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How to prevent body odor using baking soda

You have a body odor problem? You not like to use deodorant? Try the natural way. This article is how to prevent body odor using baking soda. Body odor can be prevented by using a deodorant, but have an impact on clothing.

As we have explained earlier in 2014 on how to prevent body odor using baking soda. But today we use baking soda to prevent body odor in a way or a different trick. This is for you who often suffer from body odor even after bathing.

Bacteria are the cause of body odor. Therefore, the less maintain the cleanliness of the armpit will experience this, body odor is also caused by the intake of food we consume. So, one way to prevent body odor is to maintain your diet.

Not everyone is happy to use deodorant because it will have an impact on clothing or  stains. If there are already experiencing, we’ve got a way to remove body odor on clothes. For that try ways prevent body odor using baking soda.

How to prevent body odor using baking soda

  1. Mix a little baking soda into the water. Rinse your body using the mixture. Dry with a towel.
  2. Baking soda can also be applied after using deodorant. Use deodorant on the armpit, then apply a baking soda.
  3. You can also mix lemon juice and baking soda then use after bathing. More convenient to use at night.

How can baking soda can prevent body odor? The first and foremost thing in baking soda is absorbing moisture from the skin and makes dry. Therefore, it effectively absorbs perspiration and thus reduce body odor.

Baking soda itself acts as a natural deodorant agent to prevent body odor and kill bacteria and neutralize / alkalizes body to prevent excess perspiration and odor. Besides being able to prevent body odor, baking soda can whiten your teeth naturally.

How to remove body odor using baking soda

  1. Sprinkle baking soda in place often sweat on your body.
  2. Let it sit for a few minutes to absorb the sweat to kill bacteria and cleanse the body odor.
  3. After some time of baking soda to absorb into your body, then clean the remnants of baking soda, and do several times a day on a regular basis for maximum results.
  4. Or you can do this after the finished bathing, apply to your armpits.

Sweat contains certain acids is more comfortable for the bacteria to multiply and produce unpleasant smells in the area of sweating. But baking soda is alkaline in nature will lower the pH level sweaty part to counteract the acidic sweat. So soda not only reduce sweat but also cleanse the body odor effectively.

There are some foods that trigger the body odor. Consumption of foods such as garlic, meat and foods containing methyl compounds can cause body odor. There is one way to reduce body odor is by frequently drinking mineral water. Frequently drinking mineral water can reduce the production of sweat on the body.

This is one way to prevent body odor without using deodorant. You can prevent body odor using baking soda at home without any trouble finding material that much because baking soda is very easy to find at home. If you do not find in your home can look it up in the market.

How to remove body odor from clothes armpit area

This about how to remove body odor from clothes armpit area. What causes body odor on clothes? The smell contained in the clothes caused by deodorant. Using deodorant will leave marks on clothing in the underarm area. Then how to remove odor from clothes underarm area?

Many types of deodorant which may leave stains on clothing. Deodorant roll-on and stick will leave stains on the clothes, especially around the armpits. Mothers may often find body odor stains on the clothing around the armpit. This will make your mother difficulty in removing body odor stains on your clothes.

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Remove body odor from clothes armpit area

Heaps of deodorant on the actual shirt also mix with bacteria and salt contained in sweat. The reaction between deodorants and salt in sweat during a certain period of time that causes the formation of stain. Special ingredients are needed that can remove roll on deodorant stains from clothes.

Besides the color that looks distinctly different from the surrounding color, deodorant stains can also be recognized from the change in the texture of the fabric is stained. This section becomes thicker, stiffer, and the loss of the pores because the content in deodorants accumulate in between the fibers.

How to remove body odor from clothes armpit area

How to remove body odor from clothes armpit area should be done immediately or if possible before deodorant stains discolored and apparent. Deodorant stains on the first day did not appear until the flashy colors and yet stuck firmly in the fibers of the fabric so it is more easily removed.

In contrast, deodorants in clothes that had been left for days to become discolored and harden making it more difficult to remove. This is the way you can follow to remove roll on deodorant stains on clothes:

  1. Put the liquid detergent on the stain deodorant and drops in a little water.
  2. Use an old toothbrush to brush in a circular motion and rinse.
  3. If the former deodorant is still visible, flush the parts with white vinegar and let stand for about 3 minutes before rinsing. Tests used white vinegar in a small part that is hidden in the clothes.
  4. If the deodorant stain is still evident, flush the stain with methylated spirits after the test in a hidden part of the clothes first. Do not do if the fabric color fading.
  5. Enter into the washer, add detergent, and run the washing machine as usual. Follow the care instructions clothes to determine the maximum temperature of the water that is safe to use. Different from protein stains which should not be washed with warm water, deodorant stains can be washed with hot water according to the instructions clothes.
  6. Once dry clothes, do not rush to ironing. Make sure the deodorant stain is completely gone. Deodorant stains are exposed to hot forging of ironing will further solidify making it more difficult to remove.

How to get rid of body odor without deodorant

To avoid stains on clothes, you can also find out how to prevent body odor without using deodorant. This can be done by using natural ingredients. Not everyone can stop body odor forever, but you can prevent body odor at all times without deodorant to avoid roll on deodorant stains on your clothes armpit area.

Deodorants do not only contain chemicals and make your underarms rough and dark, deodorants also leave stains on the clothes so the clothes look dirty and smelly whenever worn. Clothes will be very smelly if exposed to sweat. This must be more annoying than just body odor. Natural way to get rid of body odor is using lemon.

How to get rid of body odor with lemon, rub on the armpit as in general. If it’s a bit dry, wear your clothes as usual. Better your armpit smells of fresh lemon rather than the smell of sweat and deodorant mixture? Wearing lemon will also last long does not cause body odor during the day like a deodorant function.

When trying to remove body odor from clothes armpit area due to roll on deodorant stains, you need to remember that it can only use the materials mentioned in the steps above one by one. Rinse the cloth with clean water before using other materials. Use natural ingredients to get rid of body odor instead of using roll on deodorant.

How to prevent body odor without using deodorant

Most people prevent body odor by using deodorant. But the use of deodorants also have a negative impact, especially on clothes. How to get rid of body odor when deodorant doesnt work? Want to know how to prevent body odor without using deodorant?

Body odor is a common skin problem. Especially in the dry season, in which the body becomes easy to sweat. However, if the body odor are not addressed, the consequences could be serious.

prevent body odor
prevent body odor without using deodorant

Not a few people who had lost his self-confidence as a result of body odor. Do you also have experienced such things? Well, in order to increase your confidence back, let’s quickly find out how to prevent body odor. Listen 6 ways to overcome body odor that has been summarized from the following sources.

Prevents body odor without using deodorant you can do with restricting certain foods and drinks that can cause body odor. And prevent sweating too long. Not that forbidden exercise, but after exercise should immediately eliminate perspiration or bathing.

How to prevent body odor without using deodorant

Deodorant is powerful to prevent body odor. However, a number of studies have shown that regular use of deodorant, can lead to illness, and other problems. Although the statement is still a pro and con, but some people also choose to use natural ingredients that are believed to help get rid of body odor.

Lime; One of the ingredients that can get rid of body odor that is lime. After using lime, then you no longer need to use deodorant to prevent body odor. You can use lime 15 minutes before bathing.

Drink water; Water is a good source to reduce body odor. Water can help eliminate toxins in the body and improve kidney work. By drinking lots of water the body odor will also gradually become good and the body will stay healthy and fit.

Reduce fatty foods; Many eating fatty foods can also be a source of unpleasant sweat. Therefore you should reduce the consumption of fat. Moreover, too much fat in the body can lead to obesity and cholesterol. It would be better if we eat healthy foods with a balanced nutritional content.

Use baking soda; If your body has continued smell, then you can get rid of the source of the odor. Usually the source of odor if not from the armpit is from the foot. Simply wash your armpits and foot with baking soda, and for a while the smell will disappear.

Diligently bathe; Apart from all the ways to prevent body odor without deodorant and chemicals mentioned above, the most important thing to do to reduce body odor is to diligently bathe. Useless conduct a series of ways to get rid of body odor if you are lazy to take a bath.

Prevent body odor by limiting certain foods and beverages

There are many ways you can do to prevent body odor. One of them by restricting food and drink triggers the body odor. Foods such as onions, mutton, beef and spicy foods regarded as the trigger body odor. To overcome the problem of body odor you should limit these foods.

It is often not realized that efforts to get rid of body odor as if did not return any results. In addition to these four foods, caffeinated drinks also it can lead to body odor. Caffeine can stimulate the body to produce more sweat. With the sweat, the body becomes a convenient place for bacteria to breed.

From this arises the problem of body odor. Therefore, if you want to get rid of body odor problem, reduce the consumption of caffeinated beverages. How to eliminate body odor which is proven to solve a bad body odor.

Prevent body odor to avoid sweating too long

Activities are crowded and sweltering weather makes the body sweat so much easier. Not to mention the result of food consumed. This is necessary so your consideration if you do not want exposed to body odor problem. The trick, avoid sweating too long. Providing a tissue or a small towel to wipe your sweat.

Use a fan to help dry your sweaty body. How to get rid of body odor is proven to help you rid of body odor. The problem of body odor is a problem everyday for everyone. In fact there are still body odor even after bathing. If you can implement a lifestyle like this, then chances are you can prevent body odor without using deodorant.

What causes body odor even after bathing

What can cause body odor even after bathing? Sometimes we have a problem of body odor but it was after exercise, but some are not appropriate when using deodorant. Worse still is experiencing body odor even after bathing.

Body odor is characterized by the odor emanating from the body. Body odor grew stronger when mixed with sweat. Body odor is especially true in the area of the armpits and between the toes (foot odor). This disorder can be a problem in the association.

Disorders of body odor or the smell of sweat may occur due less to maintain cleanliness of the body and there are bacteria that can turn your sweat become smell. Body odor is also influenced by hormones and food intake.

Many things can cause body odor. In addition to exercise, the food is a common cause of body odor. To avoid the problem of body odor you should know what foods can cause body odor.

Foods that can cause body odor

  1. Garlic
  2. Meat
  3. Foods containing compound methyl

The type of foods containing garlic could give adverse effects on the body odor. In addition, garlic can also cause body odor and bad breath become less pleasant. This has been proven directly and also through scientific research. For that reason, one way to prevent body odor is to reduce the consumption of foods containing garlic.

Meat is also one of the causes of body odor. Those who eat too much meat-based foods usually have less pleasant scent than by those who frequently eat foods like vegetables. This is due to the nature of the meat can not be easily digested in the body. In addition to good health, the vegetables also do not cause body odor. But Not all types of vegetables is good for body odor problem.

Methyl also be the Causes of body odor. For those who have a body odor problem then you should avoid foods that contain methyl compound. Foods containing methyl can get from beet, spinach and also some kind of processed food of soybean.

Sometimes we still have body odor, but already frequent bathing. What causes body odor even after a shower? How to stop body odor is to think of foods that cause body odor and also use antibacterial soap suitable when showering. But do not forget to look for the right deodorant for you.

How to Remove Underarm Hair Permanently at Home

How to remove underarm hair at home permanently? Underarm hair is not something life threatening, but its appearance is often frowned upon from aesthetic point of view. While men are usually more indifferent toward the presence of underarm hair, many of them now remove the hair on the reason of keeping away body odor. Hairy underarm indeed is a cause of body odor, because the bushy armpit hair traps more sweat and bacteria, creating even more prominent odor compared to clean and shaven armpits. Therefore, many people feel the need of shaving their underarm hair to avoid and prevent body odor problem.

However, underarm hair grows quite fast. Many people just hate the obligation of shaving their armpits over and over in just several days span, and the razors must always be clean and hygienic to avoid infection and other problems. Many also depend on wax products or cream that causes burning sensation when applied, which is not nice if you apply such ingredients under the armpits.

Remove Underarm Hair Permanently, eliminate underarm hair at home, best way to get rid of underarm hair

The best way to get rid of underarm hair at home using more permanent method is by making your own waxing concoction. This is a great way to keep your underarm hair from growing too fast, and you can do it by ingredients you have at home. You can finally say goodbye to body odor.

How to Make Underarm Hair Waxing

Molasses and sugar are traditional ingredients for waxing, and you can mix them in a special waxing concoction you can make at home. To make this natural waxing concoction, you must first prepare the ingredients: a cup of sugar, ½ cup of water, fresh lemon juice and molasses ¼ cup for each, baby powder, and moisturizing body lotion. If you do not have molasses, you can replace it with honey. You must also have good candy temperature to get the right reading for your waxing concoction.

Here are the steps of making your waxing concoction:

  • Pour all the ingredients (lemon juice, sugar, molasses or honey) into a pan and heat them on medium fire until boiling.
  • After you see it boiled, turn the stove fire into simmer and let the mixture cooked for 30 minutes.
  • See if the mixture turns into brown color and check with the candy thermometer. If the temperature reaches 246 F, remove the pan from the heat and let the mixture be cooled naturally. This is your natural wax.

To make the wax and removing body odor once and for all, first clean the armpits with water and pat them dry. Apply baby powder to both and apply the wax using the backside of the spoon. Let it sits until dries before you pull the wax layer in one swift motion (use your other hand to hold the underarm skin in position). Do this repeatedly until you get rid all the underarm hair. Apply body lotion afterward to sooth your reddened skin.

How to eliminate underarm hair permanently? You can store the rest of the wax if you still have it. Make sure you use a container or jar that has good sealing lid, and keep it in a place not directly hit by the sunlight and heat.

How to Stop Armpit Hair from Growing Permanently

How to Stop Armpit Hair from Growing Permanently? Hairy armpits are not just unpleasant to look at; they are among the main causes of body odor, because they trap sweats and bacteria under your arms. Sweaty underarms caused by bushy armpit hair also can cause embarrassing sweaty patch under your clothing and create stain.

However, armpit hair is something you cannot stop, unless you know the way to remove it permanently, which usually does not involve regular shaving. Permanent methods come in various options in treatments and costs.

Stop Armpit Hair from Growing, Removing Armpit Hair Permanently

Many people just choose shaving because it is easier and convenient, especially if you do it after bathing, when the follicles under your armpit are still soft. However, shaving only shows temporary result that lasts just several days. Make sure you know your alternatives before you decide to remove the armpit hair permanently.

Methods of Removing Armpit Hair Permanently

Shaving usually still leaves some dark patches of hair base, but it is quite effective in removing body odor problem. However, there are methods that can remove armpit hair in longer periods compared to regular shaving. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, result periods and of course costs. Here are the common hair removal methods for armpit hair:

  • Depilatory cream. This kind of cream works by breaking down disulfide bonds that make the hair or keratin sticks on the skin. The cream usually has a kind of spatula that you use after the cream works, in which the hair usually falls off by itself. The cream is available at supermarkets or drugstores and usually cheap, but it can create hot sensation and some people with sensitive skin may not like it.
  • Waxing. This requires special waxing cream or paste, either bought or made in your own kitchen. Waxing is painful, but it is cheap and easily done, and you do not have to shave every several days.
  • Laser. This is a popular expensive treatment used to kill follicles, and the result usually leaves no dark patches at all, which still can happen when you remove the hair by shaving. This is expensive because it usually takes multiple steps, and it usually works better for women with light skin.
  • Electrolysis. This is a method that will involve some electric blast applied to the follicles, which then will kill the follicles ability to grow armpit hair again. While this method is painful, the result is permanent and you do not have to deal with armpit hair for really long time. You surely will not have to spend time waxing and shaving.
  • Intense pulled light treatment. This is a new treatment that involves a tool that generates intense light, which disintegrate the hair shafts with permanent result. Plus, it also can create good result without dark spots. However, it is expensive because the treatment must be done repeatedly.

Removing hair and stop growing permanently from your underarm is great to solve body odor problem, and whether you choose easy or expensive methods, all of these methods are common and can be applied anytime depend on your budgets.

Body Odor Remedies with Apple Cider Vinegar

How to remove body odor with home remedies? Remove body odor can be done using apple cider vinegar. From various harmless physical conditions that really affect our daily life, body odor is among the worst ones. This is not only a hindrance to keeping positive impression to anyone you face, but can also be an impediment when you are trying to impress opposite sex or even apply for a job where appearance is everything.

Plus, body odor is usually associated with personal hygiene, so having body odor problem can make people think badly about you. Deodorant and perfume are usually common solutions for body odor, but what if your problem is so bad those things can no longer help? You may want to try natural solutions that work right to the source, such as apple cider vinegar.

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Apple Cider Vinegar: Body Odor Solution

Some people feel deodorant is enough to reduce body odor problem; others may sweat so much that deodorant does not work as well as in people with normal sweat production. Since the odor is caused by bacteria that feed on your accumulated sweat, you must turn your armpits into places where bacteria cannot live in. The way to create this condition is by lowering the ph of your armpit skin. Apple cider vinegar, with its high level of acidity, is a great natural ingredient to do the job.

Applying apple cider vinegar to your armpit skin (after you shave the hair) means you create unfriendly place for bacteria to live. Therefore, although you sweat excessively, you will not have really bad body odor problem. For those who have really bad body odor problem or always sweat excessively, you can use this ingredients as daily treatment by applying it often on the underarm skin.

You can also apply the apple cider vinegar to your armpit skin and let it dry before applying your usual deodorant. Therefore, not only you prevent the perspiration problem, but you also keep bacteria from leaving in your armpits and causing body odor after a while. To apply it, use clean cotton ball and dab the soaked cotton on your armpit skin. Do not forget to wash and dry the armpits before you do this. Other alternatives include tea tree oil and hazel oil that has anti bacteria function.

Other Ways to Prevent Body Odor

If your body odor problem is quite severe, applying apple cider vinegar and deodorant may not be enough. You must apply other methods to make sure the body odor problem is not persistent, such as:

  • Always use breathable clothing items and wash them if they are sweaty.
  • Reduce the consumption of spicy food, onion, fatty food and caffeine, which are the main triggers of food related body odor problems.
  • Learn ways to manage your daily stress; stress and anxiety are mental states that can lead to sweating as the physical reaction that accompanies them.
  • If you suddenly experience body odor and you never experience it before, maybe it is a sign of disease. Go to the doctor for diagnosis.

Get rid of body odor with apple cider vinegar, this natural ways to eliminate body odor. Apple cider vinegar is a great natural solution for body odor, but you must make sure that you also do other means necessary to get rid of the sources of odor.

Best Solutions to Remove Body Odor without Deodorant

Best solutions to remove body odor without using deodorant. From various social problems that come from appearance, body odor is one of the most problematic ones. No matter how beautiful your face or how cool your getup is, people will have immediate bad impression if you have body odor.

Deodorant is usually the simplest solution to solve the problem, but sometimes it is not enough. Many people have really bad odor problem that even using deodorant every day cannot solve it. So what’s the best solution to stop body odor without deodorant? Solve the problem from the inside.

Solutions to Remove Body Odor, Remove Body Odor without Deodorant, eliminate bad odor naturally, natural methods to get rid of body odor

What Causes Body Odor?

Before solving the problem, you must know what cause body odor. Naturally, it is caused by the work of bacteria combined with sweat (this is why areas like armpits, crotches and the inside of your shoes emanate the worst odor).

However, there are also people who suffer from odor problem because of hormonal changes, such as during teenage years, or when menstruating. There are also people who got bad odor from bad diet or consuming certain antibiotics that have bad odor as side effects.

However, sometimes the problem is not that easy. Many people suffer from body odor because of metabolism problem, such as trimethylaminuria, a condition in which the body cannot naturally break down a chemical compound called trimethylamine.

This condition makes so many people emanate really bad odor, even likened to rotten fish. This condition can affect social and work life. So, how to solve it without having to depend on deodorant every day? Picking the method that suits your condition the best.

Solving Bad Odor without Deodorant

Here are some good ways of removing body odor without using deodorant every day:

  • Have a regular bath twice a day, every day. Make sure you use soap or shower gel with moisturizer so you will not risk drying out your skin. Unlike what commercials tell you, regular soap can do the job as good as anti bacterial soap, as long as you clean the body well. Use body scrub once a week and scrub areas such as armpits, behind your knees, feet and under your thighs well.
  • Try to reduce animal products such as meat, eggs and dairy products in your daily diet as well as onions and garlic. They are foods that can boost the production of trimethylamine, reducing the body’s ability to properly break it down. Switch to more vegetables, fruits, fish and legumes for a while.
  • Wear clothes from breathable materials, and always wash clothes that have been too sweaty.
  • Use natural deodorants at home several times in a week; apply tea tree oil that has been diluted to your armpit and under the feet after taking a bath, preferably right before you go to sleep. You can also ‘eat’ natural deodorizer by chewing some parsley or taking chlorophyll supplements after each meal.
  • Sprinkle some baby powder or corn starch inside your shoes (if you do not wear socks). It will help reducing odor from your feet.

How to eliminate bad odor naturally? Try these natural methods to get rid of body odor every day, and see how your problem reduced after several weeks. If you continue having body odor problem, you may want to contact your doctor.

How to stop body odor naturally with baking soda

The Answer For how to stop body odor naturally with baking soda?

Body odor will be one of the problem that will shot down people self confidence. Unlike the discoloring teeth that make the person simply give fade smile, body odor is not something visually destroy the confidence. Through the air, the odor will give people nearby another warning for the odor on certain person. Hiding the body odor by applying too much perfume is not really help.

Learning the reason behind the body odor will give you better understanding to deal with it. The sweat actually does not have troublesome smell. It is the bacteria that make people have different kind of smell. For this reason, you can reduce the smell by reducing the amount of sweat.

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For this reason, having less physical activity and prevent to have more outdoor activities will help you out. It is also important to treat the bacteria that produce the odor. For certain case, thyroid disease will be responsible for excessive sweating. It is also possible to get extra sweating as the side effect for taking certain medicine.

It is interesting that people actually have found the way on how to stop body odor naturally with baking soda. All that you can do is combining the deodorant with the baking soda. To make the baking soda stick, you need to apply the deodorant heavier. After that you can put the baking soda just like applying baby powder.

If you concern with the chance that the mixture will stain your dress, you can try different mixture. You can make use the lemon juice and baking soda mixture. You can apply the mixture to the armpit and feet. It is important to note that baking soda can cause respiratory problem. It will be better not to inhaling it.

Those with sensitive skin may get skin irritation. For this reason, any doctor approval will limit the risk for skin problem. In addition to how to stop body odor naturally with baking soda, you also need to avoid foods that cause body odor.

How to stop body odor without deodorant

Things to do on how to stop body odor without deodorant

Body odor is the unwanted problem. Unfortunately, this problem usually notices by your friends and family members at first. You may never realize that you have body odor. To confirm about this problem, asking them directly will be a better point. Of course, taking the doctor will be much better way to get the help complete help for the body odor.

From the TV commercial, deodorant has become the ultimate option to control the body odor. But if you want to stay away from this product, learning on how to stop body odor without deodorant will be worthwhile. Taking daily shower will be the basic thing that you can do to reduce the body odor.

reduce the body odor, stop body odor, bad body odor, body odor causes

There will be more than enough soap and shower gel that will keep your body clean with extra good smell as the bonus. Changing your clothes in daily basis will help you to reduce any accumulated body odor. You need to wash underwear after each use.

Alternatively, you need to keep the dress in a place with enough air circulation. This will prevent the dress to develop its own bad odor. It will be troublesome to wear something with bad odor and mistakenly take it as your personal body odor problem.

Your diet will also influence your body odor. If you hate fruit and vegetable, it will be the time to challenge yourself for more fruit and vegetable. Drinking more fresh water will be another way to have better sweating odor.

This is possible because having enough water will help your body to deliver any dangerous and unwanted substance through sweat at better rate. Lacking of water will only cause accumulated substance that will cause the potential odor.  It is also important to avoid odor causing diet such as cheese, onion, garlic, strong spices and even the beer.