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The benefits of noni juice in addition to cancer

Efficacy of noni not only as an anti-cancer. There are still many other benefits listed on this bitter fruit. Noni can be consumed in juice form. Noni has a complete nutrient content. One of them is a nutrient that is very beneficial for the body.

Other content Noni is a protein, vitamins, and essential minerals. Selenium is found in noni fruit is a great antioxidant substances. Other ingredients contained in the noni fruit is terpenoid substances. This substance is useful to assist the process of organic synthesis and is also beneficial for the recovery of cells in the body.

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The active substances in Noni juice is very useful to kill bacteria as the cause of infection. Anti-bacterial substances contained in the content of the noni fruit is also useful for controlling bacterial pathogens (bacteria lethal).

In addition, the benefits of the noni fruit is very well known anti-cancer. The content of anti-cancer substances in the noni fruit is very effective against abnormal cells.

Benefits of noni juice

– Endurance. Noni has the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, and enzymes. All these nutrients are excellent for boosting the immune system. Research shows that drinking noni juice may help protect the body from the effects of free radicals. Because noni fruit is rich in natural antioxidants such as vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 are required by the body.

– Anti-inflammatory. Noni juice has anti-inflammatory properties that has been shown to prevent inflammation. Also lower the risk of heart attack.

– Fight against germs. Ingredients such as anthraquinone compounds, scopoletin and stunned that exist in noni fruit has antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic good for maintaining healthy skin and body.

– Controlling blood pressure. Eating in the form of noni fruit juice, fresh fruit or supplements are highly recommended, because it can prevent the nutritional content of hypertension. Blood pressure becomes more stable.

– Increase endurance. The noni fruit can increase endurance. It is caused due to the content of the work that can activate the thyroid gland and thymus gland.

– Normalize blood pressure. The noni fruit can also reduce high blood. This is due to the presence of scopoletin phytonutrients substances that function to dilate veins. As a result, the heart can not work hard, so it can normalize blood pressure.

Health benefits of noni. There are many benefits of noni, apart from the above benefits. Noni would be better consumed in juice form. Noni fruit is very nutritious for health.

Benefits of soursop fruit for cancer

Some cases of cancer can be cured. Foods that contain antioxidants are believed to fight cancer. And antioxidants can be obtained from green tea, garlic, peppers, and fish. Besides healthy lifestyle to avoid harmful radiation is also believed to be a safe way of prevent cancer.

Some types of cancer are known to be able to develop the immune system against chemotherapy medications used during treatment. The types of cancer including the breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer. In many cases, the cancer cells are resistant to chemotherapy drugs can grow out of control and growing rapidly. According to a health institution, tumors that are resistant to these medications have a molecular pump that prevents chemotherapy medcations into cancer cells.

Benefits of soursop for cancer

Soursop fruit is known to contain phytochemical compounds that have anti-tumor properties as. Compound called acetogenin annonaceous been tested in patients with breast cancer resistant to chemotherapy drugs. The result is promising, because acetogenin annonaceous contained in soursop fruit showed anti-tumor effects and chemotherapy. In the follow-up study led by researchers from Taiwan, phytochemicals also show its ability to kill liver cancer cells.

Although laboratory that issued the report on the efficacy of soursop fruit in overcoming cancer, but reports are still considered incomplete and is still a hypothesis. This is because there has never been a study specifically examined thoroughly by using humans as research object. During this test is only performed in vitro (outside the body).

Based on the above, it was concluded it was too early to determine if it is medically soursop fruit can be used as a natural alternative that works to overcome the cancer. Still required further research, using human as research objects. Side effects of the use of soursop fruit extracts along with the consumption of prescription medications is also not known.

Things must be known about brain cancer

Brain cancer

Brain cancer is one type of cancer that is difficult to overcome. A lot of important things that are very good to know about this cancer. Brain cancer occurs when a mass of tissue known as cancer or brain tumors, interfere with brain function. Although brain cancer occurs infrequently, but to understand the facts about this disease is important.

Symptoms of brain cancer generally is not easily detected because the target of the attack the cancer is in the brain, an organ that is not visible from the outside. Even so, there are some indications that could be considered to determine whether a person is experiencing symptoms of brain cancer or not.

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Symptoms of brain cancer

  • Easy headaches; And prolonged headaches that come repeatedly can be a symptom of brain cancer.
  • Easy Nausea; Often nausea can also be a symptom of brain cancer.
  • The body easily limp;Brain cancer patients usually undergo body limp. Therefore, if the body easily fatigue despite does not heavy job, it should be awared.
  • It’s hard to walk;Brain cancer sufferers will also experience difficulty walking conditions. Every time want to walk would be staggering. Symptoms of brain cancer is caused by the body’s control activity in the brain is impaired by the presence of cancer cells.
  • It’s hard to hear and see;There is a change also in the sense of hearing and sight. Patients will experience reduced hearing and vision. Symptoms of brain cancer will get worse as the increased severity of the cancer cells.
  • Numbness in hands and feet;Symptoms of brain cancer is also characterized by the occurrence of numbness in the feet and hands. Both organs are subject to interference from central nervous also being plagued by cancer cells.
  • Difficulty concentrating;Since the attack on the brain makes patients also have difficulty concentrating. It will make people work hard to complete the job due to loss of concentration.
  • Decreased memory and response;Automatic Patients will also experience memory loss and the body’s response. This is influenced problematic brain organ, begin controlled a cancer cell.

Maybe if that happened just one of the above symptoms, it is not yet led to the occurrence of brain cancer. But if it happens several symptoms at once, better get it checked because it may be a symptom of brain cancer.

It is important to know about brain cancer

Types of brain cancer the most common is secondary brain cancer, which is cancer that originates in another part of the body that has reached the brain. Second brain cancer the most common is Gliobalastoma, which is the primary brain cancer.

The survival rate for primary brain cancer (Gliobalastoma) is typically 10 to 12 months with all treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. The survival rate for secondary brain cancer varies, depending on the status and type of primer is usually six to 12 months.

Common symptoms of brain cancer are increasing headache, seizures, focal neurological deficits such as weakness in an arm or leg, trouble speaking, difficulty walking, vision problems, behavioral changes, and others.

Treatment of brain cancer options depend on the type of cancer. For primary brain cancer, surgery is the first treatment option followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. For secondary brain cancer, is surgery performed radiotherapy until chemotherapy. Brain tumors can also occur in children under 20 years. Tumors that often occur in children aged five to 10 years is usually the cancer.

Chemicals that could be a cause of cancer

Chemicals that could be a cause of cancer. Chemical substance is any material with a specific chemical composition. For example, a snippet of water has the same properties and the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen is just as good if footage is taken from a river or made in a laboratory. A pure substance can not be separated into other substances by any mechanical process.

Chemicals commonly found daily include water, salt (sodium chloride), and sugar (sucrose). In general, there are substances in solid, liquid, or gas, and may undergo a phase change agent in accordance with the change in temperature or pressure.

Chemicals cause of cancer, how to prevent cancer, trigger cancer

Chemicals cause of cancer

You know the kind of plastic cup that is usually only used single-use only. In the manufacture of glass is often referred to as Styrofoam is using a chemical called styrene. Styrene is one of the types of chemicals that must be minimized its use in human life due to having carcinogenic properties or cause cancer.

In addition to styrene, there are other chemicals that are carcinogens ie, cobalt-tungsten carbide, captafol, o-nitrotulene, and also riddelliine. The use of styrene for various items needed in daily life has been so extensive, ranging from fiberglass, automotive parts, plastic pipe and disposable beverage containers.

People affected by exposure to styrene role in the high number of risk for leukemia and lymphoma cancer attacks. In addition, there is also the fact that shows the dangers of styrene to humans because it can cause cancer of the pancreas and esophagus.

In addition to styrene are very dangerous, there are other substances that are not less risky as formaldehyde that are widely used as preservatives in the products of textile and plastic.

Other substances are acids asritolochic widely used in a variety of herbal products to treat gout, inflammation and arthritis, you should also watch out because it is quite likely to cause cancer.

However, this explanation does not mean that these chemicals can cause cancer directly, there are many factors that also play a significant role as the vulnerability of each person, the size of the amount of exposure to chemicals, and so on.

In another study noted that there is a chemical used in the manufacture of rubber that could potentially cause cancer in people exposed continuously.

Chemicals called MBT with the chemical formula 2-mercaptobenzothiazole is a material cause cancer (carcinogens). People affected by MBT has a risk of colon cancer and multiple myeloma is higher than those who were free from exposure to MBT.

Perfluorocarbon cause of cancer

Perhaps you do not realize that the various appliances in the kitchen contains a chemical called perfluorocarbon (PFC). PFC is a type of chemical that is widely used in nonstick pan products and food packaging that is water-repellent and fat.

Normally these substances enter the body through food, vapor or dust that is around the room so you definitely will not even notice. According to the study, exposure to PFCs in human body especially among women is closely associated with accelerated aging or menopause early.

Women containing PFC in their bodies significantly had estrogen content lower. So be careful when you are going to use an item, especially items that are used intensively in everyday life. So also for the workers who work in companies that make products using chemicals such as those mentioned above ought to consider the sustainability of jobs compared to the risks that must be faced in the future.

Obesity susceptible to breast cancer

Obesity susceptible to breast cancer. Obesity is excess weight as a result of excessive accumulation of body fat. Everyone needs some body fat to store energy as heat insulation, shock absorption, and other functions. The average woman has more body fat than men.

Attention is not only addressed to the amount of fat deposited, but also to the location of body fat accumulation. The pattern of body fat distribution in men and women tend to differ. Women tend to hoard fat in the hips and buttocks. While the men usually hoard fat around the abdomen.

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Someone buried a lot of fat in the abdomen may be more susceptible to various health problems associated with obesity. They have a higher risk. Scientifically, obesity is caused by consuming more calories than are required by the body. The cause of the imbalance between calorie intake and burning is still unclear.

Obesity can cause a variety of orthopedic problems, including lower back pain and aggravate osteoarthritis (particularly in the hip, knee and ankle). Also sometimes common skin disorders. A person who is obese has a body surface is relatively narrow compared to the weight, so body heat can not be removed efficiently and sweat more. Often found edema (swelling due to accumulation of fluid a) in the legs and ankles.

Obesity is as dangerous as smoking. If cigarettes are the biggest cause of lung cancer, obesity (especially women) makes sufferers susceptible to breast cancer. Obesity is really no longer be considered just a beauty problem. Obesity is a trigger diseases such as cancer.

For women, obesity can make themselves more vulnerable to cancer. Because the factors that affect the hormones and enzymes in the body of someone who is obesity. Obesity is a risk of triggering a variety of illnesses including cancer. So there are certain genes that because he’s obese impaired. Obesity affects the hormones and enzymes in the body.

However, it does not mean that breast cancer strike only overweight women only. Fat people, not just bigger. But inside the body there are piles of fat, including breast, this makes foci little bumps, eventually can be large and violent. But that does not mean skinny people can not get cancer. But who are obese are more susceptible.

Fatty liver can lead to cancer

Fatty liver can lead to cancer. Now you should be wary of fatty liver. Fatty liver is the accumulation of excessive fat in the liver cells. It is very common in people who are overweight and many occur at the age of over 30 years.

In this condition, the liver contains excessive fat and most of the normal liver tissue is replaced with unhealthy fats. In this case, the liver cells and the spaces filled with fat in the liver so the liver becomes slightly enlarged and heavier.

Fatty liver can lead to cancer

Liver becomes oily and yellowish. This condition makes a complaint which is bad in the liver, which is felt in the right upper abdomen. It may also be found in the liver of gallstones, which are composed of cholesterol and bile salts.

Excess fat in the liver can be seen with ultrasound. This condition may also be an increase in liver enzymes. Liver dysfunction is very common and is a growing problem. A healthy liver somewhat reddish color and the texture is uniform. Basically, the liver has a room filled with red to pink as they are filled with blood. Rows of liver cells forming the walls of the room.

During the blood flow throughout the room, the liver cells can clean up toxins, dead cells, microorganisms and fat from the bloodstream. This is the reason why liver as a filter and cleaning the blood flow. If the room is the liver and liver cells are filled with fat, then the liver can not filter and clean the blood flow efficiently and the blood flow becomes filled with toxins and fat.

Therefore the best way to overcome this problem, if not then a continued weak liver function will trigger further problems such as autoimmune conditions and type 2 diabetes. Some reported cases linking fatty liver with liver cancer. According to medical experts gastroenterohepatologi, most cases of liver cancer is caused by infection with Hepatitis B and C.

Obesity had the greatest role (primary), although not all patients with fatty liver are obese. Fatty liver can be formed due to secondary factors, such as hepatitis virus infection, HIV, toxins, or use of certain medications. Fatty liver affects many people with central obesity (overweight around the stomach).

There are at least two possibilities. In the majority of patients with fatty liver, liver function is normal and stable. Some others have inflammation of the liver. They are inflammatory some are led to cirrhosis and fibrosis. Cirrhosis can develop into cancer. No marker that predict the exact direction of the development of fatty liver.

There are cancer patients without cirrhosis of the liver. To determine the condition of the liver in people with fatty liver and includes high risk, such as obesity and diabetes, the best procedure is to biopsy the liver.

According to nutrition specialist, the diet reduces liver fat principles can overcoming obesity. Reduce consumption of saturated fats among other things, the coconut oil and animal fat, including meat. Instead, add omega-3, including from tuna, salmon, and mackerel.

Tips on how to prevent breast cancer

Tips on how to prevent breast cancer. Breast cancer is a disease that until now the most feared by woman. Previously, the experts believe that breast cancer is a disease that can not be prevented and is difficult to cure.

However, researchers now many know how to prevent it. However, by knowing how to prevent breast cancer, we can reduce the risk. Prevent breast cancer can be done by the medical and alternative therapies.

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How to prevent breast cancer by medical:

Drugs to prevent breast cancer; Women with high risk, namely that survive of breast cancer or who at least have a blood relationship with cancer (mother or sister), can get Tamoxifen therapy, which works by blocking the tumor trigger effects of estrogen.

Mastectomy before cancer attacks; For women from families with a high genetic risk, there is a mastectomy for prevent breast cancer. It is a radical approach, but most succeed. Mastectomy is lifting the breast tissue, but not completely, so the possibility the cancer is still there.

Prevention of breast cancer naturally:

Exercise regularly; Research shows that in line with the increased activity, the risk of breast cancer will be reduced. Exercise will lower the levels of estrogen produced by the body, thereby reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Reduce fat; You have often heard disagreement about the relationship between breast cancer and fatty foods. Some studies suggest that a low-fat diet helps prevent breast cancer. The type of fat that triggers breast cancer is the saturated fat in meat, butter, foods containing full-cream milk (whole-milk dairy foods) and fatty acids in margarine.

While the types of fats that help prevent breast cancer is the unsaturated fats in olive oil and omega-3 fatty acids in salmon and other cold water fish. Saturated fats in meat and dairy products and fatty acids in margarine raise levels of estrogen in the blood, whereas unsaturated fats in olive oil and omega-3 fatty acids in fish does not cause an increase in estrogen levels in the blood.

Do not cook the meat too overcooked; Regardless of saturated fat found in meat, how you cook the meat will affect the risk of breast cancer. The meats are cooked / baked produce carcinogenic compounds (amino heterocyclic). The longer cooked, the more compounds are formed. Heterocyclic Amino most abundant in the outer layers of grilled meat (skin) scorched and black.

Eat more fruits and vegetables; A growing number of eating fruits and vegetables, the less risk for all cancers, including breast cancer. Food from plants containing high anti-oxidants, such as vitamin A, C, E and the mineral selenium, which can prevent cell damage that can cause cancer. But to avoid fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of fat, like French fries.

Consuming anti-oxidant supplements; Supplements can not replace fruits and vegetables, but an anti-oxidant formula could be a food additive that can prevent breast cancer.

Eat more fiber; In addition to functioning as anti-oxidants, fruits and vegetables also contain a lot of fiber. Fiber foods will bind estrogen in the digestive tract, so that levels in the blood will decrease.

Eating foods that contain soy or beans; Foods derived from soy lot contains plant estrogens (Phy-estrogen). As with tamoxifen, a compound similar to estrogen, but weaker. Phy-estrogen receptor bound to the same cells with estrogen the body, tied it out of breast cells, thereby reducing the effects of breast cancer triggers. In addition to blocking estrogen the body to reach the receptor cells, soy-containing foods also accelerate spending estrogen from the body. In addition to soy, Phy-estrogen is also present in other types of beans.

Detecting cancer can not be done directly, including breast cancer. Breast cancer does not appear at first but if we linger longer with cancer can be very harmful to life. No one will ever know when we are attacked by the disease, but at least efforts preventive keep it running straight to prevent breast cancer. By knowing how to prevent breast cancer, we can reduce the risk.

Foods that are recommended for patients with breast cancer

Foods that are recommended for patients with breast cancer. Breast cancer is a disease that is very scary and dangerous. Breast cancer is cancer that occurs in the breast tissue. This type of cancer usually occurs in women. Although men can also be affected, but the possibility is very small. Treatment for breast cancer is by surgery. Followed by chemotherapy and radiation.

Cancer is not contagious, although some cancers caused by a virus (such as liver cancer, which often occurs in patients with hepatitis, cervical cancer is often caused by human papilloma virus – HPV), breast cancer is not one of them, so it is impossible to catch breast cancer due to exposure contact with the sufferer. Breast cancer is also not transmitted through the bruises, bumps, or similar injuries. Breast size a person also does not increase or decrease the risk of breast cancer.

What is breast cancer, symptoms of breast cancer,

Recommended food for breast cancer patients

There are some foods that are recommended for regular consumption for patients with breast cancer. Consumption may be only one kind of material or a mixture of several ingredients.

  • Wheat; In this case you can consume in the form of wheat cereal with a glass of milk every morning. Each ½ cup wheat equivalent of 10 grams of fiber which is used to lower the level of estrogen in the body. The experts found that high levels of estrogen in the body will be stimulated growth of breast cancer.
  • Salmon and tuna; Based on the research, that women who ate tuna and salmon every day, had a risk of breast cancer is very small. Presumably because of the omega-3 content of substances contained in the fish.
  • Carrots and spinach; Woman who frequently consume carrots and spinach can also reduce the risk of breast cancer.
  • Yoghurt; In a study using yogurt as a medium, disclosed yoghurt turns can slow the growth of breast cancer cells, especially in considerable amounts.
  • Soy milk; Retrieved fact that one of the substances contained in the pure soy milk was found can reduce the risk of breast cancer compared to soybeans processed.

The characteristics of breast cancer;

  • Nipple shape changing (could be enter into, or persistent pain), remove the fluid / blood
  • Breast feels hot, flushed and swollen
  • There is a wound in the breast are difficult to heal
  • Hard lump that does not move (fixed)
  • Ache / pain (this may pain not be because of cancer, but still had to watch out for)
  • Itchy area around the nipple
  • There are changes in the breast such as wrinkled skin, irritation, such as orange peel
  • The small bumps
  • There is a hard lump in the breast
  • If the lump is cancerous, initially usually only on one breast

If you feel you have the symptoms mentioned above, immediately went to the doctor to find out for sure whether or not you are suffering from breast cancer. If you know of cancer the earlier, it will be more easily healed.

Doctors have several ways to diagnose breast cancer. Most of this type of cancer is with a biopsy (taking a bit of tissue, for examination under a microscope by a pathologist) is the only way to determine with certainty the diagnosis of cancer. So the symptoms of breast cancer is not enough.

Vegan diet can treat the cause of breast cancer

Vegan diet can treat the cause of breast cancer. Breast cancer is a disease that is very scary and dangerous. Breast cancer is a cancer of the breast tissue. This is the most common type of cancer that affects women. Men can also develop breast cancer, although less likely.

The signs and symptoms of breast cancer

  • There is a hard lump in the breast
  • Nipple shape change (can be entered into, or persistent pain), remove the fluid / blood
  • There are changes in the breast such as wrinkled skin, irritation, such as orange peel
  • presence of small lumps
  • There is a wound in the breast are difficult to heal
  • Breasts feel hot, flushed and swollen
  • Ache / pain (it can also hurt because it’s not cancer, but it remains to watch)
  • It felt very itchy area around the nipple
  • Hard lump that is not moving (fixed) and usually at the beginning, initially did not feel sick

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The cause of breast cancer

  • No family history of breast cancer
  • Have a history of tumor
  • Menstruation is too young or over 50 years of menopause
  • Not married / not breastfeeding
  • First Instance gave birth to a child over the age of 35 years
  • Often exposed to radiation (Can of frequent medical examinations by using X-ray)
  • A diet with excessive fat consumption
  • Obesity
  • Obtain long-term hormonal therapy
  • Stress
  • Genetic factors

Treating the causes of breast cancer by vegan diet

You can overcome the symptoms of breast cancer by medical therapy, but can not resolve the cause. Vegan diet is a diet with the consumption of non-animal foods that are naturally more suitable for humans to live a healthy life. Raw food diet is proven to tackle the causes of breast cancer.

Conventional treatments to overcome breast cancer include chemotherapy, radiation, and invasive surgery such as mastectomy, can often lead to other diseases or even a recurrence of breast cancer. Such treatment will only address the symptoms of the disease and not the cause.

However, changes in diet and lifestyle can address the causes of breast cancer without conventional treatment. Cancer can not survive in oxygen-rich environment, so you need to create the conditions in the body.

To fight the toxins in the body that contributes to cancer, you can try to eat a vegan diet of raw vegetables or completely. Choose healthy foods like fruits, raw vegetables, almonds, raisins and fresh juice.

By avoiding toxins and carcinogens in processed foods, you can push the balance of acid and alkaline in the body becomes more stable. Taking herbal and nutrient dense eating raw food can help cleanse the blood and shrink the tumor in a short time without drugs, surgery or chemotherapy.

Vitamin B17 deficiency is also one of the causes of cancer, so you can eat raw almonds to address the causes of cancer naturally. The combination of the vegan diet and herbal medicine can shrink tumors and help cure breast cancer.

Cancer is not contagious, although some cancers are caused by viruses (such as liver cancer is common in patients with hepatitis, cervical cancer is often caused by human papilloma virus – HPV), breast cancer is not one of them, so that we may not contracting breast cancer because of exposure contact with the sufferer. Breast cancer is not contagious through bruises, bumps, or similar injuries.

One’s breast size did not increase or decrease the risk of breast cancer. If you are a woman, your risk of breast cancer. But the chances of developing breast cancer can be low, medium, or high, depending on several factors.

It is not yet known for certain specific causes of breast cancer. The most common treatment for breast cancer is by surgery and if necessary followed by chemotherapy or radiation.

How to prevent and treatment of brain cancer

Treatment of brain cancer – dmatxi.com. The brain is an important organ that regulates all activities / movements of the human body. The brain can be multitasking like this because all activity is regulated by different brain parts (each part has a different function). In general, the human brain is divided into three parts, namely a cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem.

To cancer, cells undergo changes / mutations that cells divide in an uncontrolled manner, invade the tissue around the abnormal cells, and can also move to other body tissues via the blood circulation (metastasis).

Each part of the brain can be affected by tumor / cancer. So far have not found a method to “cure” abnormal cells, so the only way is to remove abnormal tissue from the body to another body part is not infected.

On certain types of cancer, eg breast cancer, if the abnormal cells are detected early so that network problems can be removed / discarded. But on brain cancer, when cancer cells have spread to a vital part of the brain there is no way to get rid of abnormal cells.

Although a benign tumor, but because of the growth in the brain, can be very dangerous. The tumor can interfere with the function and structure of the central nervous system damage, because it lies within a finite cavity (cavity of the skull).

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Along with the development of these tumors, brain tissue will be more depressed. Though the volume of cranial cavity is very limited and may not be getting bigger. This is what makes the headaches / dizziness as an early symptom of brain cancer.

How to prevent brain cancer

Follow these steps to avoid the tumor / brain cancer:

  • Do not get your head banged or traumatized. Avoid high-risk activities such as boxing. Always use a helmet while riding a motorcycle.
  • Expand to eat fruits that contain antioxidants such as dates, oranges, raisins, strawberries, plums and red wine. Antioxidants will improve blood circulation to and from the brain to prevent narrowing or blockage of veins.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Expand to eat fibrous foods, stay away from fatty foods.
  • Avoid carcinogens, such as cooking oil that is used repeatedly.
  • Stay away from objects with high radiation levels due to exposure to radiation in certain levels can trigger abnormal cell growth. If the call using the phone, hands-free use so there is a distance between the phone with the head (brain), thereby reducing levels of heat and radiation.
  • Healthy lifestyle. Enough sleep. Exercise routine so that no blood circulation to the brain.

Symptoms of brain cancer

  • headache accompanied by nausea to vomiting spray
  • reduced visibility
  • decreased awareness or behavior change
  • speech impairment
  • hearing loss
  • impaired walking / balance of the body
  • nerves
  • weakened limbs or seizures
  • in infants are usually large prominent crown

Remember, the above list is only a symptom. Although you are experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, you may not be affected by brain cancer. To be sure, you should be checked immediately by a physician neurologist and undergo a further examination such as CT scan, MRI, angiogram, myelogram, spinal tap and biopsy. Baseline characteristics of brain cancer varies widely, depending on which part of the brain affected.

How to cope with brain cancer

Treating brain cancer is not easy because this disease is a disease that can cause a very dangerous thing for the sufferer. Brain cancer did not arise suddenly but rather take time or develop slowly but surely become a cancer. Central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord. The brain is an important organ that controls thought, memory, emotion, touch, motor skills, vision, respiration, temperature, hunger, and every process that regulates our body.

Brain cancer and spinal cord in adults is different with the children. They are often formed in different areas, develop from different cell types, and perhaps also different treatment approaches. This discussion is devoted only to the adult brain cancer.

Keeping the brain in order to remain healthy we need to do is to consume foods that are good for the brain, keeping the head from impact is hard, not too stressful, avoid exposure to radiation, and so forth. Brain cancer can happen to anyone not familiar with ages ranging from the ages of children, adolescents, but usually more brain cancers suffered by adults or who are still productive.