Type sports or exercise for people with osteoporosis

Type sports or exercise for people with osteoporosis – dmatxi.com. Regular exercise can slow the rate of bone loss and maintain healthy bone tissue as a whole. What sport is beneficial for patients with osteoporosis. Exercise is especially beneficial for people with osteoporosis are weight training and flexibility exercises.

Exercises with body weight for people with osteoporosis

How to exercise with body weight. Exercise with a mean body weight using the leg to hold the weight. This exercise is beneficial for patients with established osteoporosis because bones become denser and stronger. Practice holding your own body for thirty minutes every day is also good for the heart, improves muscle strength, and maintain coordination and balance the body.

Examples of body weight training can be done by walking, jogging, climbing stairs, aerobics “low impact”, and dancing. Swimming and cycling though good for physical fitness but not a useful exercise to build bone. That’s because your body is supported by something other than your feet and legs.

How to exercise with weights. Lifting weights or resistance exercise is the weight of your body other than the object. Research shows that lifting weights strengthens muscles and bones and reduce fracture risk. To get good results, practice two or three times a week.

Increase the portion of the exercise gradually by adding weights or repetition frequency. Train your different muscle groups, including the arms, chest, shoulders, legs, stomach and back. Do not train the same muscle groups in two successive exercises. Give these muscle groups to recover.

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Exercise that suitable for people with osteoporosis, among others:

  • Lifting weights using barbells and dumbbells at home or at the gym.
  • Resistance exercise with rubber strap whose strength varies.

Exercise that should be avoided by people with osteoporosis

What sports should be avoided by people with osteoporosis. People with osteoporosis are prone to fracture, therefore, should avoid the following sports:

  • Aerobics “high impact”
  • Exercises that require sudden movements and powerful
  • Abdominal crunches
  • Exercise that requires twisting body movements, like swinging a golf stick
  • Exercises that require the beat, stop and start abruptly, such as tennis and squash.

This is the type of exercise is good and which should be avoided for patients with osteoporosis [various source].

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