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The newest way to eliminate tartar using apples and sour

Has found the newest way to eliminate tartar using apples and sour. Tartar is usually caused by leftover food stuck in the teeth, if it is too much to be yellow or even black. Leftover food that is left will harden due to mix with minerals in the saliva.

Tartar if left unchecked will make our teeth broken, hollow, and porous. For that we need proper treatment for the teeth, because the teeth is important in mechanical digestion process.

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Therefore, this is a tips on how to eliminate tartar. Actually tartar will not happen if we take care of good dental hygiene, with so tartar will never interfere. Various toothpastes and mouthwashes can help us in maintaining dental hygiene to stay healthy and prevent tartar.

How cleaning tartar on teeth? Here are some tips to prevent tartar:

  • Brushing your teeth is essential as the secret of healthy teeth. Brushing teeth can help remove food debris causes of tartar. At least we rub the teeth two times a day every waking and before bed.
  • Eliminate tartar with apple is a very simple and easy to do, we just eat the apples. Tartar can be overcome with vitamin C found in apples.
  • Besides apples, lemons also can remove tartar. Lemon is a fruit that contains natural fiber. Lemon eating regularly can make the production of saliva of us so that oral hygiene is maintained.
  • Reduce sugary foods and sugar. Consuming foods containing sugar can lead to the growth of plaque or tartar, then to overcome it we can reduce eating foods containing sugar.
  • Drinking water. It should indeed we drink water, because in addition to get rid of toxins in the body, water can overcome the growing plaque or tartar on the teeth.
  • As we know, tartar can be caused by food debris and bacteria. Thus the use of dental floss is also very important to prevent tartar. With the use of dental floss, then the leftovers and bacteria on the teeth will be removed.

Way above are some tips you can do to remove tartar. Dental care the right way is the best way to prevent the emergence of tartar.