First aid that must be performed on patients with asthma

Have you ever seen people with asthma? What should you do when seeing someone with asthma? You may be silent and confused what to do. So what should be done to give first aid to a person who suddenly stricken with asthma?. Even patients do not bring medicines he used to consume.

Asthma symptoms are breathing difficulties. Find a comfortable place with clean air, open spaces, can be brought to a bed or a room that allows patients can rest in peace, or take the patient to a place that is airy and free of the crowds that provided a lot of oxygen. Avoid dusty, smoke, fumes, pollen, pet fleas, etc. Because it can be it can trigger asthma.

First aid that must be performed on patients with asthma

Patients will have difficulty speaking, therefore you don’t get too chatting. Help the patient to sit and rest, because people are more comfortable sitting down. By sitting, making lung cavity wider, so that it can assist breathing. Try to position the patient in a state of semi-sitting with shoulders leaning on pillows or wall.

Loosen clothing so that the patient can breathe smoothly especially if use tight clothes, loosen soon because them need comfortable clothing. So what causes asthma and how it could happen? Asthma is usually caused because there is inflammation in the respiratory tract that will make the airways become narrowed and increased mucus production. As a result, the person will be difficult to breathe.

Then why asthma can happen? Many say that asthma is heredity. But until now the disease of asthma is still unknown what the main cause. Asthma in a person can relapse at any time. This disease usually relapses of the activities performed by the person. Some triggers of asthma include feathers, dust, smoke, cold air, chest infections, and also excessive daily activities that make asthma sufferers become too tired.

Asthma including dangerous disease if it does not know how to handle it. Therefore you must know how to treatment in patients with asthma. Tips in first aid in asthmatics. May be useful so that it can be used to take appropriate action to people affected by asthma. One more thing you should know is how to avoid asthma.

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