How to quickly heal yourself from influenza

How to quickly heal yourself from influenza – Changes in weather that can suddenly make our immune system decreases and becomes very susceptible to disease. If endurance is decreased, the virus that causes the disease cough, colds, influenza, and abdominal pain such as diarrhea will be easily approached and began to attack us.

Usually in such circumstances, a mainstay antibiotics to overcome these diseases. In fact, our bodies have an immune system mechanism that is used to counteract the factors or substances that originate from outside the body that can endanger our health.

Because immunity is dynamic, and the virus can mutate, then we should have a healthy lifestyle to be able to strengthen our body’s defenses. Especially at this time many emerging new diseases are dangerous, like the bird flu virus.

Influenza is a disease which caused the virus infection, causing inflammation in our respiratory system. During this time, Vitamin C is not only known as vitamins, but many people use it as an antidote to treat the flu and cold sores (influenza).

From time to time flu vaccine enhanced with the content of other types of vaccines by the type of flu virus that was causing the outbreak. However, in addition to different types of virus, not a rare occurrence emerging viral strains that escape the containment effort, so the various types and strains of flu viruses that exist. Not to mention the possibility of changing the nature of virus (mutations), so it vaccine becomes no longer a potent.

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Influenza illness can be prevented by strengthening the immune system. With rest and nutritious food is high during the rainy season, the body is strengthened resilience. In addition to warm the body (warm drinks, warm baths), select the menu highly nutritious, particularly high protein (eggs, milk, meat), not enough vegetables mere menu.

When you have influenza disease, you can heal in a way:

Rest; To help your body get rid of the flu virus as soon as possible, you need rest and sleep in a quiet environment and cozy. If you continue to push yourself to work, your body will take longer to recover. In addition, there is the possibility of symptoms returning quickly because you have not recovered and your resistance is very low against the influenza.

Simply drinking; Often the appetite is reduced when you have the flu because of nausea or bitter taste on the tongue. You may not eat much but get yourself enough to drink. Adequate hydration helps your immune system fight the flu virus. Tea mixed with honey is a good beverage choice for you. Some people love the warm ginger or lemon that feels good in the throat, especially when you also feel itchy throat. Try not to drink coffee because caffeine is a diuretic effect that can make you dehydrated.

Take medicine; Actually there is no cure for the flu since the disease was caused by a virus. Antibiotics are of no use for the flu. Your body alone must deal with it. However, drugs that are freely available and prescription drugs can help you reduce the symptoms that causes, such as fever, nasal congestion and headaches.

Consuming vitamin C supplements are also not very useful if you have the flu because vitamin C is effective only if it increases the body’s immunity if has long been used. In fact, excessive consumption of vitamin C can be dangerous if not balanced enough to drink because it increases the risk of kidney stones.

Warm bath; Warm bath may not directly cure the flu, but it certainly makes you feel more comfortable. When a hot water bath, remove the entire mucus from the nose and let the water vapor makes your nose feel relieved.

Visit the doctor; If the fever is too high (above 40 degrees Celsius), within one week has not been cured or worse, the patient is elderly or children, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

After you recover from the flu, to increase the resistance of your body get used to always drink enough (1.5 to 2 liters a day), eat a balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate rest.

So far have not found an effective treatment to overcome the flu, so prevention is the most appropriate action. Active in the fight against the flu will make your life healthier. This how to quickly heal yourself from influenza, treatment influenza, and prevent influenza.

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