cause of headaches, headaches at night, headaches while sleeping

What causes headaches at night while sleeping

What is cause of headache every night while sleeping? Recently there are people who become so much complaining about night headaches. This type of headache indeed has caused many problems actually for people. We all notice that more and more people have gained experience related to this health problem especially for any women.

Yet, do you know the causes of this problem? Well, this headache actually occurs because of any abnormalities within the nerves and also veins. It may also affect the face region in some people. The most significant cause is the abnormalities within the hypothalamus. There is evidence that cause the abnormalities. This is the complex structure within the brain which may cause severe cluster headache.

cause of headaches, headaches at night, headaches while sleeping

The hypothalamus may involve in the regulation of any important chemicals and pathways. There are many other causes of such headache that you need to know as well. It is rare problem among society actually. It only affects lesser than 1% of the population. Both age and gender also holds significant role of such problem actually.

Although it affects almost any ages, the most common people who suffer from the problem are those who are middle age. Men also have 2 or 3 times higher risk in suffering from cluster headache compared to women. The common age of people suffering from this headache is approximately 40s up to 60s. Women have fluctuations on their hormones. Therefore, they often suffer from such problem actually.

Next are the lifestyle factors. We can see many people having certain habits such as smoking, and stress which may lead into such night headache. Genetic factor may also have the role. This disease affects people having the genetic factor of families who have ever suffered from such headache as well. There are also factors such as head injury and also sleep apnea which may lead to night headache.

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