How to prevent and eliminate split ends

Hair care can be done to prevent split ends. Branched hairs you would not expect to happen in your hair. Due to lack of care, can result in split ends. Branched hair problems is actually not to worry about and not have to happen to your hair if you recognize and understand what are the causes of split ends.

Hair is one part of the body is very important to support your appearance, especially for those women. So no wonder if women often give more attention to care and maintain the beauty of her hair, one of which is to create a long hair. Long hair easier forked at the ends, so that it can damage the hair beauty. If you have this, then there is no choice but to cut hair.

How to overcome the split ends

– Eating high protein foods. Hair has a major composition is almost similar to fingernail, namely keratin. If your nails look dull, we can be sure that your hair is also problematic. Eating nutritious foods will be more beneficial than using treatments from the outside.

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While you’ve been doing hair care from outside the maximum, even an expensive hair treatment cream too, but if your body’s nutritional deficiencies, your hair and your skin will keep it looking dull. Pay attention to your diet, avoid eating foods high in calories and cholesterol.

– Avoid drying your hair with rubbing vigorously with a towel, preferably close the towels are fluffy and can absorb water in your hair to dry.

– When shampooing, do not hot or warm water too often. Because it will cause the hair cuticle to stretch when exposed to hot water, thus increasing the risk of hair damage. Wear a hat or other head covering while in the sun or you can use swimcap when you’re swimming.

– Use olive oil, olive oil can help nourish your hair, so the hair will grow healthy and strong. How to use it is also quite easy, you just put olive oil throughout the hair surface and the scalp. Leave on hair for 15-20 minutes, then rinse the hair with water and shampoo.

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