Foods can help burn body fat naturally

Tuesday, January 29th 2013. | Health

Foods can help burn body fat naturally – Many people are willing to spend hours and hours every day in the gym to burn body fat. But according to a recent study, only takes a practice no more than three hours a week to help you lose weight. In addition to exercise, diet can also help burn body fat.

Foods burn body fat naturally. For those who want to reduce fat levels in the body may be able to try foods that can help burn body fat naturally.

Foods that can help burn body fat naturally:

Calcium; The recommended foods like low fat milk, low fat yogurt, and cheese. Even after processing, milk keep a positive impact on the body, such as in the form of yogurt and cheese. Review of 90 studies released about the journal Nutrition Reviews reveals a strong link between high calcium levels with improvement in body composition.

Fiber; The recommended foods such as oats and barley. Choose wheat as the main menu instead of white rice will keep you out of the belly fat, so says a study released in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, because white rice is just empty carbs.

Catechins; The recommended foods such as green tea. Catechins to increase metabolism and burn body fat in the liver velocity (Journal of Nutrition). To obtain maximum results, drink 4-6 cups of caffeinated green tea a day, and exercise at least 3 hours per week.

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Protein; The recommended foods such as eggs. Proteins play a role for fat burning in several ways. First, clear your body needs the energy (or calories) to break down food proteins. Protein also can reduce hunger.

Omega-3; The recommended foods such as salmon. Eating fat is probably the biggest taboo for those who want to be thin, but the intake of omega-3 fatty fish like salmon, it will help a lot. Although its mechanism of action is not known with certainty, but the omega-3 is able to burn body fat. Other studies have even suggested omega-3 can reduce appetite because it can make the stomach feel full up to 2 hours.

Flavonoids; The recommended foods such as apples, pears, and peppers. Above three equations are the same food both contain flavonoids, natural chemicals in plants that good at fighting fat. Research shows that flavonoids can increase energy use, the absorption of glucose into muscle, and fat burning.

Lignans; The recommended foods such as flaxseed. Eating lignans, particularly for women entering menopause can reduce body fat and BMI. Add 1 tablespoon of flaxseed to cereals, salads, yogurt or your daily dish.

Acid; The recommended foods such as vinegar. The researchers suggested, vinegar can activate genes that produce fat-breaking enzyme. Try to drink 1 tablespoon of vinegar every day, or mixed with milk or soda if you do not like the acid taste.

As many people want is to have a beautiful body and a variety of means and efforts are on to live to make a beautiful body, and one way to make beautiful body is to burn body fat.