How motion and train the brain to not senile dementia

How motion and train the brain to not senile dementia. In principle, the basic brain exercise is to prevent senility. Blockage of the left part of the brain above the ear we were speaking center. As a result, people will be difficult interlocutor. If the lesion occurs above the top of the head, fitting central actuating fingers or lips could lisp, paralyzed, and so on.

We must educate the public to maintain brain stay in fit shape. that quality of life is maintained. Due to a few lesions, brain tissue does not function so with their own activity / quality of life to be ugly, “said Astuti”. One of the brain training is brain exercise is healthy.

brain exercise is healthy, brain exercise is to prevent senility, Motion and brain training

Motion and brain training can be done by all ages. In children with epilepsy, children with cerebral palsy, children with uncoordinated hand movements than difisioterapi, they can also train the brain.

Motion and brain training can be done while sitting or standing. done with feeling happy, relaxed, and not hold your breath. When you are on the bus, being in front of the computer desk, this movement can be done in just five minutes.

How motion and train the brain

Practice your neck stretch; Position body facing straight ahead, with your right hand on the right side of the head. Press the head to the left, while the head facing straight ahead. Neck muscles will feel stretched against impulse hand. Perform eight count by not holding his breath. Do it alternately with your left hand.

Stretching the shoulder and upper arm;

  1. Straighten your right hand up (beside the ear), palms facing forward. The left hand through the back of the right hand below the elbow. The hand moved to the back straight, while your other hand to hold the front. Will feel a stretch in the shoulders and upper arms. Exhale when activated or tense muscles. Then do a left-hand turn, each twice.
  2. Straighten your right hand up, in addition to the ears with your palms facing inwards. Hands were driven straight to the right, while the other hand pull the right hand inward. Perform turns with the left hand, each twice.
  3. Position a straight right hand pressed to the right ear and the other hand pushing in the direction of out. Perform turns with the left hand, each twice.

Warming brain switches; Rub two indentations left and right below the collarbone meetings left and right to the sternum. With his other hand rubbing the abdomen. Keep eyes move to the left and to the right, up, down and rotate from top left to top right. Perform six breaths with alternating hands.

Usually the recommended training three times a week, each about 15-20 minutes, should always imagined physical motion, so that the brain circuitry connected with movements being performed.

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