How to Think Faster and More Clearly

Sunday, March 30th 2014. | Lifestyle

Think Faster and More Clearly

It is not impossible if you want to think faster and more clearly. It is not like turning yourself to be like Beethoven, Einstein or like many other genius people, it is just a matter of being a better person. You might need to do these kinds of simple things in order to be faster and more clearly in thinking.

Maybe you do not realize that these daily activities can help you to think faster and more clearly, such as walking and laughing. Walking is one of the easiest ways to have a clear mind that surely affects the way your brain works. The fresh air will reduce your mind that full of destructive thoughts.

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A simple trip in the park, by the river or by the beach will sweep away your delude vision and help you to have a clear thought. Besides walking, the other daily routine that you might need to do a lot in order to have clear mind is laughing because it is not just the best medicine for clearing your cloudy mind, but it is also a great activity that can improve the function of your brain.

Laugh can stimulate both sides of brain altogether in the same period. Due to the reason, in order to think faster and more clearly, you need to make sure that you laugh every day. Besides improving your daily routine in walking and laughing, you need to do these things in order to have clear thought and think faster which are learning new music instrument, painting and learning new language.

You may want to join art class if you have trouble in learning these new things by yourself. By learning art, it will reward you a clear mind in problem solving and it also can improve your consciousness and awareness of things that happen around you.