How to clean the plaque on the teeth with betel leaf

There are many ways to clean the plaque on the teeth, one of them with betel leaves. Plaques were mixed with food residue on the surface of the teeth are not cleaned. The removal of plaque can be done in 2 ways, namely mechanical and khemis. Mechanical way is a very effective way in removing plaque and preventing inflammation.

Errors in tooth brushing can make mechanical cleaning is not optimal, so cleaning with a way khemis also required. What is meant by khemis is with liquids such as mouthwash or betel leaf decoction. So, clean the plaque in the oral cavity should be done with a combination of brushing and rinsing.

clean the plaque on the teeth with betel leaf

Causes of dry lips and chapped lips is a layer of oil lost, which may be caused by several things such as: most often by cold air (in the condition of the sensitive skin of your lips so easily dry when exposed to air conditioning), especially in dry air, and also by the habit of licking his lips.

All you have to do is multiply the consumption of water. Lip balm is actually only have a temporary effect, a lot of data that says that petroleum jelly can cure, and some products containing lanolin maybe you could get this kind of medicine if you consult a skin specialist doctor. Try to avoid lick your lips at this time, and water consumption more.

Avoid the habit licked much less biting his lip. Instead of making the lips become moist, lick habit can make the lips more dry. Enzymes contained in saliva can make dry lips, and this habit can make the bacteria contained in mouth accumulate and create angles chapped lips. And to eliminate or blackish pigmentation of the lips can consult a dermatologist.

How to clean plaque from teeth at home? Clean the plaque from teeth very good for oral health. Keep your teeth free of plaque will not only provide a beautiful smile, it will also help reduce your chances of gum disease and tooth decay.

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