How to prevent and treat of sweat and body odor

How to prevent and treat of sweat and body odor – Body odor is identical with underarm odor. No wonder the underarm area is an area that requires extra care. Moreover, histologically, the armpit has a lot of sebaceous glands (sweat glands). This is what causes armpit always wetter than other body parts.

Speaking of sweat, everyone is already out since birth. However, at puberty, sweat glands become active and start releasing specific chemical substances. As a result, the sweat smell. And the smell comes primarily under the armpit.

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Production of excessive perspiration, body odor this could certainly make us less confident. How to prevent and address the problem of sweat and body odor.

How to prevent and treat of sweat and body odor

Frequent bathing; The best way, the most secure, and efficient, to get rid of body odor, and maintain a healthy body is a bath at least twice a day with mild soap and warm water. This will help remove all the bacteria that cause odor.

Do not forget to clean the underarm area because of where the origin of body odor. Is no other odor-causing bacteria is the number that gathered in the area. So always wash armpits with antiseptic soap every time the shower. After bathing, pat dry with a towel, tissue, or a dry cloth. But avoid wearing scented talcum powder because it may not match the production of sweat, and even increased odor.

Change clothes; Wear and replace clothes with clothes are clean every day. Choose cotton clothes because it is effective to absorb sweat. Maintain cleanliness of body and clothes of course not solely address the problem of excessive sweating and body odor is not pleasant, but also affect your overall health.

Use a deodorant; Select antiperspirant deodorant because deodorant containing this type of to dry, even stop sweating under the armpits. This may take the form of deodorant roll-ons, sticks, or cream. Avoid wearing deodorant powder form because in addition to causing pain in the armpit, usually powder will discolor the underarm. Just use deodorant antiseptic that can kill the bacteria that causes body odor.

Do not use deodorant when you’re sweating. This will lead to increasingly look wet underarms. It will also cause an unpleasant odor. Rinse and dry the armpits first, and wear deodorant. Be careful with perfume containing deodorants. If the content does not match the perfume of sweat glands, there could be spoilage, and increasingly smelly armpits.

Use perfume (if necessary); Used to add fragrance perfumes the body, and cover up the smell of sweat is probably still a little out while you’re in the sun. Choose a fragrance according to the convenience and taste.

Trim your underarm hair; Do not let your armpit hair grow too long. Underarm hair is too long will be the breeding place of germs that cause body odor. So, shaving or underarm hair is cut regularly to make it look more clean and tidy.

When shaved, the hair will grow sharper. If revoked, the fur grows more natural, softer, and does not itch. But if you have a lot of underarm hair, it should be shaved to avoid exertion. Wash your armpits thoroughly with antiseptic soap. Make sure the razor is also washed. Similarly, if choosing repeal. Ensure equipment is clean, because if your skin feels pain means inflammation, and could be a black mark.

Consider food; Avoid eating spicy foods and contain lots of garlic, onions, and red onion. If consumed too much, all three types of vegetables will stimulate the release of a lot of sweat that can cause the appearance of body odor. Do not also eat foods that generate heat in the body, such as goat meat.

Be sure to consume plenty of water, so that the water contained by the body for the better. This will lead to more dilute sweat so it does not smell. In addition to water, introduce more fruits and vegetables that contain water.

People used to spend half a liter of sweat every day. Most of the sweat evaporates into the air without much trouble, but some do not. when sweat are caught in the armpit, bacteria will quickly grow and body odor are reproduced.

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