How to whiten your skin safely and naturally

Skin whitening

How to whiten your skin safely and naturally. Women are generally very concerned with how to whiten the skin because skin care products deliver intense advertisements that portray that beauty is measured from dark or bright color. In the market, we can find beauty products that give claim to whiten the skin. However, caution is certainly needed when choosing beauty products.

If you’re looking for a safe way of whitening skin, natural ingredients can be a reasonable alternative. One of the best skin whitening ingredients are easy to find is vitamin C. We certainly know that the skin can be dull and dark if dead skin cells. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that can prevent skin cell damage caused by free radicals and thus prevent skin opaque.

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In addition, the use of vitamin C, either in the skin or through nutrition, skin whitening is a way the easiest and quite effective, because to vitamin C can help in the formation of collagen, which stimulates the formation of new cells.

New skin cells so that the lighter color will give the effect of skin brighter and whites. In addition to vitamin C are water soluble, we also need a fat-soluble antioxidants, namely vitamin E. This vitamin can be entered into the fat layer under the skin and protect skin elastin tissue.

Materials that are rich in vitamin E and C include Noni juice, made from fresh Noni fruit. In addition it contains both vitamins, noni juice also contains other ingredients suitable to be consumed as a way of whitening skin.

Among these is glutathione, ascorbic acid, beta carotene, co-enzyme Q10 is reduced, and the other amino acids. So rather than determine a safe way to whiten your skin, why not try the natural way by consume noni juice.

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