The risk of method for childbirth with cesarean section

The risk of method for childbirth with cesarean section – If you plan to choose the method of childbirth cesarean section (c-section), it is necessary to consider again whether the choice is right or not. Do not just follow the trend.

Method of childbirth cesarean section is increasing throughout the world to be a trend for the choice of the mother giving birth. But keep in mind that this method is very risky as the baby may experience respiratory problems.

childbirth with cesarean section, risk of c-section method

Based on research showing that babies born via cesarean section childbirth tend to have trouble breathing 4 times greater than through normal delivery. Babies with respiratory problems are often placed in an incubator and given oxygen treatment.

However, the study does not explain why the risk of respiratory problems increased on cesarean section childbirth method, but some researchers say that it happened because of hormonal and physiological changes in the body of the mother and baby during labor.

Cesarean section childbirth method should be the last choice for the birth. Such as if the baby is in a state of crisis, which in most cases is determined by the fetal heart rate is weak, then an emergency C-section childbirth method could save the lives of mothers and babies. But in fact the decision did cesarean section have increased drastically. Many mothers choose the method of cesarean childbirth than normal childbirth because of the trauma on the child before birth or to get out of a fear of childbirth.

The risk of childbirth cesarean section

The risk of childbirth by Cesarean section is not only experienced by the mother but also the baby. The risk of childbirth cesarean method that should be known, to be taken into consideration for the mothers in taking a decision on the method of childbirth will be selected out for medical reasons (doctor’s recommendation for normal childbirth was not possible).

For babies; babies born via C-section may be in danger suffered serious lung damage that causes a lack of oxygen in which the condition was only found in babies born prematurely.

For mothers; mothers who commit acts of cesarean childbirth method repeatedly have increased the percentage of hazards and risks for him, among other things:

  • Uterine rupture because the incision scar on the uterus susceptible tear or rupture.
  • Hysterectomy (removal of uterus) because in cases such as severe bleeding that can not be handled, the placenta attached to the uterus.
  • Blood transfusion because of bleeding.
  • Scar tissue adhesions / scar can be attached to other organs causing discomfort, pain, and complications following a C-section.
  • Placenta Previa which the placenta covers the cervix open that can cause heavy bleeding.
  • Placenta accreta the placenta attaches too deeply into the uterine wall which can cause damage to the uterus and other organs and possible bleeding when trying to perform a hysterectomy.

Lastly, if it will do repeat cesarean childbirth method for childbirth next child, she should wait at least a full year to get pregnant again after a previous cesarean. This will provide an opportunity for former internal or external cuts prior to actually in a state of recovery. The longer the wait for the next do a C-section, the better to avoid the risks caused.

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