Factors causing mosquito bites prefer pregnant women

Factors causing mosquito bites prefer pregnant women – dmatxi.com. Based on the research, mosquitoes love staphylococci bacteria. These bacteria are normally present in human skin because the man himself have various types of bacteria. Mosquitoes can smell the sweat in an accurate, although within a certain radius. It turned out that mosquito bites prefer pregnant women.

Some people are genetically more attractive to mosquito bites, although there are also other factors that influence. Certain substances contained in the surface of the skin or breathing can attract mosquito bites, even though mosquitoes are within 100 meters.

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One of the most alluring scent that mosquitoes are the lactic acid (a substance that builds muscle when working and when to sweat) and the carbon dioxide emitted when people breathe. Both of these substances will increasingly attract mosquitoes when combined with heat and humidity.

Factors causing mosquitoes prefer to bite pregnant women

Pregnant women are more attract mosquito bites, compared with women who are not pregnant. The researchers said that the would pregnant women breathe more heavily, so he took out the carbon dioxide 21 percent more than other women who are not pregnant.

Another factor is the rise in body temperature during pregnancy. There is an increasing body heat making maternal release of volatile substances (volatile) are more in the skin, making it easier for mosquitoes to detect it. In addition to causing itching and scratching to make people, a greater risk of mosquito bites is the transmission of diseases carried by mosquitoes such as dengue or malaria.

How to prevent mosquito bites:

  1. Avoid using the clothes are dark or too bright. Using colors white clothing or other soft are less preferred by mosquitoes. Avoid tight clothing and thin as it could be penetrated by a mosquito bites.
  2. Use insect repellent. For pregnant women can use natural ingredients such as lemon eucalyptus oil, lemongrass oil, cinnamon oil, or peppermint rosemarry.
  3. Using mosquito nets. Up to now there is no mosquito repellant is more secure than the mosquito net because it does not remove chemicals that are free from the risk of allergy or poisoning.
  4. Eating garlic. Some people claim to not being bitten by mosquitoes after eating garlic. During this in mind food that contains vitamin B1 can make the blood did not taste good, and avoid excessive salt intake because it can stimulate the formation of lactic acid.
  5. Bathe regularly. As it is known that mosquitoes love the smell of sweat. Therefore, bathing regularly and using antiperspirant powder can be quite effective at preventing mosquito bites.

Impact if scratching a mosquito bite

Scratching a mosquito bite is comfortable. However, it not only affects the scratch scar alone. Scratching a mosquito bite, the effect is more dangerous. If the scratch to penetrate the skin, the possibility of infection is greater.

Although scratching the itch of mosquito bites may quickly relieve itching, scratching it turned out to be more dangerous. According to a diagnostic entomology, scratching the bite can cause infection. Scratching also can slow the healing time. According to him, scratching mosquito bites, instead will make the itch that linger longer. It also can cause bleeding and ulceration.

Way relieve mosquito bites

For that, there are several ways to we never again be tempted to scratch a mosquito bite. First, clean the skin of the bitten area with soap and water. This is done to remove dirt and germs. Alternatively, you can give the ice on the bite. Ice can compress the mosquito bite. Ice can help reduce swelling around the bite. Also helps to numb the area and reduce itching.

Besides, we can also use the lotion. Apply lotion on insect bites to soothe the skin and reduce itching. You can also apply hydrocortisone cream, which can function as an anti-inflammatory, reducing redness around the bite and reduce itching as well.

Finally, if you really can not stand to scratch it, make sure the nail is not long and clean. It’s that scratching you, do not damage the skin and leave a scar there.¬†Another way to relieve mosquito bites is to scratching using other media, can be cloth or hair, the texture is softer and does not damage our skin.

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