The first step in doing relief to people fainting

How people fainted it happen? So what steps should we do if someone fainting in front of us? If there are people who fainted in the crowd, it will make the people around him panicked. However, what if it’s just you? Relief of what we need to do in such circumstances?

What can cause a person to faint? How do people fainting can occur? Fainting occurs because blood flow to the brain is inadequate, causing you to lose consciousness and usually only briefly (a few minutes).

The first step in doing relief to people fainting

Then how to deal with people faint? It could be mild and harmless, but it can be a sign of serious illness that requires medical attention. Therefore, it is advisable to immediately handle losing consciousness until her condition improves.

What should you do if we ourselves feel faint? First aid if you feel will fainting is a lie or sit down until you feel better and get up slowly. Put your head between your knees when sitting.

Fainting can happen to us. But what if other people faint? What should we do? First aid if other people were fainting. Immediately lay him in a quiet and lonely, if he’s still breathing immediately raise his leg in a higher position than the heart about 30 cm above the chest if possible. This will restore the blood flow to the brain. Loosen the belt, collar or other objects that can inhibit blood circulation.

Once aware, let him remain lying down for at least 1-15 minutes. Then wake him slowly. If the person is unconscious within one minute, contact the nearest emergency room for her to receive medical attention as soon as possible.

How confectionary further if the victim was awake? How can I prevent fainting again? If you ever fainting before, it is good to recognize and avoid the causes or triggers you swoon. It could be that you fainting because too quickly wake up from a sitting or lying down, try to get up slowly.

What if you want to fainting when he saw the blood. Before undergoing surgery or other medical procedures that allow the discharge of blood. It is better to tell your doctor. In addition, other minor causes fear or anxiety is excessive, usually happens when you panic.

What should we do when feeling the symptoms of fainting? When you feel fainting symptoms such as headaches, body feels weak, or the sensation of spinning head, you should immediately sit down and place your head between your knees. The blood flow is helped to flow back to the brain. If possible, lie down in order to avoid the possibility of injury from falling.

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