Make a natural mask as acne removal

To eliminate acne can be done naturally. You can prevent acne by protecting your face while driving. You can do this by using a mask to cover part of the face of each drive. By wearing a mask, you will be protected from pollution that causes acne.

Maybe that’s what you feel when a small bump called a pimple appears on your face. Of course there are many ways to get rid of acne, many beauty products that can eliminate your acne. But of course it is not cheap product.

Actually you do not have to spend a lot of money to get rid of acne, you can make your own potions acne removal with natural ingredients that you can easily get around you. Because it is made from natural ingredients, of course safe for you to use, and also efficient course. Some materials that you can use as a natural mask to eliminate acne.

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– Orange peel and lemon, the two pieces you can use as a mask to eliminate stubborn acne on your face. It’s good for those of you who do not like taking medication as acne removal. How to use it is, mashed orange peel until smooth, mix some water and rubbed on the face that have acne, then let stand between 10 to 15 minutes. After that, rinse with clean water.

– Cucumber, fruit has many beneficial substances to your body, and can certainly help you in eliminating acne. To use it, prepare young cucumber and fresh, sliced ??fruit after the cucumber and apply on the face with acne. This serves to give a sense of cool in the inflamed skin, after about 15 minutes, wash your face with clean water.

– Honey, a natural fluid produced by honey bees is already known for its benefits and properties it contains. According to many scientific studies, honey could prove to be a cure for many diseases, including help eliminate acne on your face. How to wear it, rub honey on your skin or pimpled face, wear cotton to rub, then let sit for about 15 minutes, then wash.

– Papaya apparently also has a lot of vitamins, good for your face. To make the mask natural acne removal, you have to do is, prepare a papaya fruit is ripe and still fresh, and blender to taste and apply on your face, and let stand for about 20 minutes, then wash.

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