7 Step to get rid of acne naturally using cucumber

Not just whiten the face, cucumber can eliminate acne. This 7 step to get rid of acne naturally using cucumber. This way you can do every night at home or before going to bed, so as not to interfere with your activities.

Benefits of cucumber for skin health and beauty is widely used in the treatment of facial acne in a beauty salon. Why cucumber mask is effective for eliminating acne? Please note that the cucumber be one way to eliminate acne naturally. This is because the cucumber is rich in water content.

The water content of cucumber even more than 90%, which means being able to keep the skin moist, hydrated and toned. In addition, cucumber also have efficacy for cooling and toning the skin. With the cooling properties of cucumber is a way to overcome inflamed acne effectively.

Efficacy tighten the skin of cucumber helps clean the skin by removing dead skin cells and dirt. Facial skin feels clean will prevent acne from coming back and tighten pores from a nest of bacteria.

7 Step to get rid of acne naturally using cucumber

Previously been described natural face mask to get rid of acne on the face. This time more detail by using cucumber. How to make cucumber mask to get rid of acne? Make a cucumber mask for acne is relatively easy. You can try to create your own by following the following ways:

  1. Clean cucumber
  2. Cut into pieces and insert it into blender
  3. After a smooth, then strain to separate the cucumber juice with pulp
  4. Mix with lemon juice
  5. Use it on your face
  6. Wait 30 minutes or wait until dry
  7. Then wash with warm water

In addition to making masks, you can also use cucumber directly on the face. Step to get rid of acne with cucumbers, with a thin cut cucumber, and use on your face. By using cucumber on your face, then your skin will be soft, smooth and youthful.

Another benefit of using cucumber mask

  • to whiten skin
  • remove dark spots on the face
  • heal the skin from sunburn
  • shrink the pores of the skin
  • reduce the oil on the face

Do this step to get rid of acne naturally using cucumber every day. Cucumbers can act as a natural cleanser for skin. If you have blackheads, cucumber mask can help to overcome and get rid of blackheads.

The benefits of eating cucumber

  • Treatment of the throat, usually using cucumber seeds to remove tapeworm from the digestive tract.
  • Reducing the rate of high blood pressure, because it has a high electrolyte compounds. This compound is very good for the heart and can minimize heart rate.
  • Cleaners to free radicals, because the cucumber has antioxidants such as B-carotene.
  • Reduce the likelihood of cancer, because it contains lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol.
  • Strengthen hair, give a lot of positive effects for your hair.

In addition can be used to treat acne in the form of masks, cucumber is also good to be drunk in juice form. Cucumber juice is very effective to help get rid of acne from within the body. Perform steps to get rid of acne using cucumber and drink the cucumber juice regularly.

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