How to remove tinea versicolor naturally

Thursday, March 28th 2013. | Health

Remove tinea versicolor

How to remove tinea versicolor naturally. Tinea versicolor or more familiar with Pityriasis Versicolor is one skin disease caused by a fungal infection of Pityrosporum ovale on the skin surface. The hallmark of this disease is the emergence of a white spot, brown or red (depending on skin color) on the surface of the skin, can be in the back, neck, chest, arms, legs, etc.. However, this skin disease common in the back. These patches arise accompanied by itching, especially when sweating.

Tinea versicolor can be caused by lack of maintaining a healthy body, such as infrequent bathing. Or it could also arise due to excessive sweat production in the body which then triggers the emergence of fungi can breed freely with both the surface of the skin moist.

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So, how to remove tinea versicolor that had already appeared? Actually there are many ways of eliminating tinea versicolor, either naturally using natural materials and modern way by using drugs. Natural way can be done easily and without great expense.

How to remove tinea versicolor naturally

  1. Garlic; How to remove tinea versicolor naturally with garlic. Take 1 clove garlic, cut into 2 and rub into the affected skin tinea versicolor. Perform regular morning, afternoon, evening until the tinea versicolor become dry and peeling. If it is dry then the tinea versicolor will be leaving our skin.
  2. Lime; How to remove tinea versicolor naturally with lime. The materials prepared lime and sulfur. Cut the lemon into 4 parts and puree sulfur. Lemon slices dipped in sulfur and then rub it on the body of tinea versicolor. Do it after a bath 2 times a day until healed.

Tinea versicolor is not a dangerous disease, but may reduce beauty and self-confidence, for it is better prevention done before tinea versicolor appears. Prevention of tinea versicolor can be done by keeping the body, with a bath at least 2 times a day and use a personalized towel.