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Can’t sleep at night because morning sickness

Can’t Sleep At Night Because Morning Sickness

Can’t sleep at night because morning sickness?. Morning sickness has always been part identical during pregnancy. This phenomenon is called the morning sickness because often attacked in the morning. Basically every pregnant woman may experience different symptoms. Sometimes people go through pregnancy with nausea and vomiting in the intensity of the time often.

Even morning sickness can occur at night or during the day. This condition occurs in a different time depending on the condition of pregnancy and maternal health. The most frequent problem is that morning sickness interrupts the cycle breaks pregnant mother. They often cannot sleep at night because morning sickness. To overcome all these difficulties, the pregnant women who are basically know the cause of morning sickness.

cause of morning sickness, morning sickness in pregnant women, morning sickness remedies, overcome morning sickness

Causes of Morning Sickness

Basically, conditions began to change during pregnancy as a key trigger morning sickness. A wide variety of hormone production will increase drastically. The hormone HCG which is derived from the placenta in the pregnant mother’s body will also be a trigger morning sickness. In addition, other hormonal changes occur with the hormone estrogen. Each HCG levels increasing the nausea and vomiting can be more severe conditions.

Some of these problems will occur with severe conditions, especially for mothers who are pregnant with twins. Another cause is the influence of pregnancy hormones that make the nose becomes more sensitive to the smell. A wide variety of food and beverages with a strong scent can trigger morning sickness. Other conditions that can trigger morning sickness are the level of stress experienced by pregnant women.

Due To Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is going to happen during the first trimester of pregnancy, but some women experience this condition throughout pregnancy until birth. This phenomenon is sometimes regarded as a symptom of a very normal so does not need to be solved. However, morning sickness can lead to maternal condition becomes more severe due to having had difficulties to sleep at night.

In addition, a weak body conditions will affect the physical condition of each pregnant woman. If the condition occurs in the intensity of morning sickness is too severe then you should immediately see a doctor to get treatment. Therefore, some conditions of morning sickness are also an influence on the health of the baby.

Tips To Overcome Sleep Disorders When Morning Sickness

To overcome morning sickness then basically pregnant women can perform a variety of ways. Here are some tips to overcome morning sickness so not having trouble sleeping.

  1. Do not let an empty stomach as it can trigger nausea or stomach upset due to hunger. Pregnant women are often advised to eat smaller portions. The best food is food that contains carbohydrates, protein and some kind of healthy snack.
  2. Do not consume foods that can trigger nausea as foods that have a strong scent and sensitive to smell. It also should not consume food that is still hot or too cold.
  3. Avoid all types of foods that contain lots of fat. Fatty acids will trigger because digestion requires more time to destroy fat.
  4. Create a home environment and be comfortable bedroom. Remove various kinds of scents or objects that can cause nausea.

The condition is very natural morning sickness in pregnant women. However, this issue must be addressed for sponsoring the condition of pregnant women. Pregnant women should also not feel stress because it will influence the psychological conditions. It is better if the expectant mother enjoy the pregnancy with mild conduct a variety of activities, gather with friends and family with refreshing. You can also read about Morning Sickness Remedies Natural Way.

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