brushing the wrong time, such as after a meal, can lead to brittle teeth because the acid content is high in the mouth.

How to brush your teeth is also very influential on dental hygiene. Use the help of a mirror to see the tooth that is still dirty, and try to brush your teeth at least one to two minutes to make the movements small circles. Make sure no food is left on the teeth and mouth, because the rest of these foods can cause a sour reaction from the bacteria.

When brushing your teeth is not clean, the rest of the food will be broken down by bacteria into acid, and this acid will attack the teeth and make the teeth become brittle. This process is known as demineralization process. Despite diligent toothbrush, but if using the method, timing, and toothpaste is wrong, it will make the bacteria remain in the mouth break down food waste becomes acidic. Eventually brittle teeth and decay.

To prevent cavities, does not need too much brushing. The most important thing is the process by brushing, time and dental care products proper.

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