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Causes and how to prevent cavities

Causes and how to prevent cavities – Problem of cavities or caries is a major problem in the teeth. One reason is the lack of dental hygiene is maintained and indulgence eating sweet and sticky.

Cavities are usually left to rot. So it’s too late now to the dentist because the infection is deep and should be repealed. Tooth decay can affect overall health. Teeth is one of the digestive system. Can not chew food properly so that the stomach and intestines to work harder.

Causes of cavities

Lack of attention to health is a major cause of tooth cavities. Data indicate the quantity of people with tooth decay is still a less number with good dental hygiene. The cause of tooth decay is the cleanliness of the less intact.

Leftover food, especially if the food you eat is sweet and sticky, germs accumulate and become attached to the teeth and gums. That’s what we call plaque bacteria.

In addition to the lack of attention to dental hygiene as a whole, the other factor is the habit of consumption of sugary foods. Bacteria will ferment the sugary foods and produce acids. Email the hardest part of our body, which exceed the rigors of the bone, the calcium will dissolve in acid before, then place the tooth surface is weak and be cavities.

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Prevent cavities

  • Reduce eating sticky foods such as chocolate, lunkhead, candy, etc..
  • Diligent toothbrush. Regularly toothbrush every meal or at least 2 times a day ie morning and at night before bed. If we do not brush your teeth, the rest of the food for 24 hours will turn into acid. This acid is a medium for germs to grow.
  • Use a toothbrush straight fit our age.
  • Brush your teeth with toothpaste.
  • Before you brush your teeth, rinse to hydrate the gum.
  • After that rinse to clean up the remnants of dirt. Toothbrushes should be replaced if it already bristles fall out, damaged or expand to be uncomfortable or ineffective longer used as a toothbrush.
  • Not all parts of the tooth can be wiped clean with a toothbrush, because it the use of dental floss need to clean up areas that are difficult to reach by a toothbrush especially the area between the teeth (interdental). Use a special dental floss (not sewing thread).
  • Clean up of tartar and do routine dental examinations every 6 months.

Keeping of dental caries formation, then diligently clean the mouth and teeth by regular brushing in the morning and at night before bed. Also, brushing after consumption of sugary foods. Even more important is to maintain oral hygiene to avoid cavities.

How to Reduce the Incidence of Tartar or Plaque on the Teeth

How to reduce the incidence of tartar or plaque on the teeth – Tartar (Calculus) is a collection of mineralized plaque attached to the tooth surface. Based on its location, in the supragingival tartar (the surface of the tooth above the gum) and subgingival (surface of the teeth under the gums).

Dental plaque is hardly noticeable because the color is whitish, with teeth. Plaque can be made visible with a special dye liquid or tablet form. Materials that can help you find areas that need to get more attention when cleaning teeth. In children, the dye is useful to check if they brush their teeth properly.

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Tartar is not dangerous, but it has a very rough surfaces where bacteria can easily be attached on the surface. This rough surface into a colony of bacteria that cause various problems, such as inflammation of the gums (gingivitis / periodontitis), tooth decay (caries) and bad breath (halitosis).

Tartar is also a cosmetic problem because it makes your teeth yellow or brown. Tartar is more porous than enamel so it is easy to change color. If you smoke or frequently drink coffee or tea, the affected teeth tartar will change color to brown or black.

Tartar mainly arise in areas that are difficult to clean teeth. Tartar is a place of attachment of the germs in the mouth. The result can lead to gum diseases, such as inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) which is characterized by gums appear more red, slightly swollen, and is often bleed when brushing teeth.

This can progress to inflammation of the tissues supporting other dental (periodontitis) if not treated immediately. When you have this stage can lead to dental tissue supporting the teeth shake because it is damaged. Also that frequently happens, tartar can cause bad breath bad. This is considered the most disturbing.

How to reduce the incidence of tartar

How to reduce the incidence of tartar can be done with routine dental care. Tartar formation can occur in all people, and the formation process can not be avoided but can we reduce. Ways to reduce the formation of tartar is with diligent dental care to keep them hygiene, by brushing teeth at least twice a day is really where all the parts brushed teeth clean. Too often the case, tartar can cause bad breath. This is considered the most disturbing.

The best way to remove plaque is by brushing your teeth (especially at night and early morning), with interdental cleaning by dental floss, toothpick or brush between the teeth. In addition you should also be diligent in caring for your teeth checked and to the dentist every 6 months to clean the tartar. Because only with the tools of the dentist, so that tartar can be cleaned.

Tartar that has formed normally only be removed by a dentist. Your dentist will use a combination of high pressure water and cleaning tools to remove the tartar. The dentist uses an instrument called a scaler to clean tartar manually or electronically. If the tartar with severe gum disease, the patient may be referred to a specialist periodontist dentist for cleaning and further treatment. Tartar can not be lost if only to brush your teeth or gargle with mouthwash. Dentists have special tools to clean your teeth. This is how to reduce the incidence of tartar or plaque on the teeth.

How to Prevent and Cope With Dental Caries Using Fluoride

How to prevent and cope with dental caries using fluoride – Teeth are the most dense tissue than others. The structure is layered starting from a very harsh email, dentine (tooth bone) in it, the pulp which contains veins, nerves vessels, and other parts that strengthen teeth. However, teeth are the body’s tissues are easily damaged. This occurs when the teeth are not getting proper care.

Caries (Cavitation) is a region that decayed in the teeth, which occurs as a result of a process that gradually dissolves the email (outer tooth surfaces that hard) and growing to the inside of the tooth. If not treated by a dentist, dental caries will continue to grow and eventually cause tooth loss.

The process begins with the presence of tooth decay or cavities called dental caries. Dental caries is the damage limited to the dental tissue from the tooth enamel to spread to the dentin (bone tooth).

Email structure largely determines the process of caries. Just to note, outer enamel surface more resistant to caries than the layer below it, because it is denser and harder. To maintain this hardness, email desperate need of a chemical called fluoride ions.

Caries propagation initially occurs in the email. If not cleaned and not immediately patched, caries will spread down to get to the pulp chamber that contains nerves and veins vessels, causing pain and eventually the tooth can numb.

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Causative factor in dental caries

Factors that cause dental caries is the form of irregular teeth and saliva a lot of and viscous, irregular teeth and saliva that many would facilitate the occurrence of caries. Caries is also caused by bacteria. The bacteria that cause caries is types of Streptococcus and Lactobacillus.

Foods that are easy sticky and stuck in my teeth like candy and chocolate, facilitate the occurrence of caries. In addition, caries also be caused by factors of oral hygiene level and the disease being suffered such as diabetes and tuberculosis.

Teeth are easily attacked by dental caries is child’s teeth. This is because the structure of the teeth is thinner and smaller than the adult teeth (permanent teeth). Care of children’s teeth are damaged, including difficult. In addition it also requires time and money is not small.

Fluoride is a much needed layer of email, has long believed and widely used for prevention of dental caries. Fluoride effective when administered at the time of growth and dental development, from early pregnancy until after delivery.

Than through drinking water, there is still another way in providing fluorine such as through the provision of fluoride in tablet form, can be through salt, milk, or vitamins. It could be through a toothpaste that contains fluoride.

Fluorine can also be found in various types of food. In general, fluoride is found in vegetables, fruits, beverages, fish, and meat. But the highest levels found in anchovies, mustard, and tea.

If the decay stops before it reaches the dentin, the email can get better by itself and the white spots on teeth will disappear. If the decay has reached the dentin, the part rotting teeth must be removed and replaced with a filling (restoration).

Treat decay at an early stage can help to maintain the strength of teeth and minimize the possibility of damage to the pulp. This is how to prevent and cope with dental caries using fluoride.

Solutions and Ways Overcome the Problems of Sensitive Teeth

Solutions and ways overcome the problems of sensitive teeth – Sensitive teeth is a general term used to indicate the presence of hypersensitive dentine due to depletion of the enamel, gums and the opening of dentin decline, a layer under the enamel.

Pain associated with tooth sensitivity occurs in the nerve, the pain of sensitive teeth is not always the case, there is a transient and temporary but periodic. Pain not stop may be a sign of more serious problems. However, it is important for you to consult these symptoms with your dentist to determine the causes and subsequent treatments, because of this problem would be very disturbing if not followed up.

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Patients excessive when brushing your teeth, habit brushing with excessive pressure can make the gums become irritated or gum from the neck down teeth, over time the roots of the teeth will be open (gingival recession), neck cavities, enamel layer thickness would be reduced so that when drinking cold water, sour / sweet or even toothbrush bristles touched will feel pain.

Oral hygiene / bad oral cavity, the buildup of plaque or tartar, which is a gathering place for germs in the oral cavity. Gradually tartar can irritate the gums causing the gums to bleed easily, bad breath is not good. The formation of tooth enamel is less than perfect (ename hypoplasia) may also occur in certain individuals. This situation will make your teeth become sensitive.

Food impaction / buildup of food debris in the area meeting your teeth with teeth / tooth contact. These leftovers infiltrate through the neck of the tooth and difficult to reach toothbrush so it will be difficult to remove, over time the accumulation will be more and more, pressing the gum pockets deeper than normal. Broadly speaking, the causes of sensitive teeth is the reduction of the gums, poor oral hygiene (OH -), bleaching (whitening tooth surface), erosion of email, and brushing your teeth too strong.

Prevent of sensitive teeth

Prevention of sensitive teeth can be done. To prevent the teeth become sensitive, the key is to reduce excess pressure when brushing teeth, use brush your teeth with a soft bristle brush and brush my teeth the right way, using a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth, teeth checked regularly to the dentist, and try not to drink / eat hot and cold at the same time.

Using toothpaste that contains strontium chloride, potassium nitrate, fluoride or rinse his mouth with mouthwash can treat sensitive teeth. According to the researchers these substances are capable of forming bonds and cover the surface of the pore with crystallization in the crown of the tooth nerve many vessels (dentine tubuli) / tooth root surface exposed, so as to eliminate the complaints of sensitive teeth.

In cavities, you should do the fillings. Fillings are made of different materials and put in gear or in the vicinity. Silver amalgam fillings are the most widely used for back teeth, because it is very strong and the color is not visible from the outside. Silver amalgam is relatively inexpensive and last up to 14 years. Gold fillings are more expensive, but more powerful and can be used on a very large caries.

The mixture of resin and porcelain are used for front teeth, because the color is close to the color of teeth, so not too visible from the outside. This material is more expensive than silver amalgam and not durable, especially on back teeth used for chewing.

Glass ionomer is a patch with the same color as teeth. This material is formulated to release fluoride, which gives an advantage over the people who tend to suffer from decay at the gum line. Glass ionomer is also used to replace damaged areas due to excessive tooth brushing. This is solutions and ways overcome the problems of sensitive teeth.

Long term effects of stress on the brain

Tips on how to prevent and treatment excessive stress and long term effects of stress. Stress is a psychological disease. All people can suffer from stress. Stress is caused by various factors. Every person has a cause of stress is different. No person may not have a life goal. But, long term effects of stress on the brain.

Each person will be dealing with the problems of everyday life despite various levels of difficulty. Thus, each person can experience stress, it could even be excessive stress. The most important thing for everyone is how to control in order to avoid excessive stress, leading to frustration and even despair.

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Long term effects of stress on the brain

The issue is how to prevent excessive stress or long term effects of stress, which can make you frustrated and even desperate. In general, the stress because he did not achieve personal goals or desires are not met. Facts are not in line with expectations.

Although it is tried, the target is not reached. Finally, excessive stress and even stress can show up and if not properly managed, this could be entailed frustration, despair and even suicide. In addition, the long-term effects of stress can affect the health of the brain.

Long term effects of stress on the brain

Learning ability down; The stem cell nerve in the hypocampus, the part of the brain that is essential for learning and memory, is formed by neurons. But under chronic stress, these stem cells become coated with myelin. Excess myelin this resulted in disruption of communication and the connection between neurons. It certainly disrupts the function of the brain. The condition is mainly found in people who have anxiety disorders, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Stroke risk; Long-term effects of stress can cause a stroke risk. High levels of stress can increase the risk of stroke. “In addition to traditional risk factors, such as cholesterol, blood pressure, and smoking, stress also contributes to the incidence of stroke,” said Susan Everson-Rose, a researcher.

Depression; Chronic stress can prevent the emergence of new nerve cells in the hippocampus. This condition will reduce a person’s ability to rise from the next stress and cause symptoms similar to depression appears.

Brain size shrinks; Anxiety triggered by various events, such as divorce, loss of home, or being left behind by loved ones, can reduce the gray areas of the brain. This area of the brain deals with self-control and emotion.

The good news, research shows the brain has the natural ability to recover from stress. When the stressor is gone, the neural stem cells will regain their ability to regenerate neurons at normal levels. Do activities that can reduce your stress.

Experts believe that there are some activities that can reduce stress levels and minimize nerve damage. For example, sports, including mild exercise such as jogging is enough to restore the mood and reduce stress. Another proven method is meditation. This practice has proven to be effective in calming the heart and easing anxiety.

Here are tips to prevent excessive stress, frustration, and despair:

Do not rely on ourselves; See that you do not rely on ourselves. Nature we have to rely on yourself. Even people who believe in God though still often rely upon itself. We are confident to do everything by ourselves. We think we can manage our lives and achieve our plans without God’s help. We forget that the success of our plans are in the hands of God. Plans as good as anything, only God determines the outcome. Do not rely on ourselves to prevent excessive stress.

Do not be too believes in himself; Avoid over-confident attitude. People who have a sharp mind, which always won at school, got a job with a large income, a lot of treasure, a great social status in the past, these can all lead to over-confident attitude. We can not always predict what will happen. Even if we are smart, rich, always successful in the past, we could still fail in doing something. You and I may fail as well as any of our efforts. Finally, we may experience excessive stress. Avoid over-confident attitude is one technique to prevent excessive stress.

Make a realistic target; Many people make personal goals that are too far without thinking about the potential and facilities. Common sense is ignored. Rational calculation removed. See that you do not include such a person. If you have the ability, talent, and finances are good, still use common sense to achieve your personal goals. Do not think more than what you should think about.

Do not compare yourself with others; Avoid comparing yourself with others. We often compare ourselves with others. We feel smarter or better than others, but in fact other people more successful than us. Can we also do not feel smart enough to make us feel inferior. Take away these thoughts. Keep the attitude of comparing yourself with others. You are you. Other people are other people. Way of life of each is the same despite never experienced the same events.

Thank failure; Accept when your target is not achieved and do something. Your goal could not be reached because you are not diligent, persistent, and diligent. Maybe because you want out of sync with God’s will. Not all our plans are always approved by God. We can plan different from the will of God. We want this and that, but God willing another.

Grateful to the failure; Though difficult, be thankful if you do not achieve what you want. There is always something wisdom behind every event. Failure can be a lesson in the future and be a blessing to others. Any failure to always keep a good thing. There is no mystery behind the incident. There we do not know behind the failures that occur in our lives. So, be thankful even if you do not achieve your life goals.

Exercise; Exercise can prevent excessive stress. Try to exercise. Set aside time to exercise. Many advise that regular exercise will prevent excessive stress. You can walk, run or other exercise regularly. This is to avoid the long-term effects of stress.

Excessive stress can happen, in terms of love, employment, and education. Usually occurs when a person is always thinking about a single issue continuously. Stress can also occur if you do not have an activity, so do not know what to do (being a day’s room). This is article about long term effects of stress on the brain.

Effective Ways to Overcome Insomnia

Effective ways to overcome insomnia – Sleep disturbance or insomnia could actually disrupt the body’s cycle. Even prolonged insomnia can trigger depression.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by symptoms such as always feeling tired and exhausted all day and on an ongoing basis (more than ten days) had difficulty sleeping. Or patients often lie awake at night and can not go back to sleep. Often the patient woke up earlier and could not go back to sleep.

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Causes of Insomnia:

  • Psychological factors; Prolonged stress is most often the different causes of chronic insomnia type, while the bad news may be the failed plans cause of transient insomnia.
  • Psychiatric problems; Depression is most often found. Wake up earlier than usual, which is undesirable from the beginning of the most common symptoms of depression, anxiety, neorosa, and other psychological disorders are often the cause of sleep disorders.
  • Physical pain; Shortness of breath in people who have asthma, sinus, nasal congestion that flu can be a cause of sleep disorders. During a physical cause or physical pain that can not tackled, sleep disorders or sleeplessness will keep happening.
  • Environmental factors; Noisy environments such as jet trajectory environment, railway tracks, factories or even a neighbor’s TV can be a factor causing sleeplessness.
  • Lifestyle; cigarettes, coffee, weight loss medication, irregular working hours, can also be a factor causing sleeplessness.

Tips that can help people with insomnia to be falling asleep:

  1. Lying in bed when really wants to sleep. But try at the same time when going to bed.
  2. Do not use the bed for activities other than sleep. Other activities such as reading, watching TV, eating, phone. Habit of using the bed for other activities make it a habit to wake up when lying in bed.
  3. Attach an alarm to wake up at the same time. Regardless of the duration of sleep at night.
  4. Try not to nap.
  5. Do not consume coffee or beverages containing caffeine or caffeine-containing medications a few hours before bedtime. Because caffeine is a stimulant, can increase the heart rate so the body can be up all night.
  6. Do not smoke a few hours before bedtime. Cigarettes contain nicotine which can improve morale because it affects the neurostimulan.
  7. Exercise 6 hours before bedtime. Isometric exercise or walk for 20 minutes. This will increase your metabolism and body temperature, and then will decline approximately 6 hours later the effect on deep sleep.
  8. Provide a transition time to sleep by reducing the level of activity before bedtime, will remove the anxiety of unfinished work, and other thoughts tomorrow. Do activity with calm and relaxed.
  9. Cleaned up before bed, make sure the door was locked, and adjust the lighting, in order to feel safe and comfortable while sleeping.
  10. Make sure no bright light or noise can disturb sleep and make sure the room temperature comfortable.
  11. Hungry or after eating a lot can inhibit sleep. However if you feel hungry you should eat small meals or drinking a glass of warm milk it is appropriate to address this issue.

If all the above tips have been done, but still suffer from insomnia. Ask your doctor to ensure basic health problems (such as depression, anxiety, hyperthyroidism, heart failure, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) that trigger you to stay awake.

So, you can request one of several types of prescription sleeping pills that can be consumed in the short term. Insomnia is not a disease but a symptom that has many causes, such as emotional disorders, and physical disorders.

In addition to anti cancer the green tea reduces depression

Green tea reduces depression

In addition to anti cancer green tea reduces depression | Depression is a problem experienced by many people at various ages and social classes. The number of people with depression are twice as many women than men, but men are more inclined to commit suicide.

Depression can be caused by many things such as major life events (divorce, death of a loved one, moving house, job loss, etc.), severe disease, as well as the effects of medicines and drugs.

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As a serious disease that affects our souls and bodies, depression should not be underestimated. The depressed elderly prone to forgetfulness, easily confused and even death due to heart attack. However, the good news is that depression can be managed well if you know the signs.

Common signs and symptoms of depression:

  • Feeling sad, anxious
  • Sense of hopelessness and pessimism
  • Guilt, worthlessness and helplessness
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies or activities that previously favored
  • Low energy, fatigue, a sluggish
  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering
  • Difficulty sleeping (insomnia) or excessive sleeping (hypersomnia)
  • Trouble eating or ravenous eating (being thin or overweight)
  • Restless and irritable
  • Physical symptoms are not relieved by medication such as headaches, digestive problems (constipation, diarrhea, etc.) and chronic pain.
  • Thinking about death or suicide
  • Sometimes, heavy feeling in hands and feet

If you are experiencing some of the above symptoms that interfere with your life, talk to your doctor. He may be able to find out if you are already affected by depression and provide solutions for handling.

Green tea reduces depression

There are many benefits we can when drinking tea, especially green tea. Apart from being a powerful anti cancer, green tea makes antibiotics more effective, helps heart health, green tea is also useful to help abate depression.

To maintain the health of a grandmother or an elderly parent, do not forget to give green tea as a souvenir. Research shows that elderly people often consume green tea less often experience feelings of sadness and loneliness that can lead to depression. Benefits of green tea in lowering levels of psychological problems have been expressed by many of the data and literature.

Green tea contains amino acids thenine, believed to have a calming effect on the brain. This may explain why the elderly who regularly drank green tea four or more cups per day less frequently depressed. In comparison, other popular beverages, such as black tea, or coffee do not have similar benefits. Benefits of green tea may reduce depression.

How to remove varicose veins in the legs naturally

Natural ways to eliminate varicose veins in legs is the best way for the best treatment. In many cases you can use natural ingredients for the treatment of varicose veins which can be obtained easily and at a low cost.

Varicose veins is a dilation of the vein (behind) that function of blood transports waste products of metabolism of all body tissues and return to the heart. Basically varicose veins are not too dangerous. Varicose veins usually occur around the calf of fine veins protruding.

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The veins are enlarged veins, especially in the leg. Many factors are involved in the progression this condition. Do not worry, some of the ways you can do to prevent varicose veins in the legs.

Several factors are involved in the formation of varicose veins are age, pregnancy and heredity. Women are more prone to varicose veins than men. Varicose veins occur when blood is not flowing properly through veins in the legs.

How to prevent varicose veins

In this article we will discuss about how to remove varicose veins in the legs naturally. Varicose veins are usually experienced by women which will grow around the calf and forming veins protruding. If you experience something like that, it can make a woman so lacking in confidence.

Women who have varicose veins can be caused by various things, such as heredity, are pregnant, nursing, too often wear high heels, standing too long, and rarely moves.

The cause is probably not realized by most women. For that, from this moment you should avoid so as not to run into the causes of varicose veins. In addition to avoiding it, there are several other ways of prevention you can do.

To prevent varicose veins is to minimize the use of high heels. To keep the vein walls are weak not widened, then the socks / stockings for varicose veins can specifically be used especially when you have a lot of standing and walking.

The method of treatment will be determined based on the degree of severity, namely the injection of sclerosing material so that veins are narrowed or with surgery. This action is usually done by a plastic surgeon or vascular surgery.

The cause of varicose veins :

  • Elasticity of the walls of the veins reduced causing the veins weakened and unable to drain blood to the heart as it should. Blood flow from the legs to the heart is fighting gravity, because the veins must be strong, as well as the muscles dynamics surrounding.
  • Damage to the vein valves, duty the valve to hold when blood flow to the heart so as not to get out again. Damaged valves keep the blood gathered in the inside and causing clots that interrupt blood flow.

How to treat varicose veins naturally:

  • After the move every day, lie down with your feet and legs higher than the heart for 20 minutes. For patients with varicose veins, to do sleeping position to this all night, for blood circulation to the heart.
  • Do not stand too long.
  • Regular exercise to train the leg muscles: brisk walking; jogging, biking, swimming (at least 30 minutes per day).
  • Do not massage varicose veins, because it can cause rupture of the veins. Do massage lightly but regularly, in areas prone to varicose veins in the direction toward the heart with a gentle and use of essential oils that have been dissolved.
  • Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits high in fiber and foods that can stimulate blood circulation, such as onion, garlic, ginger and red pepper. Also foods rich in vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, magnesium, folic acid, calcium and zinc.
  • Reduce consumption of sugar, salt, red meat, fried foods, and animal protein.

How to eliminate varicose veins naturally quite time consuming, but if you want to quickly disappear Varicose veins can be done by injection directly into the varicose veins. However, eliminating varicose veins by injection is quite ill.

Benefits of strawberry for brain and healthy

Benefits of strawberry for brain and healthy | Latin name strawberry is Fragaria. The name was associated with a fragrance or aroma. Uniquely strawberry seeds on the outside shape of the fruit is so small that makes the fruit become more solid appearance. The aroma is very fragrant strawberries, fresh sweet at the same time.

Brain aging come with age. So it is important for you to increase the intake of nutrients in order to maintain the health of the nervous system of the brain at the same time. To prevent cognitive decline of the brain and other mental disorders.

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The benefits of strawberry for health

Strawberry fruit is very good for health. The taste is sweet and slightly sour to make a lot of rage. The content of vitamin C found in strawberries more than 1 orange, because strawberries provide the daily requirement of vitamin C 1.5. Many of the benefits of consuming vitamin C, such as maintaining healthy teeth and gums remain healthy children, helps wound healing and increase body resistance to infection as well as being an antioxidant that helps reduce the risk of some cancers.

Potassium contained in the strawberry is one of the minerals recommended by health experts to present in the diet patterns of people who want his blood pressure dropped as a result of hypertension. Eating strawberries can help normalize blood pressure. Strawberry also help lower blood cholesterol levels and healthy digestive tract.

Strawberry can also help cripple a cancer Active work for ellagic acid contained in it. Vitamin A is found in the strawberry can also help prevent the formation of free radicals, vitamin C can keep the dangers of reactions within the cells, vitamin E and ellagic acid will help to protect cell walls from damage caused by free radicals.

Strawberries contain very little sugar so that makes it safe for diabetics. Anthocyanins belong to the flavonoid components, this compound is the giver of the red pigment in strawberries. Anthocyanins have any effect in helping to lower blood pressure and help protect the some of the problems caused by diabetes.

Benefits of strawberry to the brain

Strawberries should be the best choice for your brain. A new study suggests that foods containing high levels of flavonoids (strawberries, blueberries and other berries products) may slow cognitive decline in brain function. The study found that women who ate one or more servings of strawberries per week can delay cognitive aging on the brain up to 2.5 years, compared with those who ate little or no food at all berry products.

The researchers concluded that high intake of flavonoids, compounds found in plants that have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, especially from berries, to function in preventing cognitive decline in older adults. The researcher explained, stress and inflammation (inflammatory), both of which can contribute to the decline in cognitive function, but by increasing the intake of flavonoids that can be suppressed.

Although the effects of the consumption of strawberry look great help improve memory, but researchers say that there are other foods that contain high amounts of flavonoids such as tea and onions.

Type of food to supplement nutrition pregnancy preparation

Supplement nutrition pregnancy preparation

Type of food to supplement nutrition pregnancy preparation | Based on the understanding of nutrition itself, this substance is a major intake for a person’s body in a variety of activities as forming important energy. The function of nutrients itself is also a variety of such as making process nutrients essential, as an organic substance that an organism needs to move normally.

Nutrition also plays an active role as the intake of foods that are healthy for the body, the body consumes at least some types of food each day. Not we underestimate the nutrients, as not all foods have nutrients. When you want a pregnancy of course there are some processes or steps that you should do include nutrition pregnancy preparation that will be consumed during the process.

Supplement Nutrition Pregnancy Preparation

Type of food to supplement nutrition pregnancy preparation

  • Carbohydrate; Consume enough carbohydrates to meet your calorie intake in your body such as rice, cereals, breads, and foods made from wheat.
  • Protein; Adequacy in consuming protein were necessary to meet the needs of the body that can be obtained from eggs, nuts, fish and fresh meat.
  • Calcium; By drinking milk and eating calcium-rich of snack can help strengthen your bones and teeth.
  • Vitamins and minerals; Nutrition in preparation for pregnancy, you also need vitamins and minerals can be obtained from fruits and vegetables, to fruits such as apples, star fruit can you eat without having to peel the skin. Because the skin there is a lot more vitamins. Vegetables are also good eaten as a salad, or if it should be cooked not too long in the process of ripening. Because it can eliminate vitamin content that resides in these vegetables.

The selection of snack can help you to keep getting what is needed by the body for nutrition pregnancy preparation. Apart from food nutrients can also be obtained from supplements or vitamin supplements are required, it is usually done to follow up on the things that happen to the physical health conditions and pregnant foster mothers.

In this case you can choose to consume nutrition pregnancy preparation using natural materials (herbs) or by choosing to use drugs so it is more practical in its use as well as the instant results to be obtained. Whatever nutrition you choose, you should still be sufficient for the preparation of what you are doing in welcoming pregnancy.

For simplicity it is better if you consulted a doctor dietitian and nutrition, to find the right dose and in accordance with your body. Doctors nutritionists will usually do the first observation to determine the substances contained in the body, so that it can determine the amount of fat, or others that can be adjusted and balance the intake of nutrients to be consumed. As well as what should be reduced and add to consume a variety of foods for expectant mothers.

If for nutrition pregnancy preparation you are treated according to the dosage that has been recommended by nutritionists and the amount is more than enough. You just balance it with mental and physical preparation, by exercising and adopting a healthy lifestyle by avoiding and reducing the consumption of foods and beverages commonly provided by junk food restaurants. By avoiding junk food and instant, you can avoid chemicals or preservatives contained therein, which can affect hormone production in your womb because too much influence of chemicals that enter the body.