Preventing breast cancer with a healthy lifestyle

Preventing breast cancer with a healthy lifestyle – dmatxi. Breast cancer is an aggressive type of cancer in women. Because the disease is generally attack women, although not infrequently also can attack men but the amount is not much, the comparison is only one in a thousand events. This type of cancer at the start of the formation of abnormal cells in the breast that are malignant.

Generally cancers originate from cells surrounding the ducts (ductal is a small channel that sends milk to the nipple), this type of cancer called ductal cancer, while there is also derived from the gland lobules (glands are lobules where milk starts) this cancer called lobular type of cancer, and there is also a small portion coming from other breast tissue.

Preventing Breast Cancer, Cause of Breast Cancer, Treatment breast cancer

Malignant cells would first go to the lymph vessels will then spread to other parts through the lymph nodes. If these cells have spread to the underarm area will feel a lump in the armpit, this could be a sign that the cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body organs via the blood.

Because of the danger of this cancer, then women should increase vigilance against this cancer. However prevents certainly better than having to treat. If you ever are in the family history of this cancer, then you need to increase your vigilance, because the risk of cancer is greater. Other risks are the people who do not have a healthy lifestyle such as smoking etc..

If you feel there is something not normally in your breasts such as lumps in the breast, breast pain, breast skin changes shape, etc., do not delay, immediately consult a doctor. Unfortunately, until now there has been no definite cause of the emergence of this cancer, which primarily affects women. However, a greater risk through heredity, lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns.

Increase consumption of vegetables and fresh fruits, give your baby milk, choose organic foods, not smoking, increase exercise, avoid stress, reduce fatty foods, maintain ideal weight remains, positive minded and immediately consult if feel something unnatural in your breasts. Although the cause is not clear, but breast cancer awareness should continue to be improved and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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