Slow dementia with brain training

Slow dementia with brain training. One way is to keep the brain fitness is exercise for brain health. Dementia is common in the elderly. Dementia causes poor quality of life of sufferers and social relationships to be disrupted. Not only that, the patient is also a burden on the family and the state.

The process of aging and old age is a natural process. The aging brain also occur. It is the perceived decline of memory and this can be normal and not normal. This then causes dementia. In fact, dementia can be slowed, it’s good he did a variety of special exercises to slow dementia.

How to slow dementia, prevent dementia, overcome the drawbacks of memory

The ability of memory decline in the elderly due to the normal process of thinking becomes sluggish, lacking the proper use of memory strategies, and difficulty focusing and concentration. It also needs more time to learn new things, require more cues to recall what ever remembered.

People who have dementia are not normal, he may forget to eat, forget the name of the spouse, objects, numbers or skills that once mastered. Sometimes, he even forgot to social rules.

How to slow down dementia

  • Always learning, then activate your brain. Generate interest in using the mind by way of example get to read books that are useful, such as reading, counting, designing, or cooking.
  • Repeat new information to be stored in memory
  • Training the focus / concentration, eg by yoga or others.
  • Recreation.
  • Join social activities.
  • Counseling to the neurologist, for early detection of dementia.
  • Make notes or biography is the best activity of the elderly and very valuable.
  • Maintain a healthy body with a healthy lifestyle such as eating-healthy food and rest / sleep enough.
  • Motion and train the brain and other sports according to ability.

For some tips to overcome the drawbacks of memory or slow dementia. Bottom line, do not let your brain stops working. In basic principle is like train the brain is desires that keep the brain fit and prevent dementia.

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