Types of foods that can cause premature aging

Cause premature aging

Foods that can cause premature aging. Types of foods that can cause premature aging if consumed in excess. The food is not always good for the body. There are some who do not realize the health risk of bad skin and body as well as consumed continuously.

When the skin does not get nutrition and proper nutrition, it will cause early aging process. Here are some foods that you should limit your consumption, in order to avoid damage to the body and skin health. These foods must be maintained to avoid excessive consumption ways to prevent premature aging.

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Types of foods that can cause premature aging

Sugar. When there is residual sugar in the body, will directly attach to collagen. This causes the skin to appear stiff and inflexible. Loss of elasticity will cause wrinkles and make it look older.

Fat. Fats can be found in foods such as fries, burgers, fast food and many other delicacies. Impact caused by these foods is skin aging. The difference is, the fat will make vein rigid and narrowed veins.

Salt. Flavoring used in everyday cooking apparently not affect either the body. The reason, the salt causes the body to become dehydrated, and when in this condition, the body becomes tired quickly. The rest of the salt in the body raises risk of kidney disease, high blood pressure and bone metabolism disorders.

Artificial sweeteners. If you frequently experience headaches or joint pain, you may mostly consume artificial sweeteners. The content of aspartame in it is not good for the performance of the body.

Carbohydrates. Consuming excess carbohydrates and damages collagen and fibers in the skin. So for those of you lovers of rice and bread, arrange portions reasonable and not excessive.

Candy. The food is really delicious, but you should know, sugar levels in candy cause inflammation in the body and makes the skin look old and wrinkled.

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