Migraine Headaches Causes and Treatments

Friday, February 28th 2014. | Diseases

Causes and how to treat migraine headaches. Everyone should have experienced what is called migraine. A pain felt in a half part of head in which it can be severe and can happen for hours or days. Migraine can be followed by other uncomfortable feeling such as nausea, vomiting, blind spots or tingling in some parts of body.

The severe of the headache can attack repeatedly with throbbing sensation in one side of the head and it can influence the daily activities including sleep and work. Even, when sleeping the throbbing sensation will be more felt. Migraine can be an initial sign of serious healthy issue and it needs more concern.

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Migraine is caused by a situation in which an artery located on the skull outside enlarges under the skin of the temporal artery. It means that there is a combination between the vein enlargement and the release of chemical around the vein. The trigger of migraine is caused by some factors related to healthy, psychological condition and foods.

Allergic reactions, stress, sensitivity of noises, smells or lights, different pattern of sleep and eating time, tension headache, menstruation, smoking, and tyramine-contained foods. However, migraine can also happen because you have certain condition that needs deep diagnose and treatment.

Treating migraine can be done by preventing or consuming the medication. However, triggers of migraine will not always cause it and vice versa. Because migraine can be happen suddenly, even when we are not in a situation in which the possibility of migraine can happen. Get enough rest, food, and drink supplies and avoid stress is the way of preventing.

Yet, when the migraine attacks, you can take the medication that is recommended by the doctor. If the migraine happen often and for days, it is better to have medical check up to know better about the healthy condition. Read another article about severe migrain headache home remedies.

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