Serious impact if to suppress a sneeze

Serious impact if to suppress a sneeze – Some people try to suppress a sneeze by pressing their noses to the urge to sneeze disappears. It turned out to suppress a sneeze can actually become a serious problem if often done. Suppress a sneeze could adversely affect health. This of course will affect the functioning of the body and the germs that should be issued instead re-entry.

Sneezing is a positive activity because it has a function to clean the pharynx (the cavity between the nose, mouth and throat) and this is a good thing, whereas to suppress a sneeze is dangerous because it could pose some risk.

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Cause sneeze

Sneezing usually occurs because there are particles of a bully in the nose. Nerve endings in the nose stimulate sneezing to get rid of those particles. Other causes that brought this about was the cold or flu. At the time of the flu, many foreign particles in the nose, forcing the nose to stimulate a sneeze.

At the time of sneezing, eyes closed, because there are nerves in the nose and the eyes were actually related to each other, so that when we sneeze, then our eyes will be automatically closed. This is to protect the tear ducts and blood capillaries to avoid contamination by bacteria out of the nasal membranes. By the time we sneeze, the reflex muscles in our face becomes tense, the heart will stop beating for a moment. Immediately after sneezing then the heart will beat again.

Actually sneezing also has the benefit of keeping nose clean, sneezing which occurs over and over is expected to help the cleanup effort in the nasal cavity.

Impact if suppress a sneeze:

  • Causing fractures in the nasal cartilage
  • Nosebleed
  • Ruptured ear drum
  • Hearing loss
  • Vertigo
  • Retinas or having emphysema. This is because the body tries to hold the high speed of a sneeze. Injury arising generally affect the structure of the head.

Emphysema is a condition that can strike children or adults, this condition is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly because it can restrict air supply. Signs that appear are usually the face or neck swelling and discomfort arise.

To help a person to sneeze could easily in a way see a bright light, it can stimulate the optic nerve which crosses the center sneezes. Besides the irritation that occurs in the nerve near the center also can trigger a sneeze.

When someone sneezes is usually followed by the release of bacteria or germs from the body. It is useful to keep the nose to keep them clean, because it often occurs sneezing repeatedly.

So do not ever suppress a sneeze to avoid some risk. But do not forget to close your mouth and nose with hands, tissues, handkerchiefs or the crook of his arm when sneeze, so that bacteria and germs that come out are not harming others.

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