How to blacken your hair with natural ingredients

Blacken your hair

How to blacken your hair with natural ingredients. Especially for women in asia, shiny black hair is a black and healthy hair will add beauty for the woman. Surely it would look odd if the hair is supposed to be black to yellowish due to lack of maintenance.

Causes of hair color is fading there are many, but here we will not discuss it, but more focused on how to blacken your hair with natural ingredients. Natural ingredients of plants that can be used traditionally for beauty treatments. Thus, you can acquire knowledge in an attempt to blacken the hair. For black hair, we can use a variety of traditional materials such as rice straw, papaya seeds, pecans, aloe vera and noni fruit.

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How to blacken hair naturally

Alvocado; Avocados can also be used to care and blacken your hair. Avocado puree, then give a mixture of coconut milk and olive oil, and stir until blended. Heats up to 20 seconds in the microwave. After that, apply the hair root to tip while followed by gently massaging the scalp to stimulate the absorption of ingredients into the scalp. Allow a few moments and then clean. If done regularly, avocado herb can blacken your hair naturally.

Rice straw; Blacken hair using rice straw. Take 1 bunch of rice straw, then put into a pan, and bake until everything is burnt to ashes.
After that, pour water into the container and give 1 lime fruit. Stir until smooth, then condensed in the open air for 1 night. Take a clean water on the surface, then use to wash it (without using shampoo anymore). Do it 3 times a week, then the hair will look healthy, black and shiny.

Those are some tips and how to blacken hair naturally. In addition to safe, hair treatments using natural ingredients can be done easily at home, and of course at low cost.

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