Identify foods that can cause abdominal pain

Identify foods that can cause abdominal pain | In this article will discuss about the foods that cause abdominal pain. Digestive problems often hinder all our activities. Although it sounds simple, but this disease can make your hassles to deal with. Each person had abdominal pain, ranging from mild to severe and should be treated in hospital. But few of us know what exactly is causing disruption to our abdomen.

Do not ignore abdominal pain suddenly attack because not caused by normal cramps but a symptom of a more serious disease. Identify specific pain in the abdomen and immediately handle the problem before getting worse. Abdominal pain can also be caused by the consumption of foods that have been infected with the bacteria dirty shigella dysentery or intestinal amoeba. Pain in the abdomen can be caused by gastritis, appendicitis, etc.. Recognize was also the signs and symptoms of lower left abdominal pain.

Foods That can Cause Abdominal Pain, prevent abdominal pain, how to cope with abdominal pain

Cause of abdominal pain

Abdominal pain can be caused by several things. Stomach acid that rises can cause pain upper abdominal and chest feels like burning. Abdominal bloating is a condition where the air (gas) assembled in the stomach too much. Constipation or difficult bowel movements also cause stomach ache. Consumption of milk for most patients with ulcer disease can cause abdominal pain.

However, the most common, abdominal pain is caused by bacteria that enter through food. For example, the bacteria that cause diarrhea, E. Coli. Diarrhea itself is a condition where a person experiences frequent bowel movements with fluid. Diarrhea is a type of stomach disease which is quite dangerous because if not handled correctly, the patient may experience dehydration.

Food was avoided to prevent abdominal pain

  • Foods high in fat and fried; Foods high in fat or fried can trigger a negative response in the stomach, such as heartburn or acid reflux. Foods high in fat can also cause stool color becomes pale or called steatorrhea, the excess fat in feces. People who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome are also advised to avoid high-fat foods, including cream and butter.
  • Spicy food; People who are suffering from heartburn or irritable bowel syndrome should reduce the food was too spicy.
  • Dairy products; Dairy products is an easily digestible source of calcium the body, but for those who suffer from lactose intolerance can be a pain after enjoying dairy products. Symptoms include bloating, frequent bowel movements, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.

Foods that can overcome abdominal pain

  • Banana; Bananas are known as fruit that can cope with abdominal pain. Bananas contain potassium which you need if you have a lack of fluid due to vomiting or diarrhea. Bananas also contain sugars that can increase energy.
  • Rice or starchy foods; Rice, potatoes and wheat can relieve nausea. Foods that contain carbohydrates can aid digestion and has a calming effect abdominal pain. Foods that contain carbohydrates are not stopped for long periods of time in the body and does not cause acid reflux (back flux of gastric contents into the esophagus).
  • Bread; Bread does not cause acid reflux so that you will feel better. Serve the bread with butter or jam. Create a menu to reduce nausea in your abdomen.
  • Biscuit; Biscuits are easily absorbed by the body and reduce nausea. In fact, many doctors recommend eating biscuits for women who experience frequent abdominal pain in the morning. As long as you do not have high blood pressure, saltines as healer of abdominal pain.
  • Herbal tea; Herbal tea can soothe abdomen problems. Chamomile is most often used as a herbal tea can cure abdominal pain, colitis, and as a sleeping pill. However, do not over-consume herbal drinks, especially peppermint tea. Beyond benefits, peppermint can cause an increase in heartburn symptoms.

Consumption of foods with prebiotics, such as papaya and pineapple contain enzymes papain and bromelain. Both of these substances are very good for digestion. Chew food slowly, and walk after eating. That’s some of explanation from on how to prevent and cope with abdominal pain, may be useful.

Exercise can lower blood pressure or hypertension


Exercise can lower blood pressure or hypertension | High blood pressure or hypertension is an abnormal increase in blood pressure in the arteries. Hypertension is a chronic disease most often found. A person considered to be suffering from hypertension when repeated examination his blood pressure exceeds 140/90 mm ??Hg. On examination the blood pressure will get two points. Higher figure obtained when the heart contracts (systolic), a lower number obtained when the heart relaxes (diastolic).
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Can high cholesterol cause tired and headaches?

Can high cholesterol cause tired and headaches? The symptoms and causes of high cholesterol. Cholesterol is a waxy white substance that can be found in every cell of the body because it is one component of fat (in addition to free fatty acids, triglycerides and phospholipids) produced by the liver.

Cholesterol serves to build cell walls, strengthening cell membranes and make certain hormones such as steroid hormones. Basically the body needs cholesterol to make hormones and vitamin D, and is part of the bile acids that break down fats in the digestive system.

causes of high cholesterol, signs of high cholesterol, symptoms of high cholesterol, prevent high cholesterol
Can high cholesterol cause tired and headaches?

Can high cholesterol cause headaches? Cholesterol in the body fat has actually been fulfilled from that produced by the liver, but if consume high levels of saturated fat foods then the liver will produce more cholesterol, causing an excess of cholesterol. Excess cholesterol and not used according to its function will be mixed in the blood (blood fat).

Excessive levels of cholesterol in the blood can cause fatty deposits to stick to vein walls, forming clots and plaque that clogs arteries and ultimately decide the flow of blood to the heart that can cause heart attacks or even inhibit blood circulation to the brain (atherosclerosis) that will trigger a stroke.

To avoid high cholesterol diseases we need to know and pay attention to foods that contain cholesterol, what is safe for consumption because cholesterol is the culprit of the disease degenaratif because Atherosclerosis can occur in arteries in the brain, heart, kidneys, other vital organs. But does high cholesterol make you tired?

Can high cholesterol cause tired and headaches?

Will be questioned everyone when often experience headaches or often experience fatigue. Does high cholesterol make you tired? Some people experience headaches and fatigue as initial symptoms. These symptoms arise as a result of a lack of oxygen. High cholesterol levels cause the blood becomes thick so that the lack of oxygen.

Nevertheless headaches and tired are not always a sign that a patient has high cholesterol. But usually people with high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) known after being found suffering from coronary heart disease or stroke. Common complaint is pain or soreness in the back of the head neck to shoulder, leg swelling, easily tired and easy sleepy.

For patients, they must know the causes of high cholesterol. High cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease and veins. The worst risk, fat clots can block blood flow that can trigger a heart attack or stroke. High cholesterol makes a person often experience tired and headaches.

The main symptoms of high cholesterol

Pain in the back of the neck and shoulders; this is because the blood supply and oxygen are hampered by the buildup of plaque on the blood vessels.

Frequent headache; headaches occur because of increased cholesterol make arteriosclerosis (hardening of blood vessels). The flow of blood flowing into the brain is inhibited.

Quickly drowsy; Cholesterol constricts blood vessels and sometimes closes blood vessels, the blood flow that carries oxygen to the brain is hampered so that a person gets sleepy. If you often feel tired or fatigue, it’s good you immediately check your body’s cholesterol levels.

Easily tired; People who experience high cholesterol, vital system of his body disrupted so easily tired. Do you often wake up and feel still tired all day? If you are over 30 years old and often experience these symptoms please check your health in detail.

Tingling; this happens because the blood flow is clot.

Causes of high cholesterol

  • Daily food; The main causes of high cholesterol comes from food. Cholesterol is generally derived from animal fats such as meat goat, although quite a few are derived from vegetable fats such as coconut and palm oils. Some foods that are believed to be healthy is eggs also contain cholesterol. Foods that are too much saturated fat can cause high cholesterol, so it is advisable to sage in eat everyday so as not to excess. Begin to arrange the food such as beef, lamb, milk, eggs, butter and cheese because they contain saturated fat. Foods containing coconut oil, palm oil or butter also has a lot of saturated fat. Saturated fats are often found in snack foods that contain margarine, cooking oil and the use of cookies.
  • Weight loss; Excessive weight is not only annoying health but it looks a more bad. Being overweight can increase triglycerides and lower HDL (good cholesterol).
  • Age and gender; After reaching the age of 20 years, cholesterol levels tend to rise. In men, cholesterol levels generally continued to increase after age 50 years. In women, cholesterol levels will stay down at menopause, after which cholesterol tends to be high as in men.
  • Certain diseases; Having certain diseases such as diabetes or hypothyroidism can cause high cholesterol.
  • Family history; If one family member had a high cholesterol problem so be careful because the risk of having high cholesterol can also occur to you.

High cholesterol can happen to everyone and please note also said to have normal cholesterol levels if the size is 160-200 mg, while incoming hazardous condition if it is above 240 mg because it can cause stroke. Many people often associate tiredness and headaches with high cholesterol.

Can high cholesterol make you tired? Can high cholesterol cause headaches? Headache and tired are characteristics of high cholesterol. But that does not mean headaches and tired are high cholesterol. Those are some explanations about the symptoms of high cholesterol, may be useful.

Benefits of green tea may prevent breast cancer

Prevent breast cancer

Benefits of green tea may prevent breast cancer | Breast cancer is a disease caused by the growth of cancer cells in the breast area. This disease mostly affects women, but men can also be affected. Early signs of breast cancer is a lump that feels different from of the breast. If pressed, the lump is not pain. Initially these bumps are small, but gradually enlarged and finally attached to the skin or cause changes in the skin of the breast or nipple.

Female breast consists of glands that make milk (called lobules), tiny ducts that carry milk from the lobules to the nipple (called ducts), fat and connective tissue, veins, and lymph nodes. Most breast cancer begins from the cells that line the ducts (ductal cancer), some begin in the lobules (lobular cancers), and a small portion begins on other networks.

Prevent breast cancer, Symptoms of breast cancer, Types of breast cancer

To detect cancer can not be done directly, including breast cancer. Breast cancer does not appear at first but if we linger longer with cancer can be very harmful to life. Indeed, breast cancer is the disease most feared by woman. Signs of breast cancer is the most obvious is the presence of ulcers in the breast. Over time, these ulcers will become increasingly large and deep so as to destroy the whole breast. Other symptoms include breast often foul smelling and bleed easily.

Symptoms of breast cancer:

  • a lump in your breast change shape / size
  • breast skin changes color: from pink to brown to such as orange peel
  • the nipple into (retraction)
  • one of your nipples suddenly loose / missing
  • when the tumor is large, the pain appeared relapsing-remitting
  • Breast skin feels like fire
  • breast bleed or other fluids, but you do not breastfeed

Types of breast cancer

  • Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS); It is a type of breast cancer non-invasive the most common. DCIS means that the cancer cells are inside the ducts and has not spread beyond the walls of the ducts into the surrounding breast tissue. Nearly all women with cancer at this early stage can be cured. A mammogram often the best way for early detection of DCIS. When DCIS is diagnosed, the pathologist usually will look for areas of cancer cells that have died, called tumor necrosis in a tissue sample. If necrosis is found, the more likely the tumor is aggressive. Comedocarsinoma term sometimes used to describe DCIS with necrosis.
  • Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS); Although this fact is not cancer, but LCIS is sometimes classified as a type of breast cancer non-invasive. Starting from the glands that produce milk, but it does not grow through the wall of the lobules. Most cancer experts found LCIS alone do not become invasive cancer, but women with this condition have a higher risk to develop into invasive breast cancer in the same breast or different. For that reason, routine mammography is recommended.
  • Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC); This is the most common breast cancer. Starting from the duct, through the walls of the ducts, and evolve into the fatty tissue. At this point, it may spread (metastasize) to other organs through the lymphatic system and bloodstream.
  • Invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC); This cancer begins in the lobules. As IDC, it can spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body. ILC more difficult to detect by mammogram than IDC.

Green tea may prevent breast cancer

Green tea lately known to have efficacy for preventing breast cancer. But when you consume green tea you also must consider the levels of sugar, don’t much sugar when consume green tea, could have been can avoid breast cancer but it suffers from diabetes. You can drink green tea as often as possible as a means of breast cancer prevention. Green tea does not have the negative effects that can harm the body.

Contained within the green tea polyphenols to high levels so that it can be a powerful antioxidant for the prevent breast cancer. So diligent was drinking green tea if you do not want affected by breast cancer. No one will ever know when we will get the disease, but at least preventive efforts keep it running straight to prevent breast cancer. That’s our explanation about some tips to prevent breast cancer, may be useful.

Xylitol gum decrease the risk of angular cheilitis

Risk of angular cheilitis

Xylitol gum decrease the risk of angular cheilitis | In this article will discuss about how to overcome the angular cheilitis. Cracked on the corners of the mouth or the medical term is called angular cheilitis.

Angular Cheilitis is an inflammation of the surface that has the characteristics of dry lips and chapped that occurs at an angle. Angular Cheilitis is cracked and ulceration of the mouth after a fungal or bacterial infection.

Angular cheilitis is also known as cheilosis or angular stomatitis. This condition commonly affects the corner of lips. Characteristic skin on the lips angular cheilitis is inflammation, burning, redness, and ulceration or cracks.

Angular Cheilitis affected areas are often itchy and painful, and may even bleed in cases of more severe angular cheilitis. Normal angular cheilitis will heal itself over time. However, the severe condition can cause pain and bleeding.

Causes of Angular Cheilitis

Angular cheilitis is generally caused by excessive growth of Candida fungus, which results in chapped and sore at the corner of the mouth. Other known causes of angular cheilitis is the infection. Therefore, dental hygiene is also important. Poor dental hygiene can encourage bacterial growth.

Another cause of angular cheilitis include fungal infections. As for aging, the mechanism for this condition is loss of vertical dimension due to loss of teeth, allowing for over-closure of the mouth. People with certain conditions such as a low immune system, diabetes mellitus, and saliva were always collected in the corners of the mouth are more prone to angular cheilitis.

risk of angular cheilitis, How to cope with angular cheilitis, Symptoms of angular Chelitis, Causes of Angular Cheilitis

Symptoms of angular Chelitis

  • Dry on the lips corner
  • Chapped on the lips corner
  • Sores on the lips corner
  • Pain when opening mouth
  • Even point can be up to a bloody lip

Xylitol gum can reduce risk of angular cheilitis

Chewing gum containing xylitol can reduce the increased risk of angular cheilitis. Angular cheilitis can be overcome by eating chewing gum containing xylitol. From the research, to improve oral health through the use of chewing gum containing xylitol or chlorhexidine may lower the risk of developing angular cheilitis. Please note if you frequently consume chewing gum containing sugar can lead to obesity, look for chewing gum without artificial sweeteners.

How to cope with angular cheilitis:

  • Anti-fungal ointment; Anti-fungal ointment can provide help and cure the infection that infects the lips. Using anti-fungal medication to treat angular cheilitis, which is characterized by inflammation and sores on the surface of the lips, the corners of the mouth and around the mouth.
  • Antiviral medication; Antiviral used to treat oral herpes is a contagious condition that causes the appearance of sores and cracked around the mouth. Antiviral drugs work by slowing the progression of the virus, thus allowing the body to fight it.

Regardless of what causes angular cheilitis, the most important thing to remember if you ever suffer this condition is to keep your lips moist. You can do this by drinking lots of water and by applying aloe vera gel or olive oil on your lips.

Angular Cheilitis may occur due to nutritional deficiencies such as Vitamin B deficiency and iron deficiency. To get rid of angular cheilitis, it is important to consume adequate nutrients by eating a foods healthy and balanced.

Home remedies to cure sleep apnea at home without CPAP

How to cure sleep apnea without CPAP? Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which a person has trouble breathing while sleeping. If you often experience this sleep disorder, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. Because if ignored, disturbed sleep may lead to serious health conditions such as depression, diabetes and also increase the risk of heart problems.

When breathing with an abnormal rhythm, it’s a sign of someone’s breathing disturbed due to blockage of the airways. That condition leads to a health problem called sleep apnea. This condition will certainly affect the quality of sleep, cause snoring, awaken during sleep and breath difficulties, and also causes dry mouth.

alternative treatment for sleep apnea, cure sleep apnea without CPAP, home remedies for sleep apnea
Home remedies to cure sleep apnea without CPAP

People at risk for sleep apnea are obese, have heart problems, heavy smokers and those with a family history of sleep apnea. Therefore, to overcome it, do a healthy lifestyle to reduce symptoms and prevent sleep apnea. Well, here are home remedies that can be used to cure sleep apnea naturally without CPAP.

Home remedies to cure sleep apnea without CPAP

Garlic; Garlic can you try to cure sleep apnea naturally without CPAP. Garlic known for its anti-inflammatory properties, consuming 2-3 cloves of garlic every morning on an empty stomach improves the respiratory system as well as makes sleep more soundly.

Turmeric and milk; Herb of turmeric and milk is home remedies for sleep apnea. Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder into hot milk. Then boil for a few minutes. And drink after warm. Drink the herb of milk and turmeric is half an hour before bed. This habit can helps you to cure sleep apnea naturally.

Cinnamon; Tranquilizers in cinnamon can help in treating respiratory problems and help to get better sleep. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of hot water and drink this herb once a day. This can be a good supplement to treat sleep apnea and stop snoring naturally.

Honey; Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, honey helps reduce swelling around the throat that causes problems in breathing. This in turn helps prevent sleep apnea. Add a teaspoon of honey to warm water and then drink before bed. Honey will be an alternative treatment for sleep apnea.

Peppermint; Alternative treatment for sleep apnea can use pappermint. Add a few drops of peppermint oil in a glass of water and then gargle using this water before bed. This will improve breathing during sleep.

Cardamom; Cardamom is known for its decongestant nature. Cardamom also helps open blocked nasal cavities and improve sleep quality. Way, add a little cardamom powder in a glass of warm water, stir well and then drink half an hour before bed.

Chamomile tea; Chamomile is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This tea helps relax the muscles and improve sleep. Add a little dry chamomile leaves in boiling water and let stand for a while. Strain and then drink this herb before bed.

Almonds; Almonds help in muscle relaxation and can improve the quality of your sleep. Eating 7-10 almonds that have been soaked every day, this will help to fix sleep apnea. Almonds will be a home remedy to cure sleep apnea naturally without CPAP.

Inhaling steam; Inhaling steam can improve the respiratory tract. Previously we explained how to get rid of nasal congestion with inhaling steam. Inhaling steam can also be used for sleep apnea therapy. Prepare a bowl of hot water. Bring your head to the bowl, then inhale the vapor slowly.

Health risks caused by snoring with sleep apnea

  • Hypertension; Various studies have shown that sleep apnea is a major cause of hypertension. Increased blood pressure is directly related to the degree of severity of sleep apnea.
  • Heart disease; Sleep apnea untreated is one risk factor for heart disease. Sleep apnea increases the risk of irregular heartbeats, coronary heart disease, heart attack and congestive heart disease. A study says that sleep apnea even affects heart shape. Heart patients with sleep apnea swollen and thickened walls on one side, and the ability to pump decreased.
  • Stroke; Sleep apnea increases a person’s risk for stroke. Increased blood viscosity in patients with sleep apnea is a major cause of the increased risk of stroke.
  • Depression; research suggests that depression is common in patients with sleep apnea. Even mild sleep apnea are at increased risk for depression.
  • Overweight; Obesity is a major risk of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea increases a person’s weight. Metabolic disorders due to the fragmented sleep causes changes in hormones that control appetite. Drowsiness also cause the lazy to exercise.

Treatment of sleep apnea begins with an examination of sleep in a sleep laboratory. Careful examination will distinguish normal snoring or snoring with sleep apnea. Treatment of sleep apnea can be done through several alternatives. These include surgery, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or dental appliances.

Meanwhile, treatment with CPAP is a treatment with a high success rate. Various studies have shown that the use of CPAP will reduce a person’s risk of developing dangerous diseases. That’s some explanation of home remedies to cure sleep apnea at home without CPAP, may be useful.

Foods that can lead to obesity in children

Foods that can lead to obesity in children. In this article will discuss about foods can lead to obesity in children. Obesity is excess weight as a result of excessive accumulation of body fat. Everyone needs some body fat to store energy as heat insulation, shock absorption, and other functions. Someone that excess fat in the abdomen may be more susceptible to various health problems associated with obesity. They have a higher risk.

Excess weight or obesity can also occur in children. Children who are obese are also potentially be obese as adults. And people with obesity are very close to heart disease, liver, diabetes and stroke. Research some experts claim each year the number of obese people is increasing. Did you know that obesity can be caused by the food you give to your child. If you incorrectly feed on your baby, then it can be at risk of obesity. Much of the food market is now rich in sugar and fat can cause obesity.

lead to obesity in children, Foods that cause obesity, causes obesity in children

Foods that cause obesity in children

  • Junk food; Junk food is a kind of fast food are aplenty in the market. Children often buy these foods because of its attractive and promotions that often they see on television. Though these foods are very dangerous. These foods contain a lot of cholesterol and sugar, which can lead to obesity. high sugar content in the body is converted into fat and deposited in the body.
  • Soft drink; The children now like this drink. Soft drink is a soft drink with a variety of flavors. These types of drinks sugar-rich liquid very easily absorbed by the body. If taken regularly, the high amounts of sugar can lead to obesity and even diabetes.
  • Fruit juice; Better give your baby fresh fruits, because by making it into juice means you have reduced the fiber in the fruit. Studies suggest that the juice has the sugar content in the form of liquid and lower fiber content than fresh fruit that can cause obesity if consumed excessively by children.
  • Milk formula; Now this is a lot of commercial formulas that give extra sugar in milk. Added sugar is what causes obesity. The Company generally glanced market where children prefer sweet things so that they provide additional sugar to be liked by children. It’s good before you choose formula you first examine nutritional content.

Do not force your child spend on food or drink if it is full. It is better to teach him to take the food to taste. Make sure the kids breakfast in the morning so that he gets enough energy. We know that everyone needs some body fat, which is good to save energy, as heat insulation, shock absorption, and other functions.

If you give too much food to the child, whether it is milk or formula or solid foods, it will result in too many calories received by children, and they will learn to eat too much. Infants who drink formula, not milk, at risk of obesity if start solid foods too soon. That’s some explanation about the causes of obesity in children, may be useful.

Techniques to train the right brain or right brain fitness

Techniques to train the right brain or right brain fitness. In this article will discuss about how to train the right brain. Until now perhaps our awareness of the workings of the brain to balance the right and left are still minimal. Besides not know the benefits as well because of the habit of using right of the organ. As we know that the relationship between the brain with the body organs is crossed.

The brain is one of the most important organs of the human. The brain is the center of the nervous system which controls the movement, behavior and homeostatic body functions and to train emotion, memory and motor skills. Recognize the function of the right brain, right brain functions differently with the left brain. There are several ways to hone your workout and activate the right brain. The function of the right brain is good enough to be sharpened through several tests and certain exercise.

Brain Training Techniques, How to Brain Fitness, Tips to Exercise Brain

Right brain function in the development of emotional quotient (EQ). For example, socialization, communication, interaction with other human beings and the control of emotions. On the right brain is also situated intuitive ability, the ability to perceive, integrate, and body expression (such as singing, dancing, and painting). To train the right brain, you can do some techniques or test form exercises right brain activation.

How to balance work both sides of the brain

Familiarize actively being left-handed (left hand active) and also right hand. Do light work using an unusual organ to do so, if used to using right handed then use your left hand (left-handed) and vice versa. For example, when sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, using a computer mouse, or brushing teeth in the opposite direction. According to the Franklin Institute, this exercise can strengthen existing neural connections and even form new nerve.

How to train the brain

  • Eight games; pretend to write numbers or symbols eight inverted in the air with his left hand and right together. This simple game aims to balance the left motor nerve and right motor nerve. Try this game after breakfast, for two minutes each day.
  • Pattern game; Draw specific patterns on the blank paper, with left and right hand together, to the inside, outside, up, and down. Besides aiming to balance the left motor nerve and right motor nerve, this game can also explore visual potential. Try this game for two hours every day, a minimum of 14 consecutive days.
  • Specific crawl; Move your right hand with your left leg simultaneously. Then conversely, move the left hand simultaneously with the right foot. Ideally, elbow touching the knee. Also accompanied with your favorite songs. Besides aiming to balance the left motor nerve and right motor nerve, this movement also can make the mind open to new things. Try this motion 10 minutes every day, a minimum of 14 consecutive days.
  • Specific posturing; Resting on the floor with your left knee and your right hand. Meanwhile, right leg straightened back and left hand forward. This position is intended to enable certain nerves in general and specifically the right brain. Try this position for 10 minutes every day, a minimum of 14 consecutive days.
  • Rotated reading; Invert a text (top down), and then read the text from right to left. Try this new habit for 2 minutes every day.

That’s some way right brain fitness you can do and try to sharpen your right brain instinct. In addition, there is still much we can do to sharpen the brain that actually had a huge role in our success. Increase creativity, not afraid to do new things, more Empathize, positive thinking, positive thinking, imaginative, and just do it! may be useful.

The cause and how to treat diarrhea in children

The cause and how to treat diarrhea in children. In this article dmatxi will discuss about how to cope with diarrhea in children. Diarrhea can affect anyone, not least in children. Diarrhea occurs because children and toddlers have endurance and immunity is still low so it is easily infected by the virus, which in turn susceptible to disease. Transmission of diarrhea in children can be through hands, food, feces and fly.

As we know that children tend to put his hand into his mouth and sucking his thumb, whereas the activity of the child is very possible contaminated viruses, germs, bacteria, parasites and other micro-organisms. For parents if the food has been more than two hours and not run out should not be given again to the child because it was going to endanger the health of children.

treat diarrhea in children, cause diarrhea in children, prevent diarrhea in children, symptoms of diarrhea

Causes and signs of diarrhea in children

Most of the major causes of diarrhea in children is caused by rotavirus infection and the rest is caused by infection of bacteria, viruses, fungi, foods allergies and food poisoning. The most common symptoms of this condition may be followed by nausea and fever. Diarrhea can also affect the balance of fluid and salt content in children. If too much fluid and electrolytes lost during diarrhea, children can become dehydrated and dry mouth.

The food is not digested and absorbed in the intestine will draw fluid from the intestinal wall. In these circumstances the transit in colon becomes very short so that the liquid could not be absorbed by the colon. This is what causes watery stools. Actually, the colon not only secrete excessive fluid, but also electrolytes. Fluids and electrolytes lost through diarrhea can cause dehydration.

Signs of children suffering from diarrhea are more watery stools and frequency more often than usual. Usually there is mucus in the stool and even blood, depending on what the cause of diarrhea in children. When the child is suffering from diarrhea is usually accompanied by fever and vomiting.

How to treat diarrhea in children

How to step in dealing with children with diarrhea? Doctors usually do not recommend the use of anti-diarrheal medications for children. If there is a lack of fluids or dehydration, doctors will use intravenous fluids as healing. You also have to give an oral rehydration solution in children as a solution to treat children (to overcome the lack of fluids in children).

If a child is eating solid foods, your doctor may ask you to switch to a bland diet, bananas, apple sauce and rice cereal. Children should consume it until the diarrhea ends. Bananas contain potassium for electrolyte balance. Do not consume the spice, better to give a little tea and other beverages without caffeine. Yogurt or other probiotic products can help increase the amount of good bacteria in the digestive tract.

Children do not have the endurance to deal with diarrhea for a long time. So immediately contact doctor if diarrhea has not stopped. Same with other types of diarrhea, it is important to consume plenty of water or soups to prevent dehydration.

When diarrhea in children have not yet entered the stage of dehydration, give drink whenever diarrhea so that fluids lost with feces can be replaced to prevent dehydration. That’s a little explanation from us about how to cope with diarrhea in children, may be useful.

Drinking lemon juice every morning can cure gastritis?

Drinking lemon juice every morning can cure gastritis. Is lemon or lime juice good for gastritis? Gastritis is an inflammation (swelling) of the gastric mucosa, which can be caused by factors of irritation and infection. As we know, the stomach is a digestive organ in the human body that serves to store food, digest and then flow to the small intestine.

In the stomach contained digestive enzymes such as pepsin, gastric acid and mucus to protect the stomach wall. When there is an imbalance between these factors eg the excess acid or mucus reduced, it can irritate the stomach lining, causing the inflammation in gastric.

cure gastritis, treatment of gastritis, symptoms of gastritis, how to prevent gastritis, how to cope with gastritis

Gastritis is one of the health problems that often lead one to seek medical help. Gastritis brought the patient comes sometimes have different interpretations. But in general if a person feels pain in the pit of her stomach they usually mention that he was suffering from gastritis.

Gastritis is a symptom of a disease that attacks the stomach due to injury or inflammation occurs that causes abdominal pain, heartburn, and abdominal tenderness. Additionally irritation can also be caused by medications, chronic vomiting and toxic materials. Infection can be caused by bacteria, in some cases it can lead to gastritis that may increase the risk of gastric cancer.

In acute cases, symptoms that often arises is usually pain in the pit of the stomach, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, bloating, weight loss, irritation or a burning pain in the upper abdomen that may be better or worse when eating.

While chronic usually asymptomatic even if there is only a mild pain in the upper abdomen and feel full or loses appetite. Detection of first symptoms of gastritis. If pain occurs in the lower left stomach, it is not a symptom of gastritis. Read more on the lower left abdominal pain.

Is lemon juice good for gastritis?

Lemon benefit or harm to gastritis? Everyone probably already know the shape, taste and color of this fruit. But we will explain is about the dangers or benefits of lemon is best remedy for people with gastritis. Many are not aware of the dangers and benefits of lemon juice for gastritis sufferers.

Ross Bridgeford in Energize for Life explained that after lemon mixed with warm water then no longer increase the acidity in the body, but can increase the level of alkali. However, if the problem your stomach acid and gastritis chronic, it is better to consult with a doctor before trying the habit of drinking lemon juice in the morning today.

In a media gathering held Deltomed in Resto Bebek Bengil Jakarta and was written on Friday (12/07/2013), Tjok Gde explained that the treatment of gastritis with lemon widely recommended doctors in America. Usually drink lemon juice used as a complementary medicine gastritis and many are successful.

That’s the benefit of lemon for gastritis patients, even though so lemons also have side effects if we do not know how to use lemons to make medicine. The content contained in the lemon has a flavor so sour because it contains potassium which can increase the excess stomach acid.

Excess stomach acid will erode and damage the walls of the stomach making gastritis sufferers feel pain. Therefore, we suggest you better not use it. To treat gastritis, it would be a good idea to look for other ways of better treatment and does not pose a hazard, such as utilizing saffron for gastritis or herbs.

How to prevent gastritis

  • Set a good diet and regular (Avoid fatty and greasy foods, eating lots of fiber)
  • Exercise regularly
  • stop smoking
  • Avoid the use of drugs, especially that irritate the stomach
  • Reduce stress because stress can trigger the stomach acid

Drinking lemon juice to overcome gastritis

According to the study, lemon juice has been declared effective and does not interfere with the gastric, even safe for gastritis. When the lemon acid into the gastric, can neutralize the acid in the gastric. Lemon acid compounds that enter the gastric also causes the production of fluid in the gastric which serves to protect the gastric lining. As well as enzyme maintaining healthy gastric.

Drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice from half a lemon. Mix with water that is lukewarm before breakfast, once a day. Gastritis are usually caused by improper diet. So, taking care of the gastric not only with lemon juice, but also must be balanced with a proper diet and healthy menu selections. Avoid fried foods, too spicy, less meat because it causes cholesterol that can lead to gastric disorder.

Treatment of gastritis depends on the cause. In many cases, a reduction of gastric acid with the aid of medication is quite useful. Antibiotics are only used when there is an indication of a bacterial infection. The use of drugs that irritate the stomach also be stopped. Other treatments are also necessary if complications arise or due to other causes of gastritis. That’s some of explanation on how to treat gastritis with drink lemon juice, may be useful.