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Advantages of emotional intelligence in the workplace

Taking the advantages of emotional intelligence in the workplace

Workplace can be a battle field between talent and wit.  For this reason, you may find how your co-worker dealing the job differently than you does. There is no limit for the method. Most of the boss will expect that you can finish your job without failure.

You are quite lucky when your boss truly understand your situation and give another chance for nay failure. But for another boss, a failure will be another reason to find new guy to replace you.  This point will be the reason why many people get a real stress at work. If you have no talent or any wit, it will be another living hell.

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For certain people, the work pressure is not always become the big deal. This is possible when the guy really have great emotional intelligence.  In short, this kind of person has the skill to react with the best possible reaction.  It does not mean that you have to smile when you are angry with the boss. It is about how to communicate your feeling in much productive way.

This skill will be yours when you have a good understanding on your own and the boss emotional condition. Once you grip the hints on emotional intelligence, it will be possible to enjoy advantages of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

For you who work as middle range manager, your emotional intelligence will help to build better relation with other. It will also let you to hear and understand others at better rate. To improve your emotional intelligence, there are many things that you can do.

Reading books about emotional intelligence will be the common first step. It will be hard to understand yourself when you are lack of knowledge to begin with. Taking the personality test will give you the overview on what you are lacking. If you are easily angry with people, finding the root and any practical emotion training control will be the common method.

Advantages and disadvantages of emotional intelligence

Getting the advantages and disadvantages of emotional intelligence

It is common for most people to look up at high IQ. Person with this kind of talent mostly have easy time on many academic study. But still, it is interesting to know that not the entire high IQ person really that great in their overall real life. It is possible to find the bright student to have suicide because of a single failure in the latest school test.

At this point, the high IQ surely raises the point on the meaning of the talent. For this reason, it is make sense for people to acknowledge different kind of intelligence. If you are the person who experiences many failure and simple keep trying with better attempt, it will be a simple sign for person with high emotional intelligence.

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It will be fair to acknowledge the fact for advantages and disadvantages of emotional intelligence. The advantage for having high emotional intelligence will be set on how well you will answer the challenge in life.  It is natural to get the stress for the failure. But still, the recovery rate can make a real difference.

High emotional intelligence will let you to change most of the emotional negativity into a better personal drive and motivation. The way that you choose to face against the odd will be the sign on how well your emotional intelligence level.

Despite of the advantage, those with good emotional intelligence will also understand how the emotion works on other people. For this point, it will be much easier to be another manipulative person. This bad side will only turn a nice person into another chaotic individual who prey the other.

Most of the emotional intelligence practitioner may reject this notion. The general ideas simply take that such negativity is another proof of low quality emotional intelligence. In the end, it will be up to you to deal with things.

Advantages of emotional intelligence test

Taking the advantages of emotional intelligence test for Different Purpose

People has develop different test to learn about many things. The testy can be complicated and costly. But at the same time, it is also possible to take the simple test with less cost applied. The important thing about taking the test is not merely about the cost. It will be better to have the test with better accuracy applied.

At the same time, the accuracy itself is not something written in the stone. New approach and technology support will make the best test into the second one. For this reason, taking the test with different approach time to time will let you to have better understanding and any potential hint on how things improved for you.

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If you care that much about your emotion, taking the emotional intelligence test will help you to know your level. Just like any other test, there will be different test that will cost you differently. No matter what you chose, having a single test will be better than taking none. But still, ensuring that you can learn something from the test will be the most important thing.

Improved emotional intelligent will let you to have better social life. It is a good thing for parent who give the children early emotional intelligent test. It will let the parent to set better care for the children. But still, it does not mean that the test result will be a fixed label for the children.

Children are not a fixed stuff. There will be room for growth. The parent can take the advantages of emotional intelligence test when the test result gives another hint to educate and care the children at better rate.

It is also important for the parent to reflect on the children emotional intelligence level. Any proper example will be the first education for most children. You cannot expect your child to be calm when you always act harshly in front of the child.

Emotional intelligence training for children

The Parents Note on emotional intelligence training for children

How to emotional intelligence training for children? Just like adult, your child may have something special. Even though children tend to simple and natural, you may find certain child calmer than the other. On the contrary, it is also possible to find the child with troublesome attitude.

You cannot blame on the low intellectuality as part of the poor behavior. It is also wrong to take the bad attitude merely as part of method to take your attention. It will be better to consult to any expert about the problem. By doing so, you will learn about the root of the problem and the potential solution.

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The emotional intelligence training for children will be a good option for parent with troubled child. For light case, it is possible that the parent will get simple tips to do at home. It is possible to get the practical breathing training to control the emotion.

The breathing training usually set for angry child. This will let the child to halt the angry expression that usually comes in destructive way.  it will be hard at first. But once the child masters the breathing technique, the child will be able to express the anger at proper way.

Alternatively, better communication training will be the other way around. The important point in this training is that the parent is not merely instructing the child on how to communicate the emotion. It is more about explanation and the parent’s role model.  The example that you give in practical experience will be the benchmarking on how far the child will do what you say.

Taking the children to the social meeting in new environment will be a good test. You can watch from a safe distance on how your child has progress so far. Any progress will be a good sign that the child really learns something from the emotional intelligence training.

How to increase emotional intelligence at work

Emotional intelligence

How to increase emotional intelligence at work. Emotions are intense feelings directed at someone or something. You assume that feelings of anger, fear, sadness, pleasure, hate, love, enthusiasm, boredom, and so is the result of, or just your response to the events that happen to you.

Talking about emotions that are closely linked to emotional intelligence itself where a person’s ability to motivate yourself, to survive facing frustration, impulse control (joy, sadness, anger, etc.) and not exaggerating pleasure, set the mood and able to control stress.

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Emotional intelligence includes self-awareness and impulse control, persistence, zeal and self-motivation and impulse control, empathy and social skills. Skills related to emotional intelligence, among others such as the ability to understand others, leadership, ability to build relationships with others, communication skills, teamwork, develop positive self-image, motivating and inspiring, and so on.

How to maintain the ability of emotional intelligence

Recognizing emotions; These skills include the ability to identify what you feeling. Each time a particular emotion comes to mind, you should be able to capture what message you want delivered. Here are some examples of messages of emotions: fear, hurt, anger, frustration, disappointment, guilt, loneliness.

Releasing negative emotions; These skills are related to your ability to understand the impact of negative emotions on you. For example, the desire to improve the situation or meet the target of work that makes you irritable or frustrated sometimes even ruin your relationship with subordinates and superiors, and can cause stress. So, as long as you are controlled by your negative emotions you just can not reach your best potential.

The solution, release negative emotions through the utilization of techniques subconscious mind so that you and the people around you do not accept the negative impact of the negative emotions that arise.

Managing emotions themselves; You should never assume negative or positive emotions are good or bad. Emotion is just a signal for us to take action to address the causes of the emergence of feelings. So emotion is the beginning and not the end result of the incident or event. Our ability to control and manage emotions can help you achieve success.

There are several steps to manage their own emotions:

  • Trying to figure out the message of emotion, and believe that we have managed to deal with these emotions before
  • Third is to rejoice we take action to address them. Our ability to manage emotions is a form of self-control is most important in self-management, because in fact we are the ones who control our emotions or feelings, not the other way around.

Motivate yourself; Organize your emotions as a means to an end is of great importance in relation to pay attention, to motivate yourself and master ourselves, and to be creative. Self-control restraint emotional satisfaction and impulse control is the foundation of success in various fields. Self-motivation skills enable the realization of high performance in all areas. People who have these skills tend to be much more productive and effective in everything they do.

Actually, this skill is a step-by-step sequence. You can not motivate yourself if you are not able to recognize and manage emotions themselves. Once you have the ability to motivate yourself, then we can motivate others.

Effect of empathy and emotional intelligence in leadership

Emotional intelligence

Effect of empathy and emotional intelligence in leadership. Emotional intelligence is the ability to regulate emotional life with intelligence (to manage our emotional life with intelligence), maintain harmony and expression of emotion (the appropriateness of emotion and its expression) through the skills of self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, empathy and social skills.

According to “Goleman”, especially in people who only have high academic intelligence, they tend to have anxiety unwarranted, overly critical, fussy, tend to withdraw, seemed cold and less likely to express resentment and anger appropriately. If supported by the low level of emotional intelligence, then such people are often the source of problems. Due to the above properties, if someone has a high IQ but low emotional intelligence level it tends to be seen a stubborn, hard to get along, easily frustrated, do not easily trust others, is not sensitive to environmental conditions and tend to despair when experiencing stress.

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The opposite condition, experienced by people who have an average IQ level but has high emotional intelligence. This is because the high-IQ people fail to become leaders. While the people with medium IQ, it can be a good leader than the leader with emotional intelligence skills that handle pressure, recognize and express emotions, courage, empathy and skills to relate to others.

Leadership style used is also important for the motivation. In running leadership, principals need to use strategy as well as tactics or strategy right leadership. The strategy contains climate leadership and the arts to acquire and utilize support in implementing the policies and achieve the desired purpose, and contains benchmarks that need to be held to work on efforts to pursue the achievement of goals.

Besides the principal must also understand each individual subordinates and adjust to the situation, the nature and condition of the existing order to use force does not lead to negative things, but should be able to facilitate and encourage teachers to work more seriously so that the goals can be achieved.

The importance of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

The importance of emotional intelligence. In the book “Goleman” Emotional Intelligence says that the people who often act recklessly, without thinking long, does not have empathy and patience are the people who have low levels of emotional intelligence. Low levels of emotional intelligence, not only a catastrophe for himself, but also very dangerous to others and the environment.

Emotional intelligence measured by the ability to control emotions and restraint. The ability to control emotions and restraint is called patience. Most patient person was the most high emotional intelligence. He usually stoic in the face of adversity. When studying these people diligently. It has a high empathy, responsiveness to social environment, disciplined and responsible. He managed to overcome distractions and not indulge in sharing his emotions. He can control his behavior and emotions.

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Acting too quickly, rash, and reckless, it shows lack of emotional training. Not accustomed to be patient. They put forward their emotions in the act. They endanger others and the environment. An important component to be able to live in the midst of society is the ability to drive emotions well.

Emotional intelligence plays a role in the success and the success of one’s life, 20% of success in life is determined by the Intellectual Intelligence (IQ), while 80% is determined by emotional intelligence (EQ??) and other intelligence. In fact now it can be seen that the high IQ may not be successful and may not necessarily live happily.

People who are high IQ but because emotionally unstable and irritable, often mistaken in defining and solving the problems of life because they can not concentrate. Emotions that do not develop and can not be controlled, often making change in the face of problems and behave towards others so giving rise to many conflicts.

Emotions that are less processed also easily lead to others that sometimes are very excited approve something, but in a short time changed to reject it, thus disrupt the agreed cooperation with others. So, the man failed.

On the other hand some people that his IQ is not high, due diligence and emotions are balanced, successful in learning and work. People who have high emotional intelligence will attempt to create a balance of themselves and their surroundings, seek happiness from within itself, can turn something bad to better, and able to work together with others who have a diverse background.

The benefits of emotional intelligence on improving quality of life

The benefits of emotional intelligence on improving quality of life. Emotions are not just happening in your life. You assume that feelings of anger, fear, sadness, pleasure, hate, love, enthusiasm, boredom, and so is the result of, or just your response to the events that happen to you.

Talking about emotions that are closely linked to emotional intelligence itself where a person’s ability to motivate yourself. Many experts believe that emotional intelligence (EQ) is high will be very beneficial effect on improving the quality of life better, so that life can give an infinite value.

Important aspect of emotional intelligence, benefits of emotional intelligence, how to improve emotional intelligence

Here are the benefits of emotional intelligence (EQ):

Cope with stress; Stress is the pressure arising from the burden of life and can be experienced by anyone. Tolerance to stress is the ability to withstand adverse events and stressful situations. People who are emotionally intelligent are able to face the difficulties of life with head held high, strong and not washed away by strong emotions.

Impulse control (restraint); A characteristic emotion to delay pleasure for a moment to get better results. Impulse control is one of the art of patience and pain or difficulty exchanged today with a far greater pleasure in the future.

Managing mood; An emotional capabilities which include the ability to remain calm in any atmosphere, eliminating the anxiety that arises, deal with grief or make peace with something annoying. According to “Aristotle”, it is easy to be angry but to be angry with the right person, the right level, the time, the purpose of the proper way can only be done by people who are emotionally intelligent.

Can motivate yourself; People who are able to motivate themselves will tend to be highly productive and effective in any case. There are so many ways to motivate yourself, among others with a lot of reading books or articles positive, stay focused on your dreams, evaluate themselves, and continue to do self introspection.

Having social skills; People that intelligent emotionally are able to establish relationships with anyone. Someone who has the social skills to get along with, fun and tolerance towards others.

Being able to understand others; Recognizing and respecting others is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence. It’s called empathy. The gains from understanding others is our more choice about how to behave and have a better chance to communicate and establish good relationships with others.

How to improve emotional intelligence. One important aspect of emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions in oneself and others. And use it as the right information. For example, emotional intelligence in yourself can help you organize and manage your emotions, while recognizing other people’s emotions to create empathy and success in your relationships, both personal relationships and professional relationships.