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Tricks to clean tartar using tamarind seeds

How to clean tartar using tamarind seeds? Tartar is a dental problem that arises due to leftovers that are too long lags in between the teeth. Tartar is actually made of bacteria that hardens and then cling to the roots of the teeth. And the bacteria can arise due to the rest of the food was not immediately cleared.

If the tartar is not immediately cleaned up then the tartar will remain on the sidelines of the teeth and cause gum disease. And if the gum disease is severe then later the pain will arise and consequently will disturb your comfort, especially at mealtime.

Tricks to clean tartar using tamarind seeds

How to clean tartar is actually easy and does not need to visit a dentist who fear it will cost too expensive. How to clean tartar of which the first is diligently cleaning the teeth twice a day. Brushing teeth regularly and diligently so that leftovers are not attached.

Second, tartar cleaning can also be done by using foodstuffs. By diligently consume apples can also help take care of your teeth to avoid the tartar. But when eating an apple, you should eat along with apple skins were previously washed beforehand. Other natural ingredients that can be used are cloves. This clove finely ground before finally apply to the teeth.

How to clean tartar fourth is still using natural ingredients that tamarind seeds. Tamarind seeds can help overcome the tartar that is in between the teeth. By way of slowly eroding little by little tartar growing.

The fifth way is in addition to brushing teeth, gargle with mouthwash in order to prevent further growth of tartar. Tartar can also be prevented in this way by always flossing after eating so not much food left on the teeth.

And is also equipped with cleaning teeth by brushing teeth regularly twice a day. If you experience this, the above tips can you make reference to cleanse your tartar.

Tooth discoloration can be treated with whitening treatments (dental bleaching). This treatment is generally done by using chemicals, such as hydrogen peroxide. Chemicals used in dental bleaching procedures it can cause side effects, among which teeth become sensitive and irritated gums.

Therefore a lot of research trying to find natural materials as an alternative. Strawberry fruit is touted as one of the natural ways that can make your teeth whiter. From research published recently revealed that the star fruit also has the potential to be used as teeth whitening.

How cleaning plaque and tartar on teeth

How cleaning plaque and tartar on teeth. White teeth and clean is everyone’s dream. But not only yellow teeth, other dental problems are plaque and tartar. What is the color of plaque and tartar? What causes plaque and tartar on the teeth.

Therefore it is necessary that maximum care to stay healthy. However, some people have dental problems called tartar. Tartar is an accumulation of plaque (semitransparent layer a polysaccharide on the teeth), bacteria and pellicle (a thin layer of salivary proteins that attach to the tooth surface after cleaning teeth optimally).

How to cleaning plaque and tartar

Consistency tartar becomes hard because and plaque pellicle undergo mineralization, making it very difficult to remove by mechanical cleaning with a toothbrush. Plaque is a soft and sticky coating on the teeth consisting of proteins and bacteria.

Plaque consists of bacteria from saliva. Plaque formed immediately after you finish brushing. Within 48 hours after its formation, plaque begins to harden by calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals from saliva, into tartar. How to deal with tartar must go through treatment by a Dentist, because it could not be done arbitrarily by the patient himself.


Natural way of removing plaque and tartar

Flossing; The natural way to remove tartar is by flossing. Dental floss is a way to clean up food scraps and plaque that lies in the gap between the teeth. Remnants of food that are not covered by a toothbrush can be cleaned by flossing.

Fruit; Consuming a variety of fruits on a regular basis really gives good benefits to the body. In addition to nourish the body and skin, there are also certain fruits that have beneficial to cope with tartar in the mouth. Apples and melons trigger excessive saliva production that can to removes tartar. This is the natural way to get rid of tartar easily.

Way to clean plaque on teeth

The best way to remove plaque is by brushing (especially at night and early morning), with interdental cleaning by dental floss, toothpick or brush between the teeth. Dental plaque is hardly visible because it was white, the same color as teeth. Plaques can be made visible with a special dye liquid. The materials that can help you discover areas that need more care when cleaning teeth.

Take the dye and let it on your tongue. Move your tongue to the surface of your teeth. Gargle until the water is no longer colored. Sections were stained teeth is plaque. Give more care when cleaning your teeth.

How tartar cleaning the teeth

Tartar has formed normally only be removed by a dentist. Your dentist will use a combination of high pressure water and cleaning tools to remove the tartar. Dentists use a tool called a scaler to clean tartar manually or electronically. If tartar with severe gum disease, patients may be referred to a specialist periodontist for cleaning and maintenance further.

Tartar cleaning should follow the anatomy of teeth, move the tool to clean the tartar also should not be arbitrary. If done not according to the procedure will hurt your gums and make the tooth enamel becomes thinner. Dentists will use specialized tools to clean the tartar, that is scaler.

There are 3 kinds of scaler, ie manual, supersonic and ultrasonic. Now more popularly used ultrasonic scaler, as it faster, easier, and minimize pain during tartar cleaning. Many lay people opinion can tartar be removed through the use of cloves, tamarind seeds, and so on. All of this less precise, because the material is not eliminate tartar, but only acts as an antiseptic in the oral cavity.

Tartar itself is not dangerous, but it has a very rough surface where the bacteria can be easily attached to the surface. This rough surface into a colony of bacteria that cause a variety of problems, such as gum inflammation (gingivitis / periodontitis), tooth decay (caries) and bad breath (halitosis).

Tartar is also a cosmetic problem because it makes your teeth yellow or brown. Tartar is more porous than the enamel making it easy to change the color. If you smoke or drink coffee or tea often, your teeth are exposed tartar will change color to brown or black.

If your teeth already have tartar, do not come to the dentist to check your teeth. This is a great way to get rid of tartar, because you come directly to the experts. By regularly coming to a dentist or dental clinic you will undoubtedly have a crusty tooth that can be clean again and make your appearance more confident again.