How To Solve Abdominal Pain After Eating

Friday, January 31st 2014. | Health

How to solve abdominal pain after eating. Do you have any problem when you have after eating? Sometimes you feel some pains in your stomach, it has many causes. In this post, I want to share some information about how the pain can occur after eating and how can you solve it.

How Can The Pain Occur After Eating?

Stomach is the most important part of body that we have. It is used to digest the foods that we have consumed. When we have eaten our foods, the stomach works to make the food smoother. In case, the nutrition of the foods can be absorb by our body. If we don’t aware with the hygiene our foods that we consume, we will have the abdominal pain after eating because the virus or the bacteria that are work actively in our digest system. The bacteria will infiltrate in the digest system that can make our stomach become a pain or cramping.

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The Abdominal Pain After Eating Causes

  • Stomach flu

This is also called by gastroenteritis that can make a pin in our stomach after eating. It is caused by virus that can cause other diseases like vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, and also nausea. If you want to prevent this disease you have to keep your cleanliness by washing the hands before eating foods, and also you have to be concern with the food quality because if the foods does not have the best quality, it can contain any virus that can infect your digestive system.

  • Stomach Ulcer

This pain is caused by the shallow erosions of the ulcers parts that can cause the pain after eating. If you don’t want to feel this disease, you have to avoid the acid foods that can make the ulcers have more bad condition. The acid will produce more acid gas in the stomach that can make the ulcers have more erosion.