Effect of consumption of raw fish on a young pregnant woman

Effect of consumption of raw fish on a young pregnant woman – dmatxi.com. Consumption of nutritious food can help pregnancy to stay healthy so that later gave birth to a healthy baby as well. However, the weakening of the immune system during pregnancy make pregnant women vulnerable to the harmful effects and bacteria contained in some foods.

Moreover, at the beginning of pregnancy mothers often experience morning sickness, resulting in impaired appetite. Morning sickness is not only can lead to drastic weight loss, it can also make a pregnant woman feel weak because your body as well as the discharge energy used when vomiting.

Effect of consumption of raw fish, young pregnant woman

This is a dilemma, because pregnant women should be sufficient nutrition for herself and the fetus. While on the other hand, it is very difficult to consume food or if they want to eat, pregnant women tend to be a picky eater. In fact, the lack of nutritious food intake can inhibit the development of the fetus. It is therefore mandatory for pregnant women to increase their intake of nutritious food to support the pregnancy.

However, pregnant women should pay attention to the food into the menu daily, as there are some foods that are dangerous for consumed pregnant women, such as food that is raw or cooked half-baked. So, it is advisable for pregnant women to be careful in choosing and preparing food, but that he should avoid certain foods that are harmful to the mother and the fetus, such as sushi or other foods made from raw fish. Various harmful substances and bacteria contained in raw fish is very detrimental to pregnant women and the fetus.

Bacterial content of raw fish

  • Listeria bacteria is the cause of miscarriage and the fetus died in utero.
  • Salmonella can cause miscarriage.
  • Toxoplasma causes abnormal fetal unconditioned.
  • E-coli bacteria triggers intestinal and kidney damage during pregnancy.
  • Relatively high levels of mercury is very dangerous for pregnant women and fetal brain growth.

In fact, the consumption of fish during pregnancy is very good for both mother and fetus, but should at cook properly. Conversely, if the fish is eaten raw it is most likely contaminated with germs or harmful bacteria that can cause infection. In addition, there are also the raw fish contains harmful substances, such as mercury high enough.

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