Tips on how to prevent head lice

Prevent head lice

Tips on how to prevent head lice. Head lice are very small in size, for males have a size of about 2 mm, while for females a little bit larger because the females usually contain a lot of eggs in his stomach. Reproduces very quickly because once the female incubate the eggs a lot.

The scalp is usually infected due to you are sleeping with someone who has head lice, and if you also do not often wash, this is the most convenient place for the small insects. If head lice are gone from your head. Now is the time to make sure that you or your family will never infected head lice again. Head lice prevention is something that should be done so that head lice do not come returning.

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How to prevent head lice

  1. Do not sleep close to people who have head lice because lice can jump.
  2. Check your family, to ensure that your family has been infected by lice or not. If so, resolve immediately to eradicate head lice.
  3. Separate your goods, do not ever put your hat or scarf at the same place, let alone the same place with the people have head lice, because head lice can jump easily if adjacent.

Using a lice comb is the way, which have long since proven to be directly applied to lift the head lice and their eggs because comb spacing is tight. To use a lice comb, make sure your hair is not tangle because it can make you pain and hair loss when you comb it. To work around this, use coconut oil on your hair first so make your hair does not tangle and smooth when you comb it.

Head lice is a parasite that is very disturbing. Head lice should be treated effectively to prevent it returning. Trimming hair is the easiest way you can do to get rid of head lice.

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