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Way of dental care using a toothbrush and dental floss

Way of dental care a toothbrush and dental floss

Dental care using a toothbrush and dental floss | Proper dental care is not only good for the teeth but also good for the whole body. Dental care is the effort made to keep teeth healthy and able to perform its functions. A healthy tooth is teeth clean without any holes. Toothbrush often not able to reach the difficult parts. And if gargling less clean can make the rest of muck tucked in between the teeth. Gargle with mouthwash may also help, but still likely to leave residual impurities.

Maintain hygiene and oral health, not only helps to have a charming smile with white teeth. Hygiene and oral health can improve overall health, reduce the risk of serious illness. Good habits to maintain hygiene and oral health for children it should be taught as early as possible. Good habits to maintain oral health and hygiene, such as brushing teeth, using dental floss, and check to the dentist regularly.

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The importance of dental care

Once the importance of teeth so the teeth need to be cared for properly. Teeth is one of the important organs of digestion. Teeth used to chew the food before it goes into the digestive tract. If the gear was down, would also disrupted digestion process.

Untreated tooth so the infection can lead to heart disease and veins. Oral hygiene is poor not only cause bad breath, tooth decay and gingivitis, but also increases the risk of heart disease and other health problems. Maintain the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth are the windows to healthy living. Leftovers are still in the teeth causing excessive bacterial activity so that the mouth of a less pleasant odor.

Good dental care is by brushing and flossing several times a day. Every after meal snack or eat a large meal. But compulsory once in the morning and at night to brush my teeth before bed. Even for children who are strongly encouraged to familiarize establish healthy patterns that will contribute to their survival.

Use high-quality brush. It’s very important to clean the tooth enamel. A good toothbrush should be replaced once a month, point to avoid the development of bacteria that nest on the sidelines of a toothbrush that has been widened. Dental examination should be performed every six months to ensure hygiene and dental health. And must be performed by a dentist to examine every tooth in achieving all the nooks and crannies to clean plaque and signs of dental problems.

Way of dental care:

  • Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day.
  • Replace your toothbrush 3-4 months. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles of the brush head that can reach all parts of the tooth.
  • Do not forget to brush the tongue, which is a gathering place for the bacteria that can cause bad breath.
  • Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride to prevent cavities and enough tooth decay.
  • Use mouthwash.
  • Dental floss, dental floss once a day is recommended to remove plaque that can not be touched toothbrush and mouthwash.
  • Sugarless gum, chew sugarless gum to increase saliva flow to clean food particles and acids cause tooth decay.
  • Avoid foods that contain lots of sugar and sweet, like syrup, candy, and chocolate.
  • Drinking water after eating.
  • Get used to eating fresh fruits. In addition to good health, fiber can help remove dirt in the teeth.
  • Eat a balanced and rich in calcium, like milk, cheese, eggs, anchovies, spinach, mustard, and jelly.

Dental care is the effort made to keep teeth healthy and able to perform its functions. Enhance dental care to get used to using dental floss. By having healthy teeth and gums can help improve overall health.

Causes and how to cope with sensitive teeth

Care for sensitive teeth

How to cope with sensitive teeth | In this article will discuss about sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth is a condition in which the tooth react to food or drink hot, sweet or sour. If you have sensitive teeth, drink a cold soda or eating chocolate can cause sudden severe pain in your teeth. Felt a sharp pain, such as electric shock and usually only lasts a few seconds.

Sensitive teeth is a general term used to indicate the presence of hypersensitive dentine due to depletion of the enamel, dentin and the opening of the gum drop, a layer below the enamel. Pain associated with tooth sensitivity occurs in the nerve, the pain of sensitive teeth is not always permanent, and while there is a temporary but periodic. Pain may not stop is a sign of more serious problems.

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Causes of sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth are caused by the depletion layer email on our teeth reduced. Teeth are formed from the dental pulp, the living tissue that contains veins and nerves, which is the largest structure of dentine tissue and tooth enamel, the outer layer is very hard.

Under normal conditions, the dentine is covered by email or gums. Dentin has small pores (called tubules) on its surface which leads to the pulp that has a lot of nerve. If a tooth is worn or eroded gums, dentin can be stimulated by the food hot / cold, sweet, or sour. Stimulus is passed through the dentin tubules to the dental nerves, triggering pain.

Email depletion is mainly caused by poor eating habits. Email suffered when in contact with the acid demineralized, for example, soft drinks (with or without sugar), tomatoes and oranges. Very sweet foods also promote bacterial activity, which then produce acids and exacerbate the problem. Mechanical stresses such as bruxism (teeth grinding during sleep) or brushing with a whitening toothpaste that is too aggressive can also damage the email.

From the results of the study, patients with large pressure / excess when brushing your teeth. Tooth brushing habits with excess pressure can make the gum irritation or tooth gum from the neck down, over time the roots of the teeth will be open (gingival recession), neck cavities, enamel layer thickness would be reduced so that when drinking cold water, sour / sweet or even toothbrush bristles touched will feel pain.

Oral hygiene / poor state of oral cavity, the buildup of tartar or plaque, which is home to bacteria in the oral cavity. Gradually tartar can irritate the gums causing the gums will bleed easily, there is also bad breath is not fresh. Enamel formation is less than perfect (enamel hypoplasia) may also occur in certain individuals. This situation will also make the teeth become sensitive.

Food impaction / buildup of food debris in the area meeting teeth with teeth / tooth contact. Leftover food is infiltrating through the neck of the tooth and difficult to reach a toothbrush so it will be difficult to remove, over time the accumulation would more and more, pressing the gum pockets deeper than normal.

Broadly speaking, the cause of sensitive teeth is:

  • Decrease in the gums.
  • Poor oral hygiene (OH -).
  • Bleaching (teeth whitening).
  • Erosion of tooth enamel.
  • Brushing your teeth too strong.

Prevention of tooth sensitivity

To prevent the teeth become sensitive, the key is to reduce excess pressure when brushing your teeth, use a toothbrush with the type that is not hard bristle brush and brush your teeth the right way. Using a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth, teeth checked regularly to the dentist, try not to drink / eat hot and cold at the same time.

Treatment of sensitive teeth

  • Eliminating bad habits brush with excess pressure.
  • Brush your teeth in a way and the right time.
  • Wearing types of toothbrush bristles are soft, do not use a bristle brush that has been damaged.
  • Using toothpaste that contains strontium chloride / potassium nitrate / fluoride or rinse his mouth with a mouthwash containing substances above.
  • In the open state of the tooth root / hole in the neck has incurred dental fillings should be done.
  • In the case of thin tooth enamel (enamel hypoplasia) made plain jacket crown.
  • Using the compound oxalate or with bonding agent to cover the dentin tubule.

With so many cases it is proper for patients who have similar complaints, always watching the steps that have been described.

Use a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Change your toothpaste to control plaque and whiten your teeth with special toothpaste sensitive teeth. This particular toothpaste has an active substance such as potassium nitrate, citrate or oxalate which helps inhibit the sensation from the tooth surface to the nerves, thereby reducing the pain associated with sensitive teeth.

Causes and how to prevent eye irritation in children

Prevent eye irritation in children

How to prevent eye irritation in children | Eye irritation is a common problem experienced by everyone and all ages. Eye irritation can also occur in children. Such as itching, burning, or painful irritation in the eyes. Common symptoms associated with eye irritation are itching, redness, pain, swelling, tearing, burning, fatigue, blurred vision and so much more. In this situation often feel as though there was something in his eyes.

Several conditions can cause eye irritation and require immediate consultation with an ophthalmologist. But there is also no need of medical treatment and can be cured by itself. But if you’ve ever suffered from eye irritation condition, you should avoid rubbing your eyes, avoid using eye makeup and you also have to protect eyes from dust.

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Cause and measures to prevent eye irritation

  • Foreign particles in the eyes; If something like dust particles or eye makeup is in your eyes, it can cause eye irritation. Then you have to wash it with cold tap water without rubbing your eyes.
  • Dry eye syndrome; The use of computers constantly, hormonal changes, the use of contact lenses, dry atmospheric conditions, certain medications and cigarette smoke led to a situation where the tear glands do not produce sufficient amounts or quality of tears to keep the humidity levels in the eye, resulting in dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome also causes eye irritation and if left untreated can lead to blurred vision and infection. In this situation, you should visit the eye doctor, who will probably give you a prescription lubricant gel or ointment to keep the moisture level is right in your eyes. Dry eye syndrome can not be cured but can be treated by using an external lubrication or using surgical methods. However, in most cases, the problem of dry eye syndrome itself can be avoided by regular breaks and try to frequently blink your eyes while working.
  • Infections and allergies; Eye irritation may very often make the whites of your eyes (sclera) become red and in case if you have other symptoms of eye irritation as well, you might have known infection known as conjunctivitis. Although allergic conjunctivitis is not contagious because it is caused by a virus. Similarly, eye irritation can be caused by allergies. People may have foreign particles allergies, smoke allergies or seasonal allergies, so the eyes become red. Optometrists prescribe medications or eye drops should be used if necessary to maintain this condition.
  • Sub-conjunctival bleeding; Sub-conjunctival bleeding is a condition caused by a ruptured vein in the tissue that covers the sclera. It makes the eyes look red and really scary.
  • Injury; In case of eye injuries, eyes can become red, swollen and painful. Injuries to the eye are very dangerous and require immediate consultation with your eye doctor. To move faster, maybe you can use an ice pack on your eyes.

Tips to avoid eye irritation

  • Do not touching or rubbing the eyes with dirty hands and avoid touching those items that are affected by eye disease because it can pass on diseases of the eye.
  • Avoid sharing contact lenses, glasses, towels, handkerchiefs and eye makeup with others.
  • Using eye protection such as goggles if you are in a risk of causing eye pain or riding a motorcycle in order to avoid the eyes from dirt and dust.
  • Wearing eye protection when working with chemicals.
  • Attention to hygiene of contact lenses and eyeglasses.

Symptoms of mild irritation is common and not considered a problem. In normal conditions, when there is a stimulus or threat, eye will blinks, her eyelids shut and tears out. Thus, the body has defense mechanisms spontaneous. Tears also serves as an antiseptic for eye organ. A few information from about eye irritation, may be useful.

How to overcome and remove dandruff naturally

Remove dandruff

How to overcome and remove dandruff naturally | Most people feel lose confidence if they have dandruff. In addition, dandruff also be one cause of hair damage. Dandruff is the excessive flaking of dead skin cells from the scalp. Dandruff is not an organism like lice, but only the dead skin that accumulate on the scalp. Dead skin cells and flaking are common and normal. But in some people it is becoming excessive. When accompanied by redness and irritation, then the dandruff can be a symptom of seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis.

Conditions that can cause dandruff is oily skin, sweat, fungus, cold weather, hair oil, shampoo rinses are less clean, stress, using a shampoo that does not fit, hormone disruption etc.. Many people believe that dandruff is caused by dry scalp. However, dandruff is also found in oily scalp. Excessive layers of oil on the scalp can be dry, thickened and become debris in the form of dandruff.

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If you exercise regularly, you sweat more, which can also cause dandruff, especially if you rarely washing hair. Certain forms of dandruff are also believed to be caused by a fungus on the scalp. Because the fungus can not be eliminated completely so dandruff too can not exterminated, can only be controlled. Dandruff also causes hair loss.

How to overcome and eliminate dandruff naturally:

  • White vinegar medicine for dandruff; White vinegar is a very good medicine for dandruff. Combine a cup of white vinegar with a cup of water, and pour it on your scalp after shampooing, as a final rinse. Allow a minute, then rinse with clean water. You can also wash your hair with one tablespoon of vinegar mixed with 3 tablespoons oil, then cleaned with shampoo. This method gives an equally good effect.
  • Baking soda; Dampen your hair out. Take a handful of baking soda and rub your scalp with the baking soda. Then rinse well so all soda deleted from your hair. Do this several times. At first, your hair may be a bit dry, but after one week you’ll see the difference. Your scalp produces natural oils, making your hair gently back and your dandruff will be gone.
  • Lemon; Pour 2 tablespoons lime juice in your head. Squeeze, squeeze my hair and scalp. Take a glass of water and add 1 tablespoon lemon juice into it, then pour into your hair. Rinse with water after a few minutes. Your head will smell nice and fresh lemon and your dandruff disappeared. Repeat several times until your dandruff is completely gone.
  • Salt; Use salt when washing your hair. Sprinkle and rub the scalp with salt. Rinse after a while and wash your hair with shampoo.

Do not ignore the dandruff because it will just create more growth. This causes itching, so you scratching your head. Strong scratching the scalp can cause irritation and vulnerable to infection. If you have dandruff, you can try to increase the frequency of wash hair. The more you washing hair with a anti-dandruff shampoo, your dandruff diminishing. If necessary, shampoo daily with a shampoo to control dandruff growth.

If the anti-dandruff shampoo is not working or your dandruff is severe, use a shampoo special anti-dandruff / medications that contain selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione, sulfuric acid / salicylate and other active substances to wash your hair. Use only as needed because these drugs tend to be a strong effect. After that, leave for at least five minutes before rinsing.

Massage your scalp gently with your fingertips for blood circulation in the head. This medicine may be used alone or mixed with regular shampoo (follow the instructions of use). You can also intersperse the use of anti-dandruff with regular shampoo. Once your dandruff disappears, switch to your regular shampoo.

Nutrition needed to care for child always tired all the time

What is the causes and how to care child always tired all the time? In this article will discuss about nutrients needed by child always tired and pale. Tired greatly affect the productivity of everyday life. Some child always feel tired all the time and sometimes even irritable

Naturally, if tired is  caused by physical activity. But tired can also be caused by certain medical conditions. In order to overcome the tired that is not fair, it is necessary to determine the cause. Some nutrients need for the care of child always tired and pale.

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Nutrients for child always tired all the time

Many things can be inferred from child always feel tired. The symptoms of leukemia often become one of these conclusions. This disease is a blood cell originating from the spinal cord. The sign is the increase of white blood cells. Although actually among some conclusions, not infrequently the problem is only a matter of lack of certain nutritional intake.

What about your child? Is your child 4 years old, 5 years old or 6 years old always tired all the time? Lethargic child with no appetite? Even children are always tired of being irritable. If accompanied by pale then your child may anemia. Anemia due to the condition of red blood cell count decreases.

Causes in children always tired

Harvard researchers say that mild dehydration makes it difficult for brain cells to work properly. Dehydration can also make blood volume and blood pressure low, thereby slowing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to body tissues. This dehydration makes the child always tired.

Nutrients needed for care child always tired

Iron deficiency may be one reason why child always tired all the time. Eating foods such as potatoes, papaya, red meat, egg yolks, dark green vegetables, raisins, oysters, turkey, or peas can be done to overcome mineral deficiencies that cause anemia. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause often feel tired in children.

This vitamin has an important role in maintaining the activity of red blood cells. These cells function to transport oxygen in the blood. The way to cope is to provide adequate vitamin B12 intake in children. This vitamin is found in many animal protein, such as milk, eggs, meat, and fish. Soy milk is also a source of vitamin B12, which is quite good.

Bananas can also be used to supplement energy intake in children. Because content of banana, there is sugar in the form of sucrose, fructose, and glucose. In addition, bananas also contain fiber, which help to maintain blood glucose levels. Intake of antioxidants and vitamin C is also a good nutrition for child always feel tired.

Broccoli, for example, in addition to the vitamin C content is larger than the orange also rich in antioxidants. Note also the intake of fluids in the body in children. Not only with the drink water in the recommended, eat vegetables and fruits high fiber is also beneficial because it would tie up the liquid so that the water intake in the body longer.

Tired is making bad mood and lack of energy. Lack of sleep or sleep apnea and anemia indeed be one factor. The most important thing to do is maintain a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, exercise, and enough sleep. Thus, the risk of tired can be treat.

If your childhood doing a lot of activity, you should balance it with enough sleep and taking vitamins and minerals your body needs. Try to keep your mind calm and avoid stress. If symptoms often feel tired still not healed with the intake before, well if the child immediately consult with doctor.

For instance, if the conclusion of the diabetes symptoms, will require different handling, including limiting the intake of sugar, fat, and high salt. Tired also often make children less appetite. Those are some explanations on how to care for child always tired and pale, may be useful.

Natural remedy to overcome dandruff and itching on head

Natural remedy to overcome dandruff and itching on head. In this article we will explain about how to overcome dandruff and itching on head naturally. Hair loss is a common issue that can be found in men and women and everyone is looking for a way to more effective treatments that can help them stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss again in the future. You should talk to your doctor first about your problem so that he can propose a good and reliable treatment.

Consult with doctor will also help to find reasons behind excessive hair loss that you experienced. Hair loss can be caused by environmental pollution, physical illness or hormonal imbalances (dandruff). Some people also experience hair loss is hereditary. Conditions behind this kind of problem should be analyzed carefully and treated appropriately to reduce the likelihood of hair loss.

Hair loss can also occur when you’re doing certain medical treatments or chemotherapy. Can also occur in women who just gave birth or experienced menopause. In such cases, normal growth can be restored when the body starts to get back to normal hormone levels after some time. This occurs because of hormonal changes can be caused by some particular treatment system.

DHT is a hormone naturally produced may be other causes for these hormones block the hair gland and hinders normal growth of new hair or even hair thinning. Already, there are products that stimulate hair growth and is made from herbs contain active ingredients that can prevent the activity of the hormone DHT and supports hair growth and prevent dandruff.

Hair loss are usually caused because the scalp is not clean. Accumulation of dirt, sweat, sebum, etc. can also cause excessive hair loss. In such cases, hair loss can be prevented by thoroughly cleaning the scalp using a shampoo and conditioner that cleans the scalp in depth.

The cause of dandruff

Our bodies naturally produce new skin cells and discard the old and dead, including dandruff. If you already have dandruff usually synonymous with itching. Normally, dandruff caused by dry scalp or oily. Although the problem of dandruff is not a chronic disease, but its presence can make us feel uncomfortable and shy.

How to Remove the Dandruff

The problems of dandruff can happen to anyone. That can be something disturbing because it will destruct our appearance. Besides of that, the itchy will make us feel uncomfortable. That is the reason why, dandruff becomes the problems which is really disturbing and frustrating.

However, it can happen to anyone including us. Of course, all people want to know what can cause this depressing hair problem. Actually the factors which can cause it are varied, for example the wrong way on cleaning up and treating the head and hair, the dirty head and hair, the wrong choice of the hair care products, and many more. We need to avoid all of those things.

After we know about the possible factors which can cause dandruff, we need the right idea on how to solve that problem. The first important thing to notice is keep the head and hair clean. We need to wash the hair regularly at least twice a week.

Do not forget to rinse it well and make sure that there is no shampoo excess there because it can be the base for the dandruff. Then, choose the right product of hair treatment, such like shampoo; choose the shampoo for dandruff problem. Use various brands alternately because one product might be resistant to be used for a long time. So, use them alternately in a period of time.

We can use lemon too for reducing the dandruff. Slices a lime and rub them on the head skin thoroughly. Then rinse it using the warm water and use shampoo. We also can use tea tree oil to reduce the dandruff. The way is really easy. We only need to a spoon of tea tree oil and mix it with a cup of warm water. Place it to the spray bottle and apply to the head skin and message it.

How to overcome dandruff with natural ingredients

How to cope with the most effective dandruff shampoo or cleaning the heads every day, so there is no buildup of dirt and sweat, eliminating dandruff can automatically reduce excessive hair loss. There are so many products available today with the intention of restoring lost hair due to excessive hair loss. By choosing the best, especially for those who choose to use natural ingredients, herbal ingredients so it is important to prevent the possibility of various side effects.

  • Coconut oil; Treatment with coconut oil is the best way to help moisturize dry hair and scalp dandruff. Pour 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in your hair, then you do gently massage your scalp. Let stand for 15 minutes. Then rinse the hair thoroughly using a gentle shampoo such as baby shampoo. Avoid using harsh shampoos that can disarm our hair’s natural oil content. Do this treatment once a week. Afterwards, enjoy hair without dandruff which also does not dry, shiny, and easy to set up.
  • Mayonnaise; To moisturize dry hair and scalp dandruff, we can also use mayonnaise instead of coconut oil. Simply by applying 1 teaspoon pure mayonnaise on the hair, then gently massage the hair and scalp with both hands. Wrap hair in a towel and let stand for 15-20 minutes. Then, use a gentle shampoo, and finish with a hair wash to clean.
  • Apple cider vinegar; Natural acid content in apple cider vinegar can remove oil and grease. If your dandruff problem is caused by the condition of the scalp is oily, try to use apple cider vinegar after every hair wash. Combine ½ cup of vinegar into ¼ cup the water. No need to rinse, because the vinegar will not damage our hair.
  • Chamomile tea; In addition efficacious to relieve anxiety and make us more peaceful, chamomile tea can help us keep the scalp moist and healthy. With 3 tea bags, brew with boiling water. Allow the tea to soak for 5 minutes, then remove the tea bag. When finished washing, use water that is still in a tea warm for rinsing hair.
  • Aloe vera; Juice of aloe vera plant has a variety of properties. In addition to heal burned skin by sun exposure, aloe vera can also overcome the problem of dandruff. Take and put a glob of aloe vera gel on the hair. Then, rub them together until the entire section of hair and scalp. Let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Shampooing hair when finished do exercise to prevent dandruff and itch on skin head. Dandruff is a problem that caused the hair scalp flaking and itching. Dandruff is very common, especially if you have oily hair. Generally the dandruff problem occurs on oily hair. That bit of information about natural remedy to overcome dandruff and itching on head, may be useful to you in addressing your hair loss and dandruff.