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How to Think Faster and Smarter

The human brain is basically a biological computer. He needs food, oxygen, and he also needs exercise. You can do several things to increase brain power by train your brain, modify, or even manipulate it. You probably will not be like Einstein, but it is also not a reason to not make it better. The things below will make your brain work better.

How to make your brain think faster

  • Work on a puzzle. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku or other games that can make your brain remains in the best condition. Just like muscles, if you do not practice on a regular basis, he would lose his ability to work optimally.
  • Go on foot. Nothing can beat the fresh air can refresh the mind and reduce the mental conversations that interfere with logic and constructive mind. A trip on the outskirts of town, near the river or just in your garden will help you get rid of gray clouds and help keep your mind clear.
  • Be creative. Paint or learn a new musical instrument, join the art class even if you are sure you are not good at it. Being creative allows you to find new solutions to old problems and raise awareness at the same time.

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How to Think Think Faster and Smarter

In this competitive world, we need to nurture our essential asset which is our brain in order to improve the way we work in our life and you might get wonder on how we can think faster and smarter. Here are some easy tips that you may want to try to develop the working system of your brain.

Food is not only become the main source of energy but it is also become essential part that supports a healthy body. Every food that you consume defines who you are therefore it is important to not just eat any kind of food because the choices of your food bring a great effect to your health.

Eating healthy foods that contain important nutrition for your brain is important to do in order to think faster and smarter. You need to consume enough foods that contain essential nutrition such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. The best food choices that are found to be essential for your brain because of the high amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 are fish, nuts, all oils and avocados.

Examples of fish contain Omega-3 are tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, scallops and shrimp. Examples of nuts contain both omega-3 and 6 are walnuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts.

Besides eating healthy food, you also need to reduce the amount of watching television or playing game which are not necessary. It is nothing wrong of watching television, especially if the television programs offer valuable knowledge and recent news but it goes wrong if you do it excessively.

You can also still playing games but it is better for you playing games that can improve your brain health. Examples of brain games are scrabble that allows you to improve your English vocabulary, chess that surely sharpening your analytical and awareness skills, and card games to enhance your brain power and memory skill.

How to Think Faster and More Clearly

Think Faster and More Clearly

It is not impossible if you want to think faster and more clearly. It is not like turning yourself to be like Beethoven, Einstein or like many other genius people, it is just a matter of being a better person. You might need to do these kinds of simple things in order to be faster and more clearly in thinking.

Maybe you do not realize that these daily activities can help you to think faster and more clearly, such as walking and laughing. Walking is one of the easiest ways to have a clear mind that surely affects the way your brain works. The fresh air will reduce your mind that full of destructive thoughts.

Think Faster and More Clearly, How to Think Faster, How to Think More Clearly

A simple trip in the park, by the river or by the beach will sweep away your delude vision and help you to have a clear thought. Besides walking, the other daily routine that you might need to do a lot in order to have clear mind is laughing because it is not just the best medicine for clearing your cloudy mind, but it is also a great activity that can improve the function of your brain.

Laugh can stimulate both sides of brain altogether in the same period. Due to the reason, in order to think faster and more clearly, you need to make sure that you laugh every day. Besides improving your daily routine in walking and laughing, you need to do these things in order to have clear thought and think faster which are learning new music instrument, painting and learning new language.

You may want to join art class if you have trouble in learning these new things by yourself. By learning art, it will reward you a clear mind in problem solving and it also can improve your consciousness and awareness of things that happen around you.

How to Think Clearly in an Interview

How do we think clearly when facing an interview? Positive thinking is a mental attitude that involves the process the thoughts, words, and images are constructive (build) for the development of your mind. Positive thoughts bring happiness, joy, health, and success in every situation and your actions. Whatever you expect , positive thinking will make it happen. So positive thinking is also a mental attitude that expects good and favorable results.

Think clearly is a good moment to face interview. Often the problem is so easily solved when we think clearly. When our minds are chaotic, the world feels dark so that the solution was not readily apparent. By thinking clearly, we can find a solution and fix the problem with ease. By thinking clearly, we can solve the problem without creating other problems. Any problems we face can be resolved completely and we also get a fabulous gift for our lives.

How to Think Clearly, Think Clearly in an Interview, can't think clearly

The cause of the mind is not clear when the interview

The main cause of the mind not clear when the interviews are negative emotional state. Negative emotional state will invite negative thoughts that fill our minds. If we’re bad mood, angry, depressed, destitute and often overshadowed by fear and the desire to quickly resolve the problem in a hurry.

Negative thinking make us a lot of thought, so that our minds actually think about things that actually do not need to think about. The thoughts that we do not need as if scattered rubbish and littering the road. When the road is dirty, you can not see the road clearly, but there may be a large hole harmful. So also the mind, if a lot of negative thoughts, we will be hard to find a solution.

How to Think Clearly in an Interview

When we are having interview for job, sometimes we get some feeling such as nerves, especially when you have been asked for some personal information and your background. But don’t worry, by having more experience and get some tips on how to think clearly in an interview you can face your interview well and get your dreaming job.

First of all, when you are having interview, prepare yourself well a night before.  You can practice and read you application again because commonly the interviewer will ask about your personal information based on your application and curriculum vitae.

Improve your communication skills. This is important because this will add you’re confident while you have interview.  Speak more firmly and feel relax when you face the interviewer.  Stay tuned in focused answer your question and does not much talked about unimportant things. Answer the question with clear and no doubt.

Sometimes when you are looking for right answer, this will make the interviewer think whether you are honest or not.  When your interviewer ask your information, try not to sell you in over, don’t ever mentions skills that you do not have, even for getting the job. This will make you in trouble when you do that.

You need to list what is your superior quality and what are your weaknesses. This is important because they will ask you that. A little physical exercises before you go to interview. By stretching your muscle, you can release your heart rate and nerves. Take a deep breath and release the anxiety from your body and mind.

Take focus on your breathing before you go interview at least ten minutes before you in. don’t be nerves when the interviewer ask your past job, answer the question and don’t ever make an impressions that you are bored and resigns because you cannot handle your pat job.  When you have skilled your answer, try to practice your answer. With clear thinking in the face of the interview, we can find a brilliant idea, perfect solution, and the idea of ??answering questions.

How to Think Clearly and Logically

Think Clearly and Logically

How to think clearly and logically? It is important to have a clear and logical thought because it will help you in solving any kind of problems. Unclear and illogical thought can lead you to depression because of the wrong solution that you have taken and the wrong solution may lead you to other problems so basically you just solve a problem with a problem.

Logic thought allows you to criticize and differentiate various events that happen around you. It enables you to decide whether the event makes sense or not. With a clear and logical thought, you can solve a problem without a problem and here are the simple ways that you need to do.

How to Think Clearly, How to Think Logically, can't think clearly, Think Clearly and Logically

You need to simplify the way you see things in your life. Avoid making things complicated because it is no use, except you just want to make other people impress. Then, you need to release your ego from your way of thinking because it can be harmful.

To release your ego, you must evaluate your previous attitude. By doing this, you will be able to see things objectively because it is a perfect way to develop your talent. To think logically and clearly, you also need to have a balanced system between the right and left brain.

The right brain is related to imagination that will give the wide description and the description of each detail is the duty of left brain. The right brain also has close connection with emotion so it is necessary for you to have positive mind to think logically. In other words, you need to diminish negative thoughts.

Many people like to criticize other people’s mistakes. You need to change this awful habit because it just proves that you do not have a constructive way of thinking. You do not only need to think critically, but also need to think constructively by bringing up a new idea or solution that can correct the mistake.

How to Think Clearly When Tired

Think Clearly When Tired

Having work along day and get activity in outdoor commonly makes many people get tired and cannot think clearly. However, by having following this instruction, you can think clearly when you tired. There are many ways to get thinking clearly when we are tired but have to think many problems or get to do some works.

Therefore, the suggestion below will give you some tips on how to think clearly when tired. When we are going tired, our body give signs that we need to rest and relax, both in mind and body. But in busy time and tight schedule time, too many people do not have enough time to rest and need for fast solutions to make them can think clearly to do their job.

How to Think Clearly, can't think clearly, think clearly supplement

Relaxation is your key! When you getting tired, it is recommended to get quite time for release your tired and get rest. You can take pray, medication, or just close your eyes and take a moment to sleep. Sleeping is good for your relaxation and tired release. You can get your energy back and get motivation again.

In this case, when you sleeping, you can get enough oxygen and this will make our brain think clearly when they need to work. When you are still in office and cannot get sleep even in your desk, you can practice breathing exercises that will make you more relax.

Breathing exercises is simple and easy to practice. Take a deep breath and hold for several seconds, after that released it. You may also make regular exercise in your office, just take a walk in your office and make a stretching move will give your energy back. If you have heavy problem and need to do much about that, may be you need for take a time for yourself and get enjoy of pleasure.

How to think faster than you speak

Knowing how to train the brain to think faster and more creatively it is important that we can be more focused and have the ability to remember things. Besides, this exercise can make us fast learning a particular skill or expertise and something new at the same time avoiding diseases such as Alzheimer’s in old age.

How to train the brain to think fast

  • Learn to remember something. Memory activity in the brain includes three parts: receive information, remembering and thinking. So all three parts must be carried out simultaneously every day so that our brains are trained to remember a lot of things.
  • Do not like to delay the work. By doing new things constantly then your brain will be used to train yourself to do something new with faster and better. We recommend that you avoid thinking to delay something or work to be done because if you immediately do something new then you will train your brain to not wait until the last minute to do something. So do not think it’s a trivial job or very easy to do, you better do what you can do to your brain continuously trained to find a way to get things done better and faster.
  • Learn something new. If you learn something new, the more trained your brain to think creatively. For example, if you learn a new language, then it would stimulate your brain to think and express something differently.
  • Perform lifestyle and healthy eating. Healthy foods such as fish, fruits and fresh vegetables can encourage your brain to work optimally and faster. Eating chocolate in moderation is also recommended because chocolate contains substances that stimulate dopamine your brain to think and remember better. Chocolate also contains flavonols and anti-oxidants that improve brain performance. Healthy lifestyle you should also do, like not staying up late and enough rest so that your body fresh every day so that better brain performance.

think faster and slower, training think faster, think faster than speak

How to Think Faster than You Speak

It is recommended to think faster than you speak because if you speak faster than you think, it might get you into trouble. Some people might put dislike feeling toward someone who likes to saying things without thinking about it first.

There are some negatives sides that can be harmful if you like to speak faster than think. The first side, it can affect other people and the second side it can affect your own life. By speaking faster than think, you can hurt others’ feeling and these people might put some distance toward you.

Others might not trust you anymore because of the words which are come out without proper thinking. The other effect that might come upon you if you like to speak faster than think are give false information, tends to lie and reckless in taking decisions.

There are some ways that you can do in order to think faster than you speak. First, you need to control your own words. Stop talking about unnecessary things and stop giving comments or opinions if it is not that important.

Second, you need to do a regular exercise to change your bad habit of talking without proper thinking. Furthermore, you need to have a commitment toward yourself to change in order to be a better person.

Third, if you do not really know about certain matter or problem, you need to keep yourself silence, like an old proverb that says “Silence is golden”. If you use the proverb in the right moment, it will reward you respect from others because sometimes saying nothing is the most preferred option.

Fourth, you must eliminate your need of being in the spotlight. It is the time for you to be a good listener than to be a big talker. Fifth, doing positives activities such as gardening, sport, writing, instead of doing activities that bring negative income such as gossiping and talking about someone else. Think faster focus better and remember.

Techniques to train the brain or brain fitness

Techniques to train the brain

Brain training techniques. The more trained, more sharp brains. Memory loss in a certain amount at any age is normal, just as changes in other organs. Importantly, do not be lazy to diligently train the brain to memory remains strong.

In the process of remembering, the brain plays a big role. The brain be divided into left brain and right brain. Left brain functions associated with logic, numbers, writing, intelligence, calculation, analysis, and for short term memory. Meanwhile, our right brain use for creativity, imagination, music, colors, shapes, emotions, and for long term memory.

Brain training techniques, Brain Fitness, exercise brain, brain function

Memories will last much longer if the recall using the right brain. To be able to remember well, need to train the brain to function optimally. Unfortunately, more and more people are using left brain in the process of remembering. Most people the left brain is more developed without balanced development of the right brain. Because the left brain is short-term memory, then the information stored in the left hemisphere would be more easily forgotten.

Brain training techniques are:

Train the brain by way of practice your ability to observe. Exercising can improve the brain ability to observe. Train the brain to pay attention to the surrounding environment. Record in your mind what you see, ranging from the most simple and forwarded with the observation that more complicated.

– Train the brain by way of sharpen your senses. Sharpen the senses by means of the senses. Exercising the brain can be done by distinguishing the taste of food likes and what does not. Recognizing the smell and aroma in the vicinity or the sounds that exist in the way or maybe feeling hot or cold air around you.

– Memory, Train the brain by way of memorizing the names of friends and the pair number. How many you can remember. Train so I could remember more.

– Learning something new. Learn something new. Many read and get acquainted with other things that may not your field, can a foreign language, knowledge of computers, and others.

– Following the instructions of the brain. Use your hands to follow the instructions of the brain. For example playing guitar, typing without looking at the keys, working on crafts of wood, or practicing penmanship.

– Hobby, Use the opportunity to develop your hobby. Gardening can relieve your stress with a variety of reasons, including bringing you into the sunlight and fresh air, creating a more beautiful environment to come home every day, and more.

– Memorized the sequence of numbers. Exercise memorize a long sequence of numbers lined up, such as 485292493759259274. This is a form of exercise to improve short-term memory. Do this by grouping or splitting it into several parts numbers, for example 485 292 259 274 493 759.

These exercises will allow the brain cells remain active and intercellular connective tissue of the brain. Challenging mental activities increase the number of active circuits or synapses in the brain. The more circuits, more and more associations, the greater the ability to remember.

Train the brain just as physical exercise, brain exercises are also important in order to achieve a long and happy life, brain exercises proven to improve cognitive abilities such as memory and learning. Exercises also help improve problem-solving skills, spatial recognition and verbal ability. This is techniques to train the brain.

Developing ability of the brain of children with music

The ability of the brain in children can be improved using the music. Childhood is the best time to develop the ability of the brain. There are many ways that you can do to develop the ability of the brain in children, one of which is music. Music can optimize brain growth of children, with music led him to study before the child is 7 years old.

As found in a study, that children who learn music at an early age tend to have a white area in the brain or commonly called the corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is a white area in the brain that form of nerve fibers.

Increas the ability of the brain, develop the ability of the brain

Laboratory research shows that learning music since an early age or before age 7 years had higher skills in the development of auditory and visual sensorimotor synchronization.

“Learning a musical instrument does require coordination between hand with visual or auditory capabilities. Studying music from an early age will help increase the maturation of the connection between the motor areas of the brain with sensory” said one researcher, Virginia Penhune.

Learning music can indeed develop ability of the brain in Children. Musician who has studied music that has specific brain areas are more numerous and have more specific skills. However, it does not mean they are a better musician. Train the brain to improve brain power.

“Musical ability is not only about skills, but also communication, style, enthusiasm, and other factors that we do not measure. Then, though learned early on to help accelerate the development of the brain, does not mean they’ll be a genius,” said Virginia more further.

However, learning to play music from an early age, will be beneficial both to develop the ability of the brain in children. Additionally, studying music in children is also beneficial to reduce pain and give a sense of relaxation, and can even make your child sleep soundly.

How to control emotions with the right brain and left brain

How to control emotions with the right brain and left brain. Emotions have a great impact on human life. Therefore, emotions could encourage someone to do something. In fact, certain emotions, such as anger, resentment, and hatred can lead to hasty action. Thus, the ratio was defeated by a momentary emotional boost. In fact, emotions can be controlled by the right brain and left brain if you know the various way.

From many studies have known of the close relationship between negative emotions and bad effects on health. Like for example when someone is angry, then automatically a sudden increase in blood pressure. No wonder also if we ever heard of someone having a heart attack or stroke at the time the person is not able to control negative emotions, such as anger.

How to control emotions, relationship between negative emotions and bad effects on health

In everyday life, negative emotions such as anger uncontrolled, can unconsciously affect your physical and mental health. There is a connection between mind and body. Poor emotional health can weaken your immune system, making you more likely to get colds and other infections.

Our body responds to the way we think, act and feel. Some symptoms such as headache, diarrhea, insomnia, palpitations, shortness of breath, loss or weight gain, chest pain and other symptoms may be experienced after an emotional crisis or a period of stress.

How to improve emotional health

  • The first thing you need to do is to recognize and understand why you have emotions. To control the emotions we need to know what is causing emotional.
  • Do not save and hold back your emotions, it will only aggravate the situation yourself.
  • Pour your feelings to your loved ones or people close to you to see something that bothers you.
  • Try to focus on positive things and hang out with positive people. Write down what are the things that make you feel happy with the comments as much as possible.
  • Routine for eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep and exercise.
  • Use methods to calm your mind like meditation or breathing exercises.

Brain wave therapy is also believed to control your emotions. To achieve the feeling of relaxation you can stimulate your brain with brain wave audio. Audio will train your brain to stimulate or reduce the frequency of your brain.

How motion and train the brain to not senile dementia

How motion and train the brain to not senile dementia. In principle, the basic brain exercise is to prevent senility. Blockage of the left part of the brain above the ear we were speaking center. As a result, people will be difficult interlocutor. If the lesion occurs above the top of the head, fitting central actuating fingers or lips could lisp, paralyzed, and so on.

We must educate the public to maintain brain stay in fit shape. that quality of life is maintained. Due to a few lesions, brain tissue does not function so with their own activity / quality of life to be ugly, “said Astuti”. One of the brain training is brain exercise is healthy.

brain exercise is healthy, brain exercise is to prevent senility, Motion and brain training

Motion and brain training can be done by all ages. In children with epilepsy, children with cerebral palsy, children with uncoordinated hand movements than difisioterapi, they can also train the brain.

Motion and brain training can be done while sitting or standing. done with feeling happy, relaxed, and not hold your breath. When you are on the bus, being in front of the computer desk, this movement can be done in just five minutes.

How motion and train the brain

Practice your neck stretch; Position body facing straight ahead, with your right hand on the right side of the head. Press the head to the left, while the head facing straight ahead. Neck muscles will feel stretched against impulse hand. Perform eight count by not holding his breath. Do it alternately with your left hand.

Stretching the shoulder and upper arm;

  1. Straighten your right hand up (beside the ear), palms facing forward. The left hand through the back of the right hand below the elbow. The hand moved to the back straight, while your other hand to hold the front. Will feel a stretch in the shoulders and upper arms. Exhale when activated or tense muscles. Then do a left-hand turn, each twice.
  2. Straighten your right hand up, in addition to the ears with your palms facing inwards. Hands were driven straight to the right, while the other hand pull the right hand inward. Perform turns with the left hand, each twice.
  3. Position a straight right hand pressed to the right ear and the other hand pushing in the direction of out. Perform turns with the left hand, each twice.

Warming brain switches; Rub two indentations left and right below the collarbone meetings left and right to the sternum. With his other hand rubbing the abdomen. Keep eyes move to the left and to the right, up, down and rotate from top left to top right. Perform six breaths with alternating hands.

Usually the recommended training three times a week, each about 15-20 minutes, should always imagined physical motion, so that the brain circuitry connected with movements being performed.