Natural ingredients reliever toothache

Natural ingredients reliever toothache – Suffering from a toothache is not a pleasant experience. The pain can even make an adult cry. Cavities generally be the original cause from suffering from toothache. Toothache is also a serious health problem.

Cavities are caused by the encounter between the bacteria and sugar. Bacteria will convert sugar from food scraps into acids that cause tooth becomes acidic environment and acid is what ultimately makes a small hole in tooth enamel.

When a hole occurs in the tooth enamel, we do not feel dental pain. However, a small hole on the next email may be a gap remaining food and the bacteria will make a bigger hole perforating the dentin.

At this time we will feel the pains of the teeth while eating. If allowed, the hole will come to the nerve hole so we’ll start to feel a toothache. This process will not stop until the teeth eventually become exhausted and the only remaining tooth root.

Toothache can not be underestimated, because if ignored, can make the teeth become swollen and inflamed. Additionally cavities can be a means of channel entry of germs into the bloodstream that can cause kidney disease, lung disease, heart disease and other diseases.

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In order not getting worse, so if you have cavities you should immediately visit the dentist to treat it. Although many people do not like going to the dentist with a reason not care about the state of teeth, but go to the dentist is the best solution to care toothache. Cavities can not heal by itself. Although, perhaps after suffering from a toothache, the pain may be lost but did not improve the situation of the teeth. Tooth will remain hollow, even the hole will keep getting bigger.

Natural ingredients reliever toothache:

Garlic; Garlic is one of the many effective treatments that claimed to relieve toothache. How, one clove of crushed garlic mixed with a little coarse salt and place in an area hospital. Method can be expressed to relieve the pain, sometimes even cure. In addition, it is better to chew a clove of garlic every morning. This method can keep the tooth has healed stronger and healthier.

Onion; Research shows that onions contain antibacterial components. Taking one onion every day by chewing shown to protect from a variety of dental problems. Chewing onion for 3 minutes otherwise sufficient to kill all the germs in the mouth. And you can relieve the ailing tooth by placing a small piece of onion in the area of the teeth or gums are sore.

Lime; Lime, as a rich source of vitamin C, is very beneficial in maintaining healthy teeth and bones in the body. Lime could otherwise prevent cavities and tooth loss, dental plaque formation, tooth pain, and bleeding of the gums.

Clove oil; Cloves declared effective in relieving toothache. In addition, the cloves are also reducing the infection because it contains antiseptic properties. How, apply clove oil to the hole teeth. This method also can relieve toothache.

Pepper powder; A little pepper to the flour mixture 1/4 teaspoon salt otherwise very good for dental hygiene. If used regularly every day to prevent cavities, bad breath, bleeding gums, sore gums, and toothache. It also can overcome the problem of sensitive teeth. To relieve a toothache, you can put a mixture of pepper powder and clove oil into the cavities.

Visit your dentist every 6 months even if you do not feel dental pain. This is needed so doctors can detect the tiny holes that happen to the teeth and can be addressed immediately so that the hole is not getting bigger. Can also detect the teeth are uneven or grooved teeth that can lead to difficult to clean. Dental care is the best way to prevent toothache.

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