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Foods diet tips to avoid gastritis

Foods to avoid when you have gastritis

There are a lot of health problems which can be totally painful and will disturb all of our activities. That can be the obstacle for us doing any activities and of course it is completely annoying since that can be totally painful, such like gastritis which is often experienced by so many people.

The gastric problem can be acute and it will be totally painful and worse. Sure, it is better to know the best way which can help us on dealing with the problem and prevent the gastritis problem because it can come and go in sudden, so that we need the right diet tips then.

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What we need to do is by controlling our diet. That is not only about what we eat but also when we eat. So, be discipline to eat at the right time because when we are getting late for eating, it means it will increase the chance of the gastritis problem. The right plan of meal is essential. Besides the fixed time to eat, we also need to eat in smaller portion but in more often time.

Do not forget about our drinking habits. We need to drink enough fresh water or about eight glasses a day or depends on our activities. It is also better to stop drinking soda which can cause this problem.

Choosing right foods is also essential to avoid the gastritis problem. We need to avoid some foods, as like foods which can cause gas increase, as like broccoli, cabbage, and many more. It is also better to avoid the consumption of condiments and also spices.

That will make the problems much worse and come in sudden. Besides of that fatty foods can also be worse for the problem of gastritis. Thus, it is better for us to avoid those kinds of foods and also beverage.

Benefits of papaya fruit for diet

Papaya fruit is very good for a diet program. According to some nutrition experts, the benefits of papaya fruit to your diet is a fact that has been proven. So it is not just the initial hypothesis based on the data content of the nutrients found in the fruit papaya.

Common problems faced by people who are undergoing a diet program usually is how to reduce the amount of calorie intake but still have enough energy to perform daily activities. Especially for people who live in big cities, which typically have a solid activity with not healthy eating patterns.

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Papaya fruit may be material to tackle the problem. Eating papaya makes you feel full but with fewer calories. The content of the papaya fruit can also quickly recover stamina and restore your energy. In addition, papaya can also protect against bad cholesterol and cardiovascular health.

Papaya fruit high in antioxidant content of 3 main programs that are needed in the diet, namely vitamins A, C, and E. 3 functions of this vitamin in the body is to prevent the oxidation of 2 types of cholesterol in the veins and arteries. Oxidation of cholesterol is a cause of plaque and clog veins.

You who are overweight, of course very risky for heart disease. Therefore consume papaya fruit, papaya is a healthy food to eat. Papaya can help reduce your weight naturally and healthy, it will also prevent the occurrence of heart attacks.

In addition to already proven beneficial to a diet program, the papaya fruit is also believed to help regenerate the eye, reduce inflammation in the joints, and prevent the emergence of cancer of the colon. The combination of vitamins C, E, and K in papaya fruit can prevent the degeneration of the eye that typically occurs due to age.

Meanwhile, the enzyme papain to aid the absorption of protein function and protects the cells of the intestinal wall. It is very useful to avoid the appearance of cancer in the colon. Consumption of papaya fruit on a regular basis is also shown to reduce symptoms in those who suffer from arthritis or other joint diseases.

Efficacy of bananas to the diet

One of the properties was good to help the diet. Bananas are one of the most nutritious natural foods that can help weight loss program. In addition, bananas can also be eaten as a complementary breakfast, as a snack before meals, and as a mixture in a dessert dish. Benefits of bananas for diet lies in all the privileges contained therein.

Banana are high in vitamin B6, potassium, and magnesium. But significantly, this includes fruit is very low in calories. One banana with size (approx. 18-20 cm) known to contain only about 105 calories. When compared with the recommended rules for per-day calorie intake is 2000 calories, then eating some bananas only a small number of calories for the body, but will donate a large amount of essential nutrients that are very good for the diet.

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Like all kinds of other fruits, bananas are also known to be very low protein content. And this fruit is also very low fat content. To note, the fat content of food is very high in calories. In each gram of fat contains 9 calories. Large size bananas are known to contain fat has been cooked no more than 1/2 gram. Therefore you do not need to worry to eat bananas, because of the amount of bad fat that makes you gain weight is very small indeed.

A large sized banana is known to contain about 4 grams of dietary fiber. This is an incredible amount, because the recommended minimum intake of fiber per day is only about 25 grams. Adequacy of the fiber is very important to the diet program. Dietary fiber will make you feel full faster and longer. In addition, the fiber will be digested slowly by the body. This will make your blood sugar stabilized and you do will not feel hungry quickly.

Do not make the wrong dietary pattern as done by many people. Consume only bananas are certainly not something that is recommended by all nutritionists. Make a banana as one variety in your diet and keep doing regular physical exercise to speed up your weight loss in a healthy manner.