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Cause and how to caring newborn skin peeling on hands and feet

There are many things that can cause the newborn’s skin peeling on hands and feet . There are many things that affect the environment in which a newborns skin is more sensitive. Thus, the condition of the baby skin is often easily flushed, especially around the cheeks, elbows and knees. That requires proper skin care.

Caring for your baby’s skin is one thing that should not be forgotten by the mother. This is due to the baby’s skin is still very young and sensitive vulnerable to various elements of disease and various other disorders. Sometimes the mother forget the baby care about this, because he saw that the baby’s skin is so smooth, soft and fresh look, so feel baby skin care is not needed anymore.

cause of newborn skin peeling, peeling skin on hand and feet
newborn skin peeling on hands and feet

Newborn’s skin is very susceptible to prickly heat, allergies, rashes, irritation, etc., therefore the role of a mother or parents in maintaining the health of the baby, especially regarding the health of the skin is very necessary.

In addition, heavy baby skin diseases (eg, pathological) originally came from the unhealthiness of the environment and not good for baby skin care, therefore we try to convey tips and baby skin care means that may be useful for parents who have a baby. This could be a cause of newborn skin peeling.

Cause of newborn baby skin peeling

There are many disorders that can appear on the newborn baby skin. The causes can vary, but most occur due to external factors associated with skin care itself. There are symptoms of intertrigo for example caused by skin moisture is too high that it appears in the form of skin irritation.

In addition to symptoms of newborn baby skin peeling, can also appear rashes on the skin commonly known as prickly heat. Prickly heat can also cause skin conditions to peel if the level has reached the stage further and too late to be treated.

Meanwhile, symptoms of disease characterized by infant skin peeling can be found in two types of infant diseases. The first is seborrhea disease and the second disease is eczema. Usually before the skin appear peeling, will appear a kind of scales on baby’s skin.

For the first type the cause is still unknown until now, while for eczema the cause may be genetic although it could also be because of the chemicals that hit the outer skin of the newborn baby. Both of these illnesses are so disturbing to the newborn baby that they should be treated properly as soon as possible.

How to care for newborn baby skin peeling

First you should clean the peeling skin on newborn baby when bathing, but do not do too hard rubbing that can cause scratches or fine wounds. After you clean, sprinkle the powder just to avoid crust or lumps that will actually make your baby’s skin become damp.

The use of soft clothes and does not cause sultry effects enough to help reduce sweat and moisture. And try not to wear excessive cloth or clothing that can make the rash getting worse and widespread.

Appropriate baby powder can also help to overcome the skin of a peeling baby, but sometimes there is an unsuitable baby so you need to consult a pediatrician or medical expert on choosing the correct type of powder for your baby’s skin type.

If the rashes and peeling skin do not diminish after you have done the above steps, then it’s good you take your baby to the pediatrician to get proper and quick help so as to prevent the worsening situation.

Why skin on newborn baby peeling? Not only the hands and feet, but also the face, head, chest, and other body parts. At the beginning of the birth of a baby could happen baby looks peeling skin on his body, usually seen on the hands, feet, abdomen and chest. No need to worry about this, as experienced by the baby.

The mother needs to be done is:

  • Keeping the baby’s room temperature from getting too cold.
  • Give baby lotion or baby oil so that the baby’s skin remains moist.
  • Avoid breeze.
  • Let dry skin is peeling off by itself.

Many mothers are confused as to what the cause of the newborns skin peeling and dry. Of course we sad when we see babies suffer from dry skin and flaking. Therefore, we have to know what are the causes of skin peeling newborn and how to prevent it and the solution. Newborn skin peeling skin on hands, body, abdomen, chest, and feet. Newborn dry skin is usually get better itself after 2 weeks of birth.

How to care for dry skin peeling in newborns

What a cause and how to care for dry skin peeling in newborns. Dry and peeling newborn skin problem actually is a natural thing that is not uncommon in babies. Newborn babies can have this problem. Understandably, 9 months before the baby’s skin is submerged in amniotic fluid.

So when it was born, the baby’s sensitive skin still have to adapt to circumstances outside world. That’s why the baby’s outer skin will peel when exposed to dry air. But not only that which could be the cause of dry baby skin problems.

newborn peeling skin

Other causes of dry skin and peeling of the newborn is the use of soap. Use too much soap can make your skin dry, or even exacerbate the problem of dry skin. This is due to the nature of soap that lift the skin’s natural oils, so that the baby’s skin is more difficult to maintain moisture.

In addition, dry skin and peeling in newborns also caused the air. The air is too cold or too hot with low humidity levels will increase the risk of the baby’s skin dry. By knowing some reason then you can do the prevention and treatment of dry and skin peeling in newborn. One important care is the care of the baby’s skin. Although at the same named skin, baby skin care is not the same as adults. Baby skin is very soft require extra care and special.

Mother had to be quiet in all conditions that occur on your new baby. Thus you can search for the best way to care dry and skin peeling for newborn without being excessive worry. Basically, dry baby skin problems can be solved easily. But if dry skin is getting spread and increased itching, Mother should consult with a pediatrician to ask for a recommendation of the most appropriate way to handle it.

How to get rid of peeling skin on face from acne

Feeling annoyed with peeling skin on face from acne? The rapid and precise way to overcome peeling skin from acne is urgently needed especially in order not to appear any side effects on the facial skin. Currently, there are variety of creams and drugs sold on the market to treat this problem.

Acne prone skin is usually more sensitive so it makes some people afraid to do peels or exfoliation. But peeling is actually important for all skin conditions, because it serves to get rid of dead skin cells and refines skin texture. For how to get rid of it certainly should not be done carelessly. So, how to get rid of peeling skin on face from acne correctly? Here are some steps you should take:

get rid of peeling skin on face from acne

Steps to get rid of peeling skin on face

–  Rub with the towel

The exfoliation process or better known as peeling turns out to have a variety of positive benefits for the skin, including the facial skin. The process of peeling for acne prone skin can be done by rubbing gently using the towel that following lightly soaked in warm water.

– Use facial soap or scrub

You can also use a facial soap or smooth scrub as an alternative mild peeling. Some products also have a scrub that is specially formulated to treat acne prone skin. Use a scrub gently and make sure there is no skin irritation. Do not forget to use lotion each finished peeling. Do it one to twice a week.

– Apply peeling cream

In addition to the above methods, you can also apply peeling cream to get rid of peeling skin on face from acne. You just should not be too strong to rub the face with that peeling cream. Do it gently, and complemented to a light massage. After doing the peeling, the skin will feel smooth and springy.

– Take facial mask

Skin peeling can also be helped by using facial mask. There are many types of face mask available in the market for various skin types. Of course you have to choose that facial mask that most appropriate for acne prone.

Peeling is necessary to remove stubborn the facial skin cells. If the peeling occurs in the body, you can do that peeling by using the body brush. But for the face which is the skin tends to be thinner and sensitive certainly it must be treated differently, especially to get rid of peeling skin on face from acne.

How to get rid of peeling skin on face with home remedies

Are you feeling upset with skin peeling on face? Having the smooth and clean skin is a dream for everyone, especially for woman. There are a variety of methods are used to obtain the beautiful skin.

However there are many people felt difficult to get clean and smooth skin face. This is because they have dry and rough skin so that the skin becomes peeling off. So how are the best home remedies for skin peeling on face? Here are the solutions:

How to get rid of peeling skin on face

–  Wash your face properly

Do the treatment and cleaning of the face properly. Make sure you have cleaned the rest of the makeup before going to bed, because the rest of the makeup can cause a blockage and damage to the skin. You can use face soap, up to twice a day, but it would be better if you want to use a milk cleanser and toner as your remedies for skin peeling on face. In general the soap will make your skin dry.

– Use a sunscreen

Peelings face skin usually caused by sunlight. Therefore use a sunscreen that will protect the skin from sunlight exposure and UV rays that can damage collagen.

–  Healthy lifestyle

To avoid for skin peeling on face and make the healthy and beautiful skin, you should drinking adequate water which is about 8 glasses per day. This is because the lack of drinking will make the skin dehydrated and become dry as well as brittle.

–  Concerned about nutrition

Besides drinking enough water, it would be better if you consume fruits and vegetables that does have good effects for the skin, because you need to find a vitamin that works to improve and can stimulate the growth of skin cells. You can also try to consume vitamin C, D, E, and some vitamins that easily obtained from fruits or vegetables. This is very helpful for you to how to get rid skin peeling on face.

–  Stop the cosmetic or cream products that can damage the skin

You should stop immediately the use of cosmetic or cream product that can cause skin peeling. This is of course will assist you in getting a healthy and soft skin.

Skin peeling actually occurs regularly every month, and do not be surprised if you suddenly find peeling skin in several areas of the body including the face. Having skin peeling on face of course is highly undesirable, and this will have an impact that is less attractive to you. Beside that it also makes you felt uncomfortable.

How to treat dry peeling skin on hands

Do you have problem about dry peeling skin on hands? Hand is one part of body that is most frequently used in performing various activities. For a woman, keep the skin to keep hands soft and not dry is a necessity to look beautiful and attractive.

However maybe one day you experience of dry and peeling off hands, you also become uncomfortable and do not feel confident. Then what is the right solution to overcome this problem? The following below are the several ways about how to treat dry peeling skin on hands:

peeling skin on fingers, peeling skin on hands treatment, peeling skin on palms of hands

– Use salt water and lime

As with the other skin, skin hand also will regenerate with new skin. During the dry and peeling off skin, it is necessary in the proper way to handle it. One of the ways how to treat dry peeling skin on hands is by using salt water and lime.To make it, soak the salt in the bowl of warm water, after that submerge your hand for a moment. You can also mix lemon juice efficiently. Then you can rub your hands with that water mixture gently.

– Soak with warmmilk

The content of milk is believed to soften skin. It is evident that the content of milk is often used in various types of cosmetics. Choose warm milk to to treat dry peeling skin on hands, because if you use the cold milk so you will get the less perfect result. By soaking hands in warm milk on a regular basis, so you will get the moist skin hands and the strong nails.

– Apply coconut oil

Coconut oil can also be used to soften hands. You just have to rub your hands with coconut oil, and let stand for 5-10 minutes then rinse with clean water.

– Utilize coffee dregs

Do you know that apparently coffee dregs can be to treat dry peeling skin on hands? Put the dregs as a scrub for the hands for a few minutes. After that, rinse with plain water and dry with a towel. Coffee dregs can soften the skin because it will help regenerate your skin.

Many people are very care about the appearance, including to the skin care hand. With smooth and soft the skin hands, so we will have more confidence when shaking hands with other people. To make the soft and smooth skin hand, we must care the hands to keep the skin moist. Several ways about how to treat dry peeling skin on hands may be help you to get the soft and smooth hand.