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6 way to treat acne and oily skin using homemade face mask

There are four ways that will be given to treat acne and oily skin using homemade face mask. Acne and oily skin is a major problem on the face that can interfere with your appearance. Especially acne, acne often will leave a lot of scars on the face.

The human skin consists of various types including oily skin and acne, dry skin, sensitive skin and normal skin. Every woman wants to have a normal skin, because the skin that normally would not be complicated or many problems. Unlike dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin and acne.

Get to know your skin, lest you have skin problems as a result of the wrong skin care. In this article will discuss about treating acne and oily skin. Oily skin will easily dull and problems experienced by owners of oily skin is raised blackheads and acne.

Oil content in the pores will accumulate cause blackheads and acne. But before we have discussed how to remove acne and blackheads naturally using homemade face mask. How to make a mask with the use of fruit to solve the problem face.

6 Homemade face mask to treat acne and oily skin

  1. Natural face mask of egg white, lemon, cucumber and clay
  2. Natural face mask of yogurt, apricots, and clay
  3. Natural face mask of honey, banana and lemon
  4. Natural face mask of yogurt, bananas, clay and peppermint essential oil
  5. Natural face mask of lemon, clay and strawberries
  6. Natural face mask of honey, green tea, aloe vera, and clay

1. With this kind of a natural face mask of egg white, lemon, cucumber and clay, you can clean clogged pores and remove blackheads easily. What you need to prepare is one tablespoon of cucumber juice, one egg white, a few drops of lemon juice, and only half a scoop of clay.

After all the above ingredients available, mix the above ingredients together and stir until it becomes a smooth paste. Use this mixture to applying on your face carefully. Try to avoid your eye area and wait for about 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water.

Facial mask for oily skin is good for overcoming oily skin, use once a week to get a good result. If possible, you do this at night because of the lemon water usually make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

2. The benefits of face mask yogurt, apricots, and clay to nourish the skin and relieve redness of acne. You must prepare one apricot, one tablespoon of yogurt and half teaspoon of clay. Then, you peeled apricot puree in a blender. After that, mix apricot with yogurt and the clay, then mix well.

Use this natural face mask, leave on for 20 minutes or more. Then you rinse your face with warm water. This natural face mask will provide the ideal outcome for oily skin when used twice a week.

3. This face mask of honey, banana and lemon, nourish, moisturize and soften your skin. The best face masks to absorb and retain moisture, remove dead skin cells effectively. Three tablespoons banana puree, a tablespoon of honey and a few drops of lemon. Then you mix all the ingredients had to form a smooth paste.

Use on the face and neck, do not use on your eye area. Then let stand for 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water. You should use this facial mask once a week to get maximum results.

4. Face masks of yogurt, bananas, clay and peppermint essential oil are used to nourish and smooth the skin naturally. How do I make this natural mask? Prepare one tablespoon banana puree, the same amount of yogurt, 5 drops of peppermint essential oil, and a half teaspoon of clay.

To use this mask, you have to mix all the above ingredients and stir until it becomes a smooth paste. Use this facial mask on your face and neck skin, and also avoid your eye area. Then, let stand for 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with cold water. Use this facial mask once a week to get the best results.

5. These face mask of lemon, clay and strawberries are useful for cleaning exfoliating your skin, tighten pores and get rid of acne naturally. To make this face mask is eight tablespoons strawberries puree, a few drops of lemon and one tablespoon of clay.

Combine all ingredients and stir until it becomes a smooth paste. Then, use this mask on the face and neck skin, avoiding eye area. Wait 15 to 20 minutes or more and rinse your face thoroughly with cold water. Use this mask once or twice a week.

6. This face mask of honey, green tea, aloe vera, and clay can moisturize and soften and brighten your skin, improve elasticity, eliminate acne, and absorb excess oil. Prepare 2 tablespoons of green tea combined with one tablespoon of honey, and two tablespoons of clay and one tablespoon of aloe vera gel.

Mix all the ingredients to become a smooth paste. Avoid the use of your eye area. Let stand for about 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water. It would be better for you if you use a face mask twice a week.

How to treat acne and oily skin with homemade face mask can do at home and the most appropriate time is night. When using a face mask, you need a spare time because you can not move much that can damage your facial mask. Use a face mask at night will avoid you from visitor.

4 way to remove acne on face for men at home naturally

Acne can happen to anyone, but how to remove acne on face for men at home naturally? Acne appears as a bump similar to ulcers that sometimes contain pus or blood. Not only the physical appearance which is hampered due to acne, but it is a big influence, especially for women who were teenagers.

The cause of acne in men? One that is often affected by acne is teenage boys. Many teenage boys have contracted by acne even since attending junior high school. Usually teens indeed many begin acne in those who are young men.

Even acne on young men can not only around the face, but also up on the back. Then, exactly what is the cause of the acne on men? Acne is a skin disorder that occurs due to abnormality or blockage of the oil glands on skin. These oil glands serves to remove excess oil from the skin. When these oil glands clogged, then so be acne.

In men, part of the body which are often attacked by acne is the face and back. For women we have explained how to treat acne and oily skin using homemade face mask. But what about the men, will certainly be embarrassed if you have to wear a face mask.

Cause of acne on men

  1. The main cause of acne and most are due to hormonal changes. Changes that occur in this hormone will make or produce oil can cause clogged pores, sometimes even inviting the growth of bacteria. When things like this continue to happen, it will cause the skin to become annoyed and will make a acne on male skin.
  2. The cause of acne on men face is a mistake in shaving the beard. Actually mistakes made when shaving this is not one of the causes of acne that is certain in this. When you find a bump similar to acne that you find when shave, then that means you’ve made a mistake when shaving. But once again stressed that this is not be a sure thing. Use a clean razor beard, because most people often use razor beard twice without cleaning.

4 way to remove acne on face for men at home

  1. Diligent cleaning the face
  2. Pay attention to your sleep patterns
  3. Treatment using ice cubes
  4. Treatment using aloe vera

1. To prevent more acne appears is a face wash. So you have to diligently diligently wash your face. Acne is caused by excess oils on your skin. Wash your face can clear dead skin cells that accumulate on the face so that it can be lost. In cleaning the face, you can use soap or anti-acne cleanser suitable for your skin.

2. Acne is also influenced by sleep patterns, especially for those who are the male. Avoid sleeping too late. This is because the best time for skin care is to start at 22:00 sleep and wake up at 05.00. At that time very active skin cells to replace skin cells die and are also initiating stimulus for the formation of new skin cells. Especially for you who have insomnia, then you need to discuss with your doctor about this in order to get the best advice that you can do.

3. Ice cubes can help remove acne on the face naturally? You can use ice cubes on the acne that appear on your face every day. Ice cubes can also be combined with a variety of natural ingredients to get rid of acne in men face. This way to remove acne on face for men at home

4. One of the natural ingredients that can be used for the treatment of acne is to use aloe vera. Aloe vera is a natural ingredient that has a lot of benefits and efficacy as well as taking care of the hair.

One of the functions of aloe vera is treating acne. In addition to providing a chilling effect on your acne, thereby reducing the pain, aloe vera is also useful for removing acne scars are often left behind in the skin.

You can use aloe vera to treat your skin. To initiate the use of aloe vera do not forget to peel the skin first. Aloe vera is used for this treatment is aloe vera younger or medium size.

So this is tips to remove acne on face for man at home naturally that can be done to deal your acne. For men who have a acne face, then you can use the above tips to overcome your acne. But if you do not get along and actually experienced more distractions then immediately consult a doctor.

6 Fast way to remove acne scars on face naturally

This is 6 fast way to remove acne scars on face naturally using tomato, lime juice, honey, olive oil, cucumbers and potatoes. Acne scars on the face will be shaped dark spots that spoil the appearance of your face.

Acne scars is actually a process of healing and repair the damage caused acne in the skin. During this process, the skin produces collagen, a substance that supports the skin tissue repair was not enough (or too much) of collagen produced, giving rise to acne scars and dark spots.

The lack of production of collagen makes the skin becomes depressed, holes and dark spot, while the excess collagen causes skin to peel and appear spots or dark spots. Yesterday about how to remove acne, today about how best to remove acne scars naturally?

In health, acne scars did not bother, but can lower a person’s self-confidence. Most acne scars actually will disappear by itself after a few months, but there are certain ways that can be done to help speed up the process and avoid the re-emergence of acne.

Fast way to remove acne scars on face naturally we discussed this time no instant make acne scars disappear in a day. But this natural way has advantages over using chemicals or cosmetics, which is low cost, easy to implement and easy to obtain the material.

6 Fast way to remove acne scars on face naturally

Not much different to how to remove acne using a natural face mask. No need costly to get rid of acne scars or dark spots. You can try with natural ingredients are easily available around us. These are some materials that you can use to remove acne scars on face naturally:

  1. Tomato
  2. Lime juice
  3. Honey
  4. Olive Oil
  5. Cucumbers
  6. Potatoes

1. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A and lycopene, which helps nutrients and rejuvenates the skin. Vitamin A helps the healing of wounds of the skin and helps the rapid growth of skin cells that is new, so it will reduce existing acne scars.

Prepare fresh tomatoes and thinly sliced. Place the tomato on acne area, leave on for 15-20 minutes then rinse with clean water. You can also make a paste of tomato as a face mask. Blender 1 tomato, use evenly to the face, wait for 20-30 minutes then rinse with clean water. Do this twice a week on a regular basis.

2. One of the fruits that you can use to remove acne scars on the face is lime juice. Lime juice contains alpha hydroxy acids naturally that may be used to diminish scars, increase healing and rejuvenating the skin.

Use two lime, then use the lime juice on acne scars and dark spots. Allow about 15 minutes and then rinse your face with water until clean. Do this about three times a week.

3. Honey is a natural moisturizer ingredients, to clear up acne and reduce acne scars and dark spots. This is because honey contains antibacterial properties and helps neutralize substances that are present in the skin and reduce inflammation.

To be effective, you should use natural honey, not processed honey that has been shaped product. How to use quite easily, you can apply the honey directly to the acne scars 3 times a day. Use regularly until there is a change.

4. Olive oil you can use to remove your acne scars. Besides can be used as an ingredient for cooking, it turns olive oil is also very good for skin health. You can buy olive oil in market or stores. Simply use olive oil to acne scars at night before bed and in the morning. Do this routine until the acne scars disappear.

5. Cucumbers also can use to treat acne is still active and even acne scars. Cucumber is a natural substance that is good for facial treatments. Not only good for vegetables, cucumber contains vitamin A, vitamin C and magnesium, which is beneficial both for your skin.

Thin slices of cucumber then put on the skin of acne scars. After about thirty minutes rinse the face with clean water. Repeat every day to get maximum results. This is also a fairly easy way to do to remove acne in men.

6. Potatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals. Aside from being a source of food, the potato is also beneficial for healthy skin and wound healing. Make potato juice (not too liquid) then use the potato juice to the acne scars while performing a gentle massage and rotate. Wait for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. For maximum results, do this 3-5 times a day.

Natural remedies above are only recommended for mild acne scars and normal. If you have sensitive skin and other skin problems coincided with acne scars, you should consult with a dermatologist. Those are some ways to remove acne scars on face naturally that you can try at home.

7 Types of food causes acne and oily skin on the face

To prevent acne you have to identify the type of food causes acne and oily skin on the face both on the cheek or on the forehead. Sometimes we just tried to remove acne, yet another acne started to appear. If you experience such it must again pay attention to the causes of acne and oily skin. It could have been caused by wrong food consumption.

Acne and oily skin problems not only due to lack of caring and cleaning the face area. However, it could be because we are less careful in consuming food. Indeed, some foods can cause acne oily skin on our face, for that you really need to know anything foods that cause acne and oily skin to be avoided.

Because there are some foods that actually increase the potential for the appearance of acne and oily skin on the face. So to get a smooth face without acne should you adjust your diet and make sure the food you eat does not cause acne and oily skin.

This article will recommend some foods that can cause acne and oily skin, so you can be aware and not indiscriminate eating if you want prevent acne and oily skin. In the previous article we explain how to treat acne and oily skin using face mask.

Types of food causes acne and oily skin on the face

Keeping the skin of acne and oily not as easy as we think about. Acne and oily skin not only due to excess hormones or dirty skin. But also due to certain foods or beverages that trigger acne and oily skin. This types of food causes acne and oily skin on the face:

  • Fast food, this food is not good for the body. In addition because it does not contain enough nutrition, fast food is also not guaranteed cleanliness. Therefore, as much as possible to avoid this kind of food if you do not want acne
  • Dairy product, all dairy products such as cheese, ice cream, chocolate, and yogurt can affect hormones in the body to produce acne. This is because such products have a high fat content. Glands of human skin itself has an enzyme that could turn into dihydrotestosterone hormone, triggering an increase in sebum in the skin glands. When sebum production is increased, it can lead to the appearance of acne.
  • Foods high protein, in general animal proteins have acidic properties. When the acid content in animal protein is absorbed by the skin, it will stimulate the growth of bacteria and parasites that could potentially cause acne. Red meat is one kind of food cause acne on the face and should be avoided or reduced. If you want to eat high protein foods, make sure you have a balance of acid and alkaline in the body.
  • Foods high in sugar, this is because the sugar can increase the hormone insulin which then causes inflammation at the cellular level. This situation will then be lowered immune function so that the body is very susceptible to bacterial infections. It should be understood that the bacterium is a major cause of acne. In addition, sugary foods can also reduce the level of skin elasticity.
  • Foods high in carbohydrates, the carbohydrates into the body to be processed into glucose and processed into glycogen as a reserve in the body. Humans are basically only requires a certain amount of glucose, so when carbohydrate consumption is excessive, it can cause acne even diabetes.
  • Caffeine, caffeine in coffee and other beverages that cause acne is the type of food that should be cut consumption. Caffeine can stimulate the adrenal gland that makes the stress level to be increased so that the skin prone to breakouts. In addition, caffeine also can cause sleep disorders. When someone is sleep deprived, then the process of recovery and disposal of poisons in the body will be inhibited so tend to have acne.
  • Iodine, iodine is the content that is often found in fish and other kinds of seafood. This is because the sea water contain iodine. When excessive iodine intake, it can affect the oil glands to make skin prone to irritation and lead to acne.

Better to prevent than cure, for removing acne will be more difficult than to prevent. Especially if you have to remove acne scars due to acne can leave dark spots on the face. In addition we also have some tips on how to remove acne and blackheads naturally.

Similarly, some types of food causes acne and oily skin on the face. All of the above food you should not avoid it completely. You just need to not eat excessively. Due to excessive certainly not good for health and skin. May be useful especially for those who have a sensitive face and oily.

12 foods that help clear acne on face naturally

These are some of the foods that help clear acne on face naturally. Want to get rid of acne safely at home? In addition to foods that can cause acne, there are also some foods that can remove acne naturally.

Acne is a disorder of skin condition that usually appears on the face, forehead, neck, chest, back and shoulders. Acne is most common among teenagers. Acne can cause emotional distress and scars or dark spots.

The appearance of acne can influence the appearance and can lead to lack of confidence in one’s self. Various types of food is suspected as a trigger of acne, such as chocolate and a variety of foods that contain lots of oil.

The variety of food that you can use to fight the acne on your face, without having to use chemicals. Not only that, you can use natural ingredients as a face mask to remove your acne. For more details you can read the previous article.

12 Foods that help clear acne on face naturally

To remove acne at home can use meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits that can to prevent acne on the face. Eat in moderation because excessive something that is also not good for health. Here are some foods that help clear acne on face:

  1. Avocados are rich in vitamin E to improve skin vitality. Avocados are also a good source of vitamin C, which can reduce inflammation of the skin and moisturize the skin naturally.
  2. Fruit and seeds of red grapes contain natural chemicals and antioxidants proven able to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis inflammation and eczema. Grape can also help to control the side effects of an allergic skin reaction.
  3. Garlic can help fight inflammation. The content of a natural chemical in garlic called allicin can help kill many harmful bacteria and fight the virus in the body.
  4. Broccoli can cleanse the skin. The content of nutrients in these vegetables include vitamin A, B complex, C, E, and K. The antioxidant properties owned by these vegetables can help fight free radical damage which will help the skin luminosity.
  5. Carrots are a good food for skin because rich of vitamin A, which can help to keep skin healthy and prevent overproduction of cells in the outer skin layer.
  6. Yogurt is a food anti-acne. Based studies have shown that a person suffering from acne have gastric acid content is very low. Raw foods contain many probiotics such as yogurt can normalize the digestive tract and helps in preventing acne.
  7. Cucumber contains large amounts of water are good for cleaning the skin. The content of other nutrients in these fruits are vitamin C and fiber content can help eliminate puffy skin, acne scars and inflammation.
  8. Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blacberry can help clear up acne naturally. Because it is a natural source of salicylic acid. In addition, the berries can cure skin color and helps maintain the condition of the skin to stay healthy. The content of anti-oxidants such as beta-carotene in the fruit berry acts as a phytochemical that helps the healing process of skin infections such as acne.
  9. Cow’s milk is a source of vitamin A and vitamin D is good for skin health. In addition, it is also a source of calcium needed by the body.
  10. Olive oil and sesame oil are sources of monounsaturated fats are good. Where it provides fatty acids that the body needs to nourish the skin, such as acne.
  11. Oatmeal can help treat acne by reducing the oil content in the body.
  12. Watermelons contain water, vitamins, and anti-oxidant is very good to help cure skin infections such as acne.

If you are having trouble finding the kind of food above you only need to drink water. Stop drinking soft drinks, regularly consume 8 glasses of water each day can help reduce levels of acne and can cure acne naturally. In addition, water can also help rejuvenate the skin and can keep the skin to stay hydrated.

How to get rid of acne is known to be very difficult, so it is no wonder that food anti acne can sometimes be an excellent solution. In addition to not cause side effects, through this food anti acne can also prevent return again.

In addition to the 12 foods that help clear acne on face naturally above, you can try the homemade face mask how to treat acne at home. The natural way is very safe and fast that can be done anytime.

How to get rid of acne overnight with toothpaste

How to get rid of acne overnight with toothpaste? Acne often makes the surface of the skin becomes swollen and visible redness. Besides acne can also cause infections that make the facial skin is not smooth.

The most avoided is the acne scars that can not be lost despite doing a variety of treatments. Because of that cure acne at home is a cheap and easy alternative. Have you ever heard about how to get rid of acne with toothpaste? What kind of toothpaste gets rid of acne?

Toothpaste is regarded as one of the material that can dry acne. Besides toothpaste can kill the bacteria that cause acne infection. There are good, method or way to eliminate acne at home preferred because the resulting low level of risk.

In some circumstances, how to get rid of acne with toothpaste is considered very powerful. In addition to overcoming the problem of acne, toothpaste can also remove blackheads. The use of toothpaste for acne only limited size of corn kernels and should not be excessive.

How to get rid of acne overnight with toothpaste

  1. Clean all parts of your face with cleanser products according to skin type. Avoid wearing cosmetic products to reduce irritation of the skin and acne.
  2. Clean the face with a warm towel so that the pores are not rigid. Do not use water that is too hot.
  3. Select the type of toothpaste that does not contain excessive chemical compounds. It’s better if you use only organic toothpaste contains menthol, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide triclosan and in small quantities.
  4. Take toothpaste at the tip of a finger. Apply toothpaste only on the skin with acne. Do this at night.
  5. Remove the toothpaste in the morning with a towel soaked in warm water.
  6. Do not remove the toothpaste by hand because it can cause injury to acne.
  7. Give cleansers and moisturizers for acne that suits your skin type.
  8. You can also add a little honey on the acne if your skin type is dry.

Risk of using toothpaste to treat acne

Toothpaste used to treat acne is not considered appropriate, since basically only made for cleaning teeth. In addition, the toothpaste will also cause a variety of risks that will arise in the future. It is the risk of using toothpaste to treat acne:

  1. Cause irritation of acne
  2. Aggravate acne conditions
  3. Trigger allergic reactions
  4. Trigger inflammation
  5. Trigger acne swelling
  6. Make peeling skin
  7. Trigger dry skin
  8. Stimulates the release of the skin

The content of the toothpaste is a diuretic, meaning it attracts water. The use of toothpaste which would likely result in excessive irritation on acne because the fluid content in dry skin causing irritation.

The use of toothpaste for acne should be limited. However, if the irritation has occurred, you should use acne cream reliever medication in pharmacies. Treatment like this will help improve the condition of acne is irritated.

There are various kinds of compounds in toothpaste, this will only make acne conditions more severe. Some compounds such as hydrogen, menthol and others will trigger acne worse. Such conditions usually occur on the skin that are sensitive to chemicals.

It’s good to use treatments such as face masks. Natural face mask for acne are very diverse and can be made from natural ingredients. The use of masks is not the slightest risk. And tips remove acne for men at home naturally.

In some references state that using toothpaste to get rid of acne it can cause allergic reactions. Allergies that occur due to various compounds when exposed to the skin. In fact, these allergies can actually cause acne appears more.

If it’s like this, it takes the right steps as a way to eliminate acne due to allergy. This is because acne occurs because of allergies differ from the types of acne. One treatment for acne as this is the use of antibiotics. However there is a risk of acne antibiotics that must be taken into consideration first.

Some of the main ingredients in toothpaste as peppermint can trigger inflammation in the area of acne. Using toothpaste should also consider the duration of use toothpaste. Toothpaste should not be used more than 15 minutes.

Usage in excess of the normal time limit will give side effects such as inflammatory acne. Step how to cope with inflamed acne should be done step by step. Because if not addressed, this condition can lead to infection. Risk of acne infection vary, depending on how strong the body responds to inflammation.

The use of toothpaste it can trigger swelling acne. If this swelling is allowed to continue will cause acne pus and bleeding, how to overcome them will be a little difficult. How to reduce the swelling of acne can be done by using natural materials and medical.

Compounds contained in toothpaste is triclosan. This substance serves as a killer bacteria and is usually found in various types of soaps and detergents. Therefore, the use of toothpaste is unfeasible in this regard. In addition to the compound triclosan and diuretic properties of toothpaste also will make the skin becomes dry and pale. Dry skin is left will accelerate the aging process.

At the time of dry skin and not solved immediately will trigger the release of the skin effect. this is because dry skin will peel off and lifted. To immediately address this, use a moisturizer and cleanser for acne and oily skin. The use of this treatment can prevent dry skin while restoring skin becomes normal. This will nourish the skin as well as a way to avoid acne.

In addition to risk, get rid of acne overnight with toothpaste also contain the risk to the surrounding skin. Side effects are also very diverse, and usually closely related to immune conditions. There are other ways that better to help clear acne on face with eating foods, this natural acne removal also potent efficacy.

Fastest way to get rid of back acne effectively

At this time we are still discussing about fastest way to get rid of back acne effectively. Is this a way to be successful in a week or even overnight? Please try it for yourself and feel the results. If you do regularly, be assured of quick success.

Previously we have discussed quite interesting tips also about how to get rid of acne using toothpaste. This time we will discuss the causes of back acne and reveal the secrets of how to remove back acne.

Acne that appears back is not visible but when we do activities that require undressing like swimming for example acne surely be seen as well. Wherever the location of acne is very disturbing and makes us less confident.

Besides acne that appear on the back makes us uncomfortable when the activity because it is often sudden itch. And on this occasion we will review this back acne problems ranging from the causes and how to overcome them safely so as not to cause pockmarks acne scars.

What are the causes of back acne?

Before we figure out how to cope with back acne, we should know first the causes of back acne so that we can prevent it. This is very different from the causes of acne on face. This is some cause back acne:

  1. Sweat
    Sweat out because activity like sports or other activities outside the room will make the back so moist, that trigger acne, especially if you are less keep the body.
  2. Using conditioner
    Conditioner is used on hair, but the silicon content can also trigger acne. Therefore, when using the conditioner try not to get on your back skin.
  3. Using softener and perfuming clothes
    Softener or perfuming clothes also can trigger acne, it is because the skin type does not match the fragrance materials or fabric softener, causing irritation that can lead to acne on back and chest.

Fastest way to get rid of back acne effectively

  1. Doing Scrub
  2. Using egg whites
  3. Using tomatoes
  4. Using orange peel
  5. Using lemon

1. Doing scrub regularly aims to remove dead skin cells, so as not infected by the bacteria that lead to acne. You can do a scrub with smooth item regularly eg 1 week. With scrub you can minimize irritation of the skin on the back.

But not too frequently, safe dose is 1 week. However, this method can only be done if the acne is not inflamed to severe or cystic acne, it will be dangerous because it can cause infection of the inflammation.

2. Eggs do have many benefits for the body of one of them can treat back acne. The trick separate the egg whites and yolks, then use the egg white on the back with acne and let stand for about 30 minutes, then rinse using clean water. This can be done routinely before the shower.

3. The tomatoes can be used as an alternative to scrub. How to prepare ripe tomato and puree in a blender, then rub on the back acne and leave to dry. Then rinse with clean water. You can also use foods that help clear acne.

4. Orange peel is believed to treat back acne, almost as a way of treating acne on the face. The trick is to soak orange peel into the water and puree in a blender and add a few spoonfuls of milk. Use on back acne, let stand for approximately 15-20 minutes and rinse in cold water.

5. Lemons can treat acne on his back and even remove ance scars or dark spots because the lemon contains Vitamin B, Vitamin C, carbohydrates and phosphorus. Use lemon juice mixed with a little water, then use on back acne. Let stand until dry and rinse using clean water.

So a few reviews the causes and how to get rid of back acne effectively which we can share. All the above methods require a process, then do it regularly. The above methods is effective enough to eliminate back acne naturally, as well as safe and risk free than taking drugs that contain chemicals.

How to remove acne scars using a mask of honey and cinnamon

How to remove acne scars using a mask of honey and cinnamon. Using herbal ingredients will be better when compared with the chemical-based beauty products. You do not have to worry about the health effects later in life. Because very believable without side effects.

In addition to honey and cinnamon, there are many natural ingredients that can be used to make homemade face mask. But this time we will review how to remove acne scars using a mask of honey and cinnamon.

Even though cinnamon has a spicy flavor, but a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder, was able to treat acne. Because, cinnamon has antimicrobial properties that can stop bacteria. While honey contains a natural antibiotic.

Application of these herbal ingredients is simple and very easy to do. Actually acne medicine from herbs are very easy to get, that of raw honey and cinnamon. Both of these materials even has become a face mask at spas and facial salons. Its application is quite simple and very easy to do at home.

How to make a mask face of honey and cinnamon to remove acne scars?

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of raw honey and 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  2. Make sure your face is already cleaned.
  3. Use a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder on the face.
  4. Wait for 20-30 minutes.
  5. Rinse with cold water and pat dry with a clean towel.
  6. Do this 2-3 times a week.

Benefits of cinnamon for health

  • Anti-infective; Cinnamon contains natural anti infection that can help eliminate the bacteria H. pylori cause of stomach ulcers, and various other diseases caused by bacteria.
  • Improves brain function; Cinnamon can also help improve the functioning of our brain. Only with the scent of cinnamon may help increase brain activity. The aroma of cinnamon can improve a person’s cognitive processes and assist in concentrating, remembering, and speed work on a computer program. It is suitable for those who study the field of IT.
  • Reduce rheumatic; If you have rheumatic, you can use cinnamon. Cinnamon can you make as an alternative to cure rheumatism.
  • Control blood sugar; By making use of cinnamon, blood sugar in your body can also be controlled with ease. Cinnamon can help the process of digestion after meals and help improve the body’s response to insulin in patients with diabetes type 2. One cinnamon also known can to lower blood sugar levels, bad cholesterol, triglycerides, and total cholesterol in diabetic patients.
  • Prevent blood clots; Cinnamon also produce oils that can help prevent blood clots. Based on studies, cinnamon can secrete anti-inflammatory fatty acid called arachidonic that can reduce inflammation and blood clots.
  • Lowers cholesterol; As mentioned in the above explanation, that cinnamon can also be utilized to reduce cholesterol in your body. Calcium, minerals, fiber, and other very well in controlling cholesterol levels. In addition, cinnamon is also highly suitable for maintaining digestive health, colon, as well as protect against heart disease.
  • Improving heart health; As explained above, that cinnamon may also help maintain and improve the health of your heart. Based on studies, cinnamon can reduce lipid, platelet adhesion and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Consume cinnamon regularly can help keep your heart healthy and avoid disease.

The side effects of cinnamon on health

  • In addition to providing tremendous benefits to health, cinnamon also can give side effects to the health of the body. The use of cinnamon wrong or excessive or in people who are allergic, can cause irritation of the mouth, lips, and other parts that can cause injury. Usually it will cause redness when used on the skin.
  • Not only cause irritation, excessive use of cinnamon can also cause poisoning. Especially for someone who has a disorder of the liver. Cinnamon contains coumarin that can cause a wide variety of liver disorders. And for people with diabetes may need to adjust the treatment if using cinnamon supplements. Do not overdo it, because it can lower blood sugar is too drastic if excessive.

It is very good for medicine and health care, but the risk of cinnamon as a natural remedy is still relatively less, so it is not recommended for children, or for women who are pregnant and lactating. And also for those of you who are taking regular medication, you should consult your doctor before taking cinnamon as a medicine. Because, cinnamon can interact with antibiotics, diabetes medication, blood thinners, heart medications, and so forth.

Not just how to remove acne scars using a mask of honey and cinnamon. Perhaps many of you who do not know the benefits and side effects of the use of cinnamon. This is a review more details before you use the natural treatment at home. Just as an extra for you to add to the health sciences.

Acne does not only occur on the face, but also on the chest and back. You can also use a natural way to get rid of back acne. To obtain maximum results, do it this way to remove acne scars using a mask of honey and cinnamon 2-3 times a week. Always make sure that you use the raw honey.

6 Home remedies to get rid of acne scars on face and chest

Not only on the face, chest also can acne and this home remedies to get rid of acne scars on face and chest. As we know that acne will make scars or dark spots on the face and even the chest. To remove the acne scars naturally that you can do at home.

As we have explained yesterday about how to remove acne scars using honey and cinnamon. But this time we will give a lot more that you can use to home remedies to get rid of acne scars that you can do at home.

Closeup female face with water ice cubes at face

Women and men can have acne and not only in the face and chest, backs acne can also occur. And there is even a pimple on armpit. Many things can cause acne. Acne scars will not be permanent if you try to remove acne scars and dark spots so that within a certain time acne scars and dark spots can remove immediately.

Home remedies to get rid of acne scars on face and chest

One way in addition to medical care, and medicine from the pharmacy, you can also use home remedies to get rid of acne scars on face and chest. The natural way this should be done regularly to get quick results. These are some natural ingredients that you can use:

  1. Honey; Not only can get rid of acne scars alone but acne can also be cured with honey. The soft nature of honey on the skin can reduce redness and irritation in the skin. Use at night, then rinse in the morning.
  2. Olive oil; The natural ingredients are most commonly used to get rid of acne is olive oil. The content of vitamin E in olive oil can be a natural healer. By doing massage on acne scars, you can use it several times a day.
  3. Coconut oil; Home remedies to reduce acne scars is coconut oil. The content of coconut oil include lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic able to disguise the scars caused by acne. Additionally the new acne scars can also be prevented using coconut oil. You can use coconut oil to remove acne scars by doing massage on acne scars at least one time a day, and a maximum of two to four times a day.
  4. Aloe vera; Aloe vera is a useful material for skin health. Aloe vera can get rid of acne scars within a certain time if used correctly. Although now there are many aloe vera gel, but you preferred to use the aloe vera plant.
  5. Ice cube; Acne scars newly inflamed can use ice cubes, this is to prevent swelling and diminution of the blood vessels. In addition, the ice cubes can also be helpful in reducing mild acne scars and dark spots. Easy enough to use that by wrapping ice cubes in a tissue or cloth and then you can rub on the inflamed area began approximately 15-20 minutes each day.
  6. Papaya; Papaya is one of the fruit has many nutrients. You can use the young papaya to remove acne scars. You can make juice from papaya mixture. Use a cotton swab to apply on the acne and leave to dry for a few minutes after that do not forget to wash your face thoroughly.

Just info that cosmetics are one cause of acne scars. There are some cosmetics that contain a lot of perfumes, dyes and other materials can also trigger the onset of acne scars or dark spots. Because these materials will experience when exposed to photosynthetic excessive exposure to sunlight and cause sensitive skin. It is advisable for you to be careful in choosing cosmetic products mainly to be used on the face.

Brief information about the causes of acne scars most often affects mainly women. Home remedies to get rid of acne scars on face and chest can do at home. Compared to the use of chemicals that requires you to use a high cost.

How to get rid of acne in the armpit naturally

You have acne in the armpit? How to get rid of acne in the armpit naturally? There is also a wonder, whether acne in the armpits is a cancer? It should be wary if there is a lump in the armpit, because there are many possible causes of a lump in the armpit.

Acne in the armpit is a sign of the possibility of bacterial infection in your body. As previously known, one of the factors of acne in the armpit caused by the entry of bacteria through the pores and hair follicles as a result we are too often scratch and too often plucking the armpit.

When the bacteria are allowed to continually enter freely through pores and hair follicles are open, then it will cause inflammation in acne then eventually fester. Moreover, acne on the armpit can also be a sign that there is an infection by bacteria in wounds found on the upper arm, forearm, and hand.

How to get rid of acne in the armpit naturally

Aloe vera and honey are the ingredients to get rid of acne in the armpit at home. It is of the many materials that you can use to get rid of acne in the armpit naturally. If indeed acne, then you can apply these tips:

  1. Aloe vera; Aloe vera will effectively help treat underarm skin with acne. Aloe vera contains natural, such as antioxidants. Aloe vera is antiseptic so it would be very good to help eliminate acne. Use aloe vera in the armpits, let stand for a few minutes then wash. Active substance in the aloe vera can remove the dirt quickly.
  2. Honey; Raw honey can also be a good natural ingredients to treat acne as well underarm skin color. Overcome acne stubborn underarm skin by applying raw honey on acne, wait for 15 minutes and then cleaned. Natural properties owned by raw honey is also good and effective way to whiten underarm skin dull and blackish.

Acne in the armpit are the symptoms of allergy

Acne in the armpit possibility is a sign that your body has an allergy to something foreign things that enter your body. Allergy shown your body such as materials iodine, penicillin, deodorant, and other medicines was also triggers the process of swelling in the lymph nodes, which will then lead to the appearance of acne or boils in the armpits.

If you find that there are bumps like acne on your armpits, then you should not hesitate to apply to remove acne because of allergies or a visit to a hospital for a consultation with a doctor. This is because it is very difficult to find actual what are the things that trigger allergies in your body, so your lymph nodes swollen.

Acne in the armpits because the symptoms fibroadenoma

What causes a boils in the armpit? Acne or boils in the armpits is the possibility that you are exposed fibroadenoma or abnormal fibrous tissue growth. Fibroadenoma lumps resembling acne is caused by an excess of glands or lobules that produce milk, so do not be surprised if it could happen bumps acne or boils in the armpits.

Usually, bumps resembling acne in the armpit due to a fibroadenoma is not painful and can be moved if you press. However, bumps resembling pimples due to the fibroadenoma is classified as a benign tumor that has no potential to cause cancer. No one knows for sure what the cause of fibroadenoma, but health experts mention that this fibroadenoma growth hormone linked to fertility in women.

Acne in the armpit is a sign of lymphoma cancer

Acne or boils in the armpits is possible that you have lymphoma. Apparently, acne in this armpit can also be a sign of a serious disease that attacks your body, the lymphoma cancer or commonly referred to as cancer of the lymph system.

Lymphoma cancer or lymph system is usually characterized by a lump not painless in the armpit area, neck, and groin. Lymphoma cancer cells usually can attack you through a viral infection when your body’s immune immune system is reduced.

If you have acne or boils in your armpit that is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, itching all over the body, weight loss is sudden, swelling of the abdomen, respiratory problems, and always feel tired, then immediately consult your condition to the doctor because you are likely to lymphoma cancer.

In contrast to how to remove acne on the face using a face mask, it would be strange if you use a mask in the armpit. You could just use a mask material but only for areas with acne alone. Good tips on how to get rid of acne on armpit naturally can be useful for you.