The Types Of Abdominal Pain According To Pain Location

Wednesday, January 29th 2014. | Health

There are many kinds of abdominal pain that can show what kinds of diseases that are indicated according to the pain location that someone felt. If you usually feel the pain of the whole stomach area, it is indicated that you have an appendix inflammation of some injuries in your stomach.

There are many kinds of causes that are caused by this disease, the virus and infection are usually attack our stomach. But, what kinds of indicated diseases that show the abdominal pain of the pain location?

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The Abdominal Pain Types

The abdominal pain is usually occurred in a localized pain, cramping and also colicky pain. The localized pain is usually occurred in any area like in the left side of stomach. The disease that usually shows this pain is stomach ulcers that are felt in your particular organ like gastric area. Cramping pain is usually indicated that you have problems with your stomach that is caused by bacteria or virus. The diseases are constipations, diarrheas or flatulence.

The cramping is usually felt by women when they have menstruation or miscarriage, but this is not really dangerous because the pain will be gone by itself. The last one is colicky pain that shows the dangerous diseases like kidney stone and gallstone irritation.

The Disease Indication According Abdominal Pain Location

  • Generalized Pain

This generalized pain of your abdomen area is indicated that you have appendix inflammation, any injury with your stomach, flu, chron’s disease, or the syndrome of irritable bowel.

  • Lower Abdominal Pain

If you felt pain in your lower abdomen, you may have appendicitis. The intestinal obstruction is also the disease that you will face if you face in your lower abdomen. This disease is occurred when there is an obstruction of you large or small intestines. The last one is ectopic pregnancy that is occurred when the fertilized egg is not being able to attach. So, the fetus is grown out of the belly.