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Yoghurt is a solution for bad breath

Yoghurt is a solution for bad breath. Bad breath or mouth odor is a problem that occurs in some people. It can not be denied that the problem of bad breath (Halitosis or bad breath smell) can make or bring mistrust myself. Usually, people who are talking to you will maintain a distance because the bad breath problem you are experiencing.

Many sources are stating the causes of bad breath. Two causes the most common are oral health and stomach. Yoghurt can reduce bad breath. Bad breath is usually caused by many things, including bacteria, foods, stomach disorders or lack of drinking water.

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Yogurt on the usual contains probiotics. Yoghurt is believed to neutralize bad breath. Yoghurt does not affect anything else on the bacteria on tongue. But, yogurt actually has the effect of neutralizing the acid in the mouth and stomach, including in the back of the throat and esophagus.

Yoghurt is able to eliminate bad breath resulting from gastrologi conditions, such as acid reflux. But, a real yogurt will have no effect on bad breath caused by damage to the liver or lung disease. However, there is no harm in starting now, try eating yogurt regularly. The body can be more healthy and also more fresh breath.

As mentioned above, the yogurt contains good bacteria, Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. In addition, yogurt is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B2, protein, vitamin B5, zinc and potassium. In which if consumed regularly, yogurt provides all the benefits of good health.

However, it should also be noted. Excessive consumption of yogurt is also not recommended. Experts suggest that eating yogurt as much as 200 grams per day. You can add yogurt as a topping when eating fresh fruit or used as mixed drinks.

If you eat yogurt every day, or a drink or food probiotics can help maintain digestive health. If the digestive system smoothly, bad breath can be inhibited.

Related to how to make the mouth moist, you can try sugarless gum. With you chew gum, natural production of saliva in your mouth will increase. That way, your mouth will be moist and free from bad breath. And it turns out chewing gum is oral defense mechanism against plaque acids.

Overcome bad breath with chewing basil extract

Overcome bad breath with chewing basil extract. Bad breath is often embarrassing health issues and certainly interfere with your activities. But you need not worry, the following foods can help you overcome bad breath.

Basil is typically used by many people just for the vegetables with sauce. But in addition to working for the vegetables, basil can be used to treat bad breath. Some people have taken advantage of basil leaf extract (Ocinum canum) as the active ingredient herbal chewing deterrent bad breath.

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According to research the basil have antimicrobial flavonoid is able to prevent the entry of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that harm the body. Flavonoids act directly as an antibiotic that interferes with the function of microorganisms. So far, basil is used as fresh vegetables at meal times to eliminate bad breath. But the way it is less effective because basil is used only at certain times.

Therefore, the necessary breakthrough to eliminate bad breath can be a more effective, for example made of candy. The way it is more effective as candy can be consumed anytime and anywhere. Most avoid eating foods that could potentially cause bad breath. Bad breath is other than caused by bacteria cause bad breath, also caused by remnants of food left in the mouth.

Most of the causes of bad breath is the sulfur-producing bacteria that live in the back of the mouth. To provide an alternative anti-bad breath safe to eat, candy herbal extract from leaves of basil. Extracts basil have antimicrobial flavonoid is able to prevent the entry of bacteria, viruses, or fungi that harm the body. In addition, flavonoids act directly as antibiotics by interfering with the function of microorganisms.

Spices such as cinnamon can also eliminate bad breath. Chewing cinnamon can relieve sticky in your mouth. If you do not want to consume it directly, you can mix it with water and made to gargle. The best way to eat them with cinnamon powder mixed in a glass of water with honey.

Reducing carbohydrates can cause bad breath

Reducing carbohydrates can cause bad breath. Carbohydrates are substances needed by the body and can produce the required energy. In order to have a slim body and pelvis, usually we will keep foods that contain carbohydrates.

Because when our bodies are deficient intake of carbohydrates, then this condition will trigger ketosis, which is the process of burning fat for energy. And the process of ketosis that causes the formation of ketone substances which have a bad odor, and will come out of the mouth when we breathe and talk.

Worse yet, the bacteria in the mouth will also produce sulfur substances more (the main material causes of bad breath), when mixed with foods with high protein content. Prevent foods that can cause bad breath.

How to cope with halitosis or bad breath:

  1. Drink lots of water to help clean the sulfur substances in our mouths.
  2. Brushing and flossing after every meal. Do not forget to clean your tongue with a tongue scraper that can help remove particles behind our tongue which is the hot zone of sulfur formation.
  3. Chew sugar-free gum to increase saliva production. In addition, various flavors candies could also serve as a mouth freshener.

One major cause of bad breath is plaque on teeth which became the breeding of bacteria. Food left between the teeth. At least brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. Or would it be better if every meal continued brushing. But do not overdo it. Overly aggressive brushing can erode tooth enamel, making your teeth more vulnerable to decay.

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Layers that usually form on the tongue can be a breeding bacteria that create bad smell. To remove, brush gently your tongue with your toothbrush. Some people find that a toothbrush too large can not reach the back of the tongue. In this case, try a tongue scraper.

Tongue scrapers are an important tool in the routine of proper oral health care. They are specifically designed to apply even pressure across the entire surface area of the tongue, remove bacteria, food debris, and dead cells.

Onions and garlic are the main type of food that makes bad breath. Unfortunately, brushing after you eat onions or garlic does not help. Volatile substances they contain make their way into the bloodstream and travel to your lungs.

The only way to avoid this problem is to avoid eating onions and garlic, especially before social events or work when you are worried about problem of bad breath.

Causes of bad breath after waking despite being toothbrush

Causes of bad breath after waking despite being toothbrush. The oral health experts often advise us to brush your teeth and tongue before bed. Even to obtain optimal results, it is advisable also gargle with mouthwash containing xylitol, triclosa, or esensia oil. This is certainly aim to prevent tooth decay due to bacteria originating from residual food stuck between teeth.

Ideally after brushing your teeth and rinse the mouth back clean. But in fact, bad breath often back, this turns out to be caused by the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth. Microbial decomposition produces a foul smell in the mouth, similar to the process that occurs in waste disposal.

Causes of bad breath, how to cure bad bread, prevent bad bread

Toothpaste and mouthwash containing xylitol, triclosa, or oil esensia can indeed banish the bacteria, but the effect of these materials do not last long. Potent ingredients that repel bacteria will disappear from the mouth even when you are going to sleep.

This led to an environment conducive to the growth of the bacteria emerged again. One of the most important elements that create bad breath while we sleep is the lack of saliva production.

Saliva production slows down significantly when sleeping. Fluids are usually responsible to debilitating bacteria or transport it to the gut. As a result, the bacteria were allowed to multiply for hours and produce nasty compounds concentration that makes the smell.

Bacteria gain energy through amino acid and protein digestion. Some ingested amino acids containing sulfur and will be released when the bacteria to process it. Sulfur itself is one cause of the smell. Not only that makes bad breath, but rather a group of gases that converged into one.

Bacteria reproduce by releasing odor compounds. Odor compounds are released that make bad breath mingled among others kadaverina (smelly corpse), hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), isovaleric acid (smelly feet), methylmercaptan (fecal odor), putrescine (smell of rotten meat) and trimethylamine (fish smell).

Reduce eating foods that stimulate the emergence of bad breath. If you really want to eat it, then preferably after eating foods that cause odor (such onions), you should rinse, brush your tongue and brushing your teeth, or it chew xylitol gum to stimulate saliva.

How to Prevent and Overcome the Problem of Bad Breath

How to prevent and overcome the problem of bad breath – dmatxi.com. The mouth is an open cavity where the entry of food and water. The mouth is the beginning of a complete digestive system that ends at the anus. The mouth consists of teeth and tongue. The mouth is the body that is used to talk. The problem that often arises in the mouth is bad breath.

Bad breath is often called mouth odor or halitosis. Bad breath is oral health problems most often complained of by patients, other than toothache. Bad breath is a thing that is most often caused by problems oral hygiene.

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Bad breath can also be caused by a specific health condition or disease. Of course, every person who has bad breath problem want to overcome and eliminate the bad breath. To prevent bad breath, it is necessary to also learn the cause first.

Bad breath is a symptom or a result of an unhealthy condition of the body and the amount of food waste that has not been cleaned in the mouth that cause bad smells. Bad breath can occur in someone who has a disorder in the mouth such as cavities that lead to decay.

Causes of bad breath

Bad breath (halitosis) turned out to be caused by many reasons, ranging from oral health to the presence of certain diseases. However, the cause of bad breath more because it is caused by abnormalities of the oral cavity, both dental caries and tooth supporting tissue infections.

In people who suffer from halitosis, levels of volatile sulfur compound (VSCs) in mouth increased. VSCs itself is a substance contained in the oral cavity. This substance contains sulfid hydrogen, methyl mercaptan, and dimethyl disulfid, which is a product of normal floral bacteria or oral cavity. With increasing levels of VSCs in the mouth, can cause VSCs smell wafted by the sense of smell.

Other causes can also cause bad breath is the nose, heart, or because of certain diseases. For example diabetes, lung infections, and infections of the stomach or intestines. However in children, can be caused by any foreign objects that enter the nose and is not detected, resulting in decay, and cause the unpleasant smell. In addition, bad breath can also occur due to the influence of the remnants of food in the mouth. If this happens, it will invite excessive bacterial activity.

Prevent and address the problem of bad breath

Therefore, if you want to avoid bad breath, it is necessary to know in advance what the cause. To eliminate bad breath caused by tooth, can also use a mouthwash that serves as a refresher. Besides, can also try traditional medicine, namely by taking betel leaf, in addition to toothpaste and candy.

Routine maintenance is cleaning your teeth twice a day (morning and evening before bed), clean the leftover food using dental floss at least once a day, use a toothpaste containing fluoride, and do control teeth every six months to the dentist. This is how to prevent and overcome the problem of bad breath.

List of foods that cause and get rid of bad breath

List of foods that cause bad bad breath and get rid of bad breath. Although often overlooked, mouth and teeth uncared can lead to a bad breath or halitosis. Collection of bad bacteria in the mouth that interact with the remnants of food will produce odors. If you want practical, brush your teeth after breakfast and before bed.

Use a toothpaste that has been packed full with natural extracts, such as lime, betel leaves, and salt, which would protect oral health. Plus, create a longer lasting fresh breath. In addition to get rid of bad breath by using natural ingredients, you can recognize the names of foods that can get rid of bad breath.

People who have problems of bad breath (halitosis) is generally not aware of any problems. Actually there is an easy way to test the breath smell. Press a clean finger into the mouth and then wipe the saliva in the back of the tongue. Allow a few moments and then smell your finger.

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List of foods that cause bad breath

Causes of bad breath

  • Bacteria; The mouth is one part of the body that liked by bacteria. These microorganisms lurking in between the teeth and tongue surface. When the bacteria multiply and accumulate toxins and they will issue a less pleasant odor.
  • Tonsils; Holes on the inside of the tonsils (tonsillectomy) is called crypts, is one culprit of halitosis. The dots on lymphoid tissue in the swollen tonsils often tucked away leftovers and bacteria that cause bad odors.
  • Foods; Foods such as garlic, durian, or fish, also cause bad breath, even though we have to brush your teeth.
  • Disease; Bad breath can also be a sign of diseases such as respiratory infections, chronic sinus infections, diabetes, kidney disorders, liver, and chronic acid reflux.
  • Dry mouth; Lack of drinking water and a dry mouth is also a contributor to the cause of bad breath problem. That’s why, when wake up in the morning bad breath. This smell usually goes away after you brush your teeth and drink water.

List of foods that cause bad breath

Lemon; Try to suck the lemon slices, or biting edge of the lemon. If you are in restaurants, can order water with lemon in it, or lemon tea. For the times of urgency, with candy lemon-flavored can also help, plus more portable.

Apples, pears, and carrots; These foods are rich in fiber, plus chewing these foods will help mouth produce saliva. Both of these will create a kind of cleansing the mouth.

Crispy seasoning; For more exotic solutions, try searching for cardamom, coriander, or fennel seeds, commonly sold in places where the sale of spices. Chewing spices were going to remove the oil to neutralize bad breath.

Leaves of mint or cinnamon sticks; These materials can help neutralize the unpleasant odor of onions and garlic. Plus, oil of cinnamon can kill bacteria in the mouth so as not to grow more. Cinnamon or mint gum as effective. If you are lovers of chewing gum, choose a sense of mint chewing gum containing xylitol to reduce the risk of cavities and refreshes the breath.

Berry fruit and yogurt; If you can not get through the day without eating foods that can trigger bad breath smell, eat for prevention, which is better than trying to eliminate the smell that was overpowering. Eating half a cup of plain yogurt, sugar free, low in fat and can reduce levels of hydrogen sulfide odors that cause bad breath. Berries, as well as melons, oranges and other fruits that contain vitamin C, also can reduce oral bacteria that smell. Start each day with a fruit yogurt provided as a complement.

List of foods that get rid of bad breath

Bad breath can be triggered by various factors, one is from foods. Food can not only cause bad breath, but also can help eliminate bad breath. Not only does it cause bad breath, there are some food lists that can help you get rid of bad breath. You can even use this food to eliminate bad breath from stomach.

Apple; Apples are one of the best foods that can fight bad breath. Apples texture also helps in removing excess plaque on the teeth. Apples can provide the moisture in the mouth necessary to get rid of bacteria.

Yogurt; Yogurt can also get rid of bad breath. A study presented by Dr. Kenichi Hojo and a team of Japanese researchers found that unsweetened yogurt can reduce the foul-smelling compounds that cause bad breath. Not only that, they also found that yogurt can reduce the excessive plaque on the teeth.

Strawberry; Strawberries not only prevent dry mouth, but also contain large amounts of vitamin C. Vitamin C makes bacteria and germs difficult to live in the mouth, so you can prevent bad breath. Eating strawberries and other foods rich in vitamin C can reduce the risk of bad breath.

Cinnamon; Cinnamon can basically hide the unpleasant smell in the mouth. A strong aroma of cinnamon can also kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. You can put cinnamon into a cup of tea to get rid of bad breath.

Mint candy; Mint candy can help keep the mouth hydrated and smells good. However, mint candy will only help you get rid of bad breath for a while. So, when bad breath comes back, immediately grab a new mint candy.

Hazelnut; Hazelnut can fight bad breath, if chewed well and regularly. Not only that, hazelnuts are also rich in vitamins and proteins so good for healthy teeth and gums.

Bad breath is caused by various reasons such as eating certain foods, smoking, gum disease, dry mouth and oral bacteria. In addition to brushing and visiting the dentist regularly, you can also eat foods that get rid of bad breath. Some of the above food names you can remember to anticipate your bad breath.

Avoid foods that cause bad breath and body odor or sweating

Foods that cause bad breath and body odor

Avoid foods that cause bad breath and body odor | dmatxi.com. Body odor and bad breath is a problem that often make someone not confident. Many things affect the onset of body odor such as diet, gender, occupation, mood, genetics and medicine.

Deodorant may be effective enough to cover the smell from the body, but most experts think the use of deodorants too often can have negative effects, such as breast cancer. Changes in dietary pattern seems to be a viable alternative for you to reduce bad breath and body odor.

prevent mouth odor, the smell of sweat, overcome bad breath and body odor

Body odor is often occur in every person. Many people who say that excessive sweating will cause body odor. That is not true, sweat is pure water that does not cause odor.

Certain bacteria and fungi that break down sweat and release chemicals that easily evaporate and spread the odor. Body odor in the levels of being are common. We just feel annoyed when the levels are already excessive. Any imbalance in the body can lead to excessive body odor.

Foods you should avoid to prevent body odor and bad breath:

  • Diet; Diet is not balanced cause bad breath and body odor. Magnesium or zinc deficiency and too much consumption of meat, foods that contain lots of choline (eggs, fish liver, and beans), onion, garlic, jengkol, certain spicy foods, fried and fatty foods can cause body odor.
  • Spices; Spices cause bad breath and body odor. Spices with a strong aroma when ingested will generally produce sulfur gases are absorbed by the blood and eliminated through the lungs and skin pores. This causes bad breath and body odor. Examples of these foods are garlic, onion, and curry.
  • Red meat; Red meat cause bad breath and body odor. It took a long time to digest red meat. When undigested food, toxins and malodorous gases are released which is the cause of the smell of sweat.
  • Processed foods and junk food; Consumption of processed foods that are too much salt / sugar, flour, hydrogenated oils, and so forth, will tend to rot in the stomach, thus producing unwanted breath and body odor.
  • Choline; Choline-rich foods can make your sweat smell like fish. Some people, who can not digest these foods easily, smells fishy. Examples of such foods are eggs, liver, fish, and nuts.
  • Fried foods; Fats and oils in foods that are fried and fatty become rancid over time, and can lead to poor digestion. It also causes bad body odor.
  • Trimethylamine; Some people have a genetic disorder known as trimethylaminuria. In this condition, the body is unable to break down amino acids, trimethylamine, which again produces fishy body odor. There are many foods that contain amino acids, such as seafood, fish oils, eggs, liver, cow’s milk, nuts, soy products, broccoli.

To prevent bad breath and body odor, there are several ways you can do. Among, drink lots of water, consumption of foods containing fiber, fruits and low choline (apples, strawberries, oranges, grapes, tomatoes, pineapple, banana and watermelon).

If you could change your diet, do not need to worry about body odor that had been stalking you. In addition, you also no longer need to spend lots of money to buy deodorant.