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How to increase the concentration of learning in children

Increase the concentration

How to increase the concentration of learning in children. The most important thing in the process of learning in children is the concentration. Children will easily grasp the subject matter if the child feels comfortable and can concentrate well.

How to improve concentration in children. Concentration is how children focus on work or do something so that the work was able to be done in a certain time. The ability of children to concentrate vary according to age. Child’s attention span in receiving information through any activity is also different.

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Attention span in children of pre-school is influenced by many factors, such as lack of interesting material, environmental factors are crowded, difficult child to work, etc.. For children it is needed the active ability to deliver material and adapted to motor development.

While the definition of difficulty concentrating is if it can not focus or pay attention to something, and easy switching. So, for a job, he could not finish. Bit by bit, attention is turning and it occurs at everything. However, the conclusion that a child’s learning difficulties, can only be obtained when compared to normal children generally.

How to improve the concentration of learning in children

Finding out the cause of trouble concentrating child; Analyzing the causes difficulty concentrating in children. For example: when following coloring contest, your child is busy to see the her friends work so that he did not do the drawing.

This could be due to the opportunity to socialize with peers less, so when he was out of the house she was so excited that he forgot his duty. It could also the child is less interested to drawing because they feel bored with activities that required him to sit still. After that, then look for appropriate solutions and strategies so that children are willing to work together to accomplish tasks.

Looking for a strategy in accordance with the child’s; In searching for the right strategy to cope with a difficult child behavior, can be discussed with the child, to make the rules together. In making rules and adjust working time limits the child’s ability. Entering the age of 4-5 years old children have started to understand and be able to work together.

For example: when he followed the coloring contest, must complete the task first. If he quickly completed the task he will be invited to take a walk. If the child is too old so he did not invited. By doing so, hopes the child to concentrate more to complete the task.

All activities are conducted requires maximum effort, consistency, and patience in training, directing and motivating children. All activities are performed that are not instant, quickly get results. Everything there is sacrifice, especially for older people, in order to spend time with your child and practice with patience.

Most sweet food can interfere with concentration in children

Concentration in children

Most sweet foods can interfere with concentration in children. Most sweet foods can interfere with the child’s ability to concentrate. The pattern of provision of food intake in children greatly affect the health and development. And intake of certain nutrients can cause effects to balance a child’s brain. The trend love to eat sweet foods such as chocolate, sweets, biscuits and other snacks that are considered normal by the parents turned out to can be bad for children’s health.

This happens because sugar intake of a balanced diet alone is enough, when coupled with a sweet foods, then the child may have excess sugar intake. Excessive sugar intake can impair the ability to concentrate and child health.

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Excessive sugar intake can lead to many health problems, including obesity, diabetes, caries of the teeth. Plus, a study shows excessive sugar intake can cause concentration problems in children. When the consumption of excess sugar, the body will neutralize it by increasing the production of insulin. While insulin is too much will make the child tired so hard to concentrate.

In addition to distraction, excessive sugar intake also resulted in changes in behavior and emotional state. At pre-school age children, excess sugar can reduce the quality of learning, the child becomes too active and more aggressive.

The most optimal sugar content is 55% of the total intake required by the body. Not too low as it can cause the child lethargic, but also not too high because it can interfere with the neurochemical (chemical compounds in the nerve) that causes the body to tire easily. What matters is the balance of carbohydrate intake.

In addition, the consumption of protein than carbohydrates, especially before the child doing complex work that requires concentration and alertness. Protein will keep production constant energy so that the body does not easily tired, in contrast to the high levels of sugar which initially makes us aggressive, but quickly tired then, so it affects the ability to concentrate and even intelligence.

Tips on how to improve your concentration

Improve concentration

Tips on how to improve your concentration. The concentration of the brain is an important element that will greatly affect your performance and productivity, especially those that work in the world of work and education level. We can increase the concentration of the brain with exercises and diet.

How to improve your concentration

Increase your physical activity; If you want to improve concentration, then you should try to increase your physical activity. Regular exercise not only helps your physical appearance but also improve your concentration.

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Reduce your sugar intake; You need to reduce your sugar intake. Too much sugar can cause harsh effects on your body. It will not help your concentration. It has a high sugar levels in your body system can cause your body system easily distracted.

Take vitamins for brain; We all know that vitamins can do a lot of good things for our bodies.

Getting a massage; Good massage can always increase the concentration in living a busy day.

Drink plenty of water; If you do not drink enough water, your brain will become lethargic. Therefore, it makes sense if you drink a lot of water. Drinking water will help to improve your concentration.

Sleep well at night; If you want to have a successful day, it is very important for you to ensure you sleep soundly at night. If you do not sleep well at night, then your concentration will not run well on the next day.

Resolving the problem; If you have something on your mind, then it can clog your concentration until you remove it from your mind. Find someone you trust and disclose everything. This is not a wrong thing, everyone does from time to time.

Concentration power of the human brain can be enhanced by consuming highly nutritious food. In nature this is very much food with high nutritional quality that can help improve your concentration.

Healthy food if we eat less food that contains nutrients, it will affect the ability to concentrate. Eating too little or too much food portions can also interfere with the ability to focus. Portions that are too large can make us lethargic, while the portions are too small can make us hungry, so disturbed concentration.

How to improve concentration at work

Improve concentration at work

How to improve concentration at work. You sit in the office while searching on the web and look for an article on how you can improve your concentration at work.

At the same time you have a new message in the inbox, the phone rang for the arrival of the package that you have ordered, a colleague came and asked questions and got some message on your mobile phone.

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What do you do? You read the email, set the reception package, reply to your colleagues and read messages. After that, it’s time to get back to work.

Your body is in the office but your mind is on vacation. Even worse, you realize that you have at least five unfinished projects. Do not worry, you’re not alone. Here’s how to stay focused and concentrate better at work.

How to stay focused and concentrate at work

  1. Create a comfortable working space. A comfortable work space will improve your mood at work. You will not be able to work well if your desk a mess. Tidy up your desk, organize files in folder categories to make it easier to find later.
  2. Beat social media; Each status update is an opportunity for a little chat with friends, each notification is temptation and every photo posted on your wall. When you return to work, it is reasonable that a low concentration levels and reduced performance. What can you do? Unfortunately for some, the only solution is to not log on social media as soon as you sit down at your computer. If you need to take a glimpse of what is going on, do it during the break and do not forget to close soon. Thus, notification will not distract you while you work.
  3. Mute your phone; Perhaps the most annoying sound in addition to the notification e-mail is your ringtone. You will be almost impossible to ignore message or call, especially when we know that nine out of ten calls are from your friends. To avoid this, set your phone to the status of silent and leave it in your bag or in your glove compartment is a wise move. You can view missed calls and text messages during the break, and if you need to call them back.
  4. No excessive boredom; Some of the tasks we have to do every day are more interesting than others. Tedious task is one of the biggest enemies of concentration. We recommend that you make an appointment with yourself, for every tedious task is complete, you get a ten-minute break, coffee or a phone call.
  5. Manage stress job; It’s almost impossible to concentrate on a specific task when you are constantly thinking about the task list is endless. The solution, find ways to relax, meditation, yoga, talk to your boss about stress. Go out for a walk, jog, take a deep breath or if all else fails, taking a day off.
  6. Wearing headphones; A recipe that has been proven to keep your concentration and mental integrity while in office was wearing headphones. This is the ideal way to reduce stress or relax the brain at work.

The ability to focus or concentration is needed in doing something big project. Concentration affect the results of all the work you do.

How to effectively improve concentration and memory

Improve concentration and memory

How to effectively improve concentration and memory. If you often feel hard to understand the material, or a lot wrong in the work on the task, it could be the cause is due to lack of concentration. To solve the problem, you need to identify effective ways to improve concentration in learning. Improve brain memory and increase intelligence and concentration.

How to improve brain memory and concentration that you can read in full along with some tips that can help you to overcome any health problems. Below you can read an article about how to improve brain memory and concentration are clear and easy for you to practice.

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How to improve concentration and brain memory

1. Chewing gum; Chewing gum apparently not only serves to freshen the mouth or eliminate boredom alone. But it can also increase the concentration. Research suggests, students who chewed gum containing either sugar or sugar free, tend to have a high level of concentration and can work on difficult tasks, compared to the group that did not chew gum. With mint chewing gum, one can reduce sleepiness.

In addition, other studies have also proved that the positive effect of chewing gum on memory. There are two theories. First, the chewing can increase heart rate, causing more oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Second, chewing would increase the production of insulin, stimulates parts of the brain associated with memory.

2. Drinking tea; Coffee has been known to improve concentration. Caffeine is known as a psychoactive substance that can stabilize feeling. But the same effect can also with drinking tea. The study gathered evidence that tea contains natural substances such as caffeine and L-theanine (psychoactive substances that affect brain activity).

3. Breakfast; According to dieticians, 9 out of 10 people who did not breakfast will feel very tired and it was hard to concentrate in the afternoon. Make sure always breakfast when will learn all day, because this is the energy capital. Eating carbohydrates like rice and bread, and protein such as eggs at lunch, powerful maximize energy and maintain concentration.

If the above method does not give any effect, I recommend to do it regularly, God willing if you do it regularly then these health problems will get better soon. Increasing concentrations can also be done in a fun way to relax your brain like a laugh, listen to music etc..

How to improve concentration by eating chocolate

Improve concentration

How to improve concentration by eating chocolate. A study published in the journal Hypertension suggests that eating chocolate every day can boost concentration and thinking skills in people who have cognitive problems.

The researchers put the elderly in their research subjects. The elderly were asked to consume the amount of flavonols in chocolate with a slight, moderate, and more every day for eight weeks.

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The results can be concluded is that chocolate intake shown to increase their concentration and cognitive abilities. The higher levels of flavonol, the better the ability to remember.

All the study subjects did have cognitive difficulties, which are difficult to remember and learn to concentrate common in the elderly. Moreover, previous research has revealed that flavonols can increase blood pressure and insulin resistance.

The participants in the study were also seen showing significant progress in information processing and responding to information. Research on the use of flavonols to increase the concentration of these still need to be explored further, given that the subject of his research is still limited to a specific population, rather than randomly.

Flavonols is one of the derivatives of flavonoids, and both are found in many natural ingredients ie fruits and vegetables. Flavonols especially abundant in red grapes, apples, and tea, as well as noni leaves in the form of flavonol glycosides. Herbs from the leaves of plants Noni and Noni juice can greatly help improve concentration.

Apparently, not only the flavonols in chocolate are proven to improve concentration. The content of theobromine in chocolate is also likely to play a role in increasing concentration and alertness body.

How it works similar to caffeine which stimulates adrenaline, increased heart rate, and provide more oxygen to the brain cells. Each year, six per cent of people aged 70 years and over having brain issues and problems to improve concentration. Part of this problem leads to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

If he did not end up with such severe disease, the aging process is also surely have a major impact on the activities involving the brain. Fatigue problems thinking and dementia has become increasingly severe with age. Therefore, the discovery of substances that can increase the concentration needed at this time.

Flavonols and other antioxidants are expected to be a bright spot for this problem. Yes, chocolate is delicious definitely very difficult to resist, especially if it turns out to improve concentration.

Foods that can improve concentration

Improve concentration

Foods that can improve concentration. Concentration is very important in our daily lives. This is one of the key factors for success in all areas of life.

If you find that you can not concentrate on your work, keep in mind that you are not alone in this problem. In fact, the inability to concentrate is a common problem among people all over the world.

foods that can improve memory and concentration

There are many methods to improve concentration such as meditation and yoga. But do not forget what we eat also affects our brain function. Making the right choice in your diet can actually help improve concentration and increase your alertness.

Some foods that can improve concentration

  1. Coffee; Caffeine contained in coffee has been known to increase alertness. Millions of people around the world enjoy a cup of coffee every morning because they believe that coffee can improve their concentration to stay alert at work.
  2. Egg yolks; choline in egg yolk helps improve memory. They also have selenium, which help improve mood. Some doctors even recommend pregnant women eat more eggs to help improve brain function fetus.
  3. Ginseng and ginkgo biloba; Ginseng and ginkgo biloba are two of the most famous Chinese herb believed good for concentration and memory function. According to scientists, the combination of these two herbs can significantly improve brain power. The researchers suggest that ginkgo biloba can improve concentration, while ginseng can sharpens memory.
  4. Cranberry; Animal studies have shown that cranberries contain high antioxidant that can protect the brain from some of the free radicals that can lead to loss of coordination and memory.
  5. Fish; fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel is a source of omega-3 is good that directly help improve brain activity. Eating foods high in omega-3 fatty acids have lower risk of stroke and dementia. It is advisable to eat two servings of fish every week to maintain brain health.
  6. Spinach; Spinach is rich in antioxidants and minerals, and is one of the vegetables that are rich in iron that can help increase concentration and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

The best way to improve concentration and memory is to engage in conversation. Too many people find themselves in a social environment. Be aware of the person you are talking to, engage with them, answer conversation. By simply being aware and engaged in conversation, you will improve memory and concentration. You will also have a stronger relationship with the person you are communicating with you.

How to improve concentration with chewing gum

How to improve concentration

Chewing gum can increase concentration. What do you usually use to improve concentration? Generally people consume coffee or herbal supplements to help improve concentration. But now there is a new way that is quite unique, and relatively easy. The trick is by chewing gum.

Experts study showed that chewing gum can be used as an alternative to improve concentration, especially when working on a task that is constant, and for a long time. Previous studies have shown that chewing gum in the cognitive benefits. In this study, focusing on tasks involving auditory short-term memory.

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The researchers divided 38 participants into two groups. The first group is allowed to chew gum and the other group did not. For half an hour, read aloud the numbers 1 through 9. The participants were asked to note if there is a combination of numbers, such as 5-8-1.

The participants who did not chewing gum can start the test better than those who do not. Interestingly, the researchers found that subsequent participants who chewed gum to end the test with a more accurate answer, and faster response. Participants who did not chewing gum even better early in the test, but at the end of the test it was defeated by the participants who chewed gum.

This shows that chewing gum can help to focus on the task that lasts for a long time.

How to improve concentration

You will find it much easier to concentrate and improve your memory in a relaxed state of mind. Try taking a deep breath, listen to relaxing music and forget all your duties and your worries. Only in a relaxed state of mind we can really start working on improving concentration and memory.

To improve concentration and memory you have to challenge yourself. Challenging yourself should also be fun. One of the keys to improve the ability of brain is fun activity. Science is now proving that laughter and fun activities to enhance your learning ability. One of the best ways that can be done is to watch comedy movies. Then after the movie finished trying to remember the funniest moments and share these moments with your friends. Very fun, easy and a great way to improve your memory and ability to concentrate.