How To Solve Abdominal Pain During Menstruation

Thursday, January 30th 2014. | Health

Women usually have many problems with their menstruations including abdominal pain. Sometimes, they feel pain in their stomach especially in the lower stomach. The pain of the menstruation that they are usually faced called dismenorrhea. There are two kinds of dismenorrhea pain that are usually faced; they are primer and secondary pain.

The primer pain is usually leaded to the pain during the menstruation that is not included by the pathological parts that we have. This pain will decrease according to the age that women have. If women have been older, this pain will be gone directly. The secondary pain is leaded to the disorder of the organ of our body especially in the stomach or pelvis area.

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The Symptoms Of Pain During Menstruation

The pain that is occurred in lower the stomach will spread to the back of the body and also the thigh area. There are other symptoms that women usually face in the menstruation pain like nausea, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, anxiety, and also flatulence. Sometimes, when the pain becomes so bad, women usually not be able to hold the pain that can make them fainted.

How To Solve The Pain?

If you face this pain, you have to use these useful tips that you can try.

  • You need to have simple exercise when you have the menstruation, because it can make the muscles in your stomach relax.
  • Try to not consuming coffee, and also chocolate that can increase the estrogen that can highly produce the prostaglandin. Avoid consuming cold food and water like ice cream.
  • Consume some vitamins like vitamin E and vitamin B6.
  • Consume some vegetables and fruits and some kinds of foods which contain low fat.

If you want to decrease the pain you may use this tips:

  • Attach the hot water that you fill in the bottle to your stomach.
  • Taking a bath with warm water.
  • Consuming warm beverages.
  • Relax your stomach by taking the breath slowly.

Sometimes women do often experience abdominal pain during menstruation. Not only that, there are many that can cause abdominal pain. Abdominal pain during pregnancy can also occur.