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Stretching exercises for relieve middle back pain

How to stretching exercise for relieve middle back pain? For any people who suffer from middle back pain, they indeed may always look for methods to be able to gain relief from such problem. What I want to discuss here is about the exercises. Well, there are many things that you need to pay attention if you want to conduct exercises from such pain.

Although you can apply your own effort in order to be able to gain relief from such pain, you need to know exactly in how to do the exercises properly. There are many types of exercises that you can do. The need to choose the most proper one may become a must indeed.

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First basic exercise is the chair lean forward. This is considered to be the best position in gaining relief from your back pain. When you feel pain on your back, you need only to lie back on the floor. You can use pillows as well below your knees. Later, you need to use your knees and hips and slowly lean forward.

The purpose is to do stretching. You need to keep the head down and to make sure that your neck gaining relaxation. You need to hold it for 10 up to 20 seconds. Later, you need to use your hands in order to push yourself up.

Next exercise is the single knee to chest. You need to lie flat on your back having your legs straight out. Next, you should place the hands on the left knee. You need also to pull it toward the chest. You should hold it for approximately 5 up to 10 seconds.

Two other things to do are to lower the leg to flat and relaxing. If the exercises cannot provide you with good result, what you can do is to consult any expert to gain better treatment for such middle back pain actually.

Tips on how that hair is not limp after exercise

Hair limp

How to cope with limp hair. Limp hair is usually caused by a buildup of oil that make the hair sticking or clumping on the scalp. This excess oil causes the hair looks not expand or saucer. After exercise the appearance often become limp and messy hair, but you still have to do the activity again. There are various ways in order to avoid the chaos of hair and blow hair after exercise.

After exercise the body will definitely sweating from head to toe. Sweaty hair will look limp and greasy. If you do not have enough time to shower and wash your hair after a workout, you should follow the following trick for your hair kept tidy after exercising.

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How to keep hair so as not to limp after exercise

Tied up, tie your hair up so as not to touch the neck. So, the hair will not be exposed to sweat during and after exercise. Keep the hair to not to touch the skin by wearing a plastic headband or hair clip. Use a little gel or pomade for arrange thin hair disheveled from being exposed to sweat.

Ask the expert assistance, ask your hair stylist to help recommend hair products that are resistant sweat to prevent limp hair. You can also ask for tips on styling your hair while exercising so not exposed to sweat.

Try a new style, if your hair always looks limp and fall apart after a workout, try changing your appearance in accordance with an active lifestyle. You also can choose short hairstyles or shoulder length extends to the chin that gives flexibility so you do not have to worry exposed to excessive sweating.

Fix your hair, if your hair is a little more than limp after a workout, you do not have to wash your hair to make it look beautiful again. Use a blow-dryer to dry the sweat on the remnants of hair. In order not to smell, dab a bit of hairstyling cream to the hair, then use blow-drying to reduce tangles and restore your hair’s natural light.

4 risks and dangers if too long playing computer

How to play computer? Everyone may be skilled at using computers. But what if we continue to use the computer. Just a little break? There are many benefits that we can take from playing the computer. But there are also risks that can happen to us.

Today, computers are a technology that can not be separated from human life. With the computer, various human activities can be solved quickly. For example, to do the task, work and others. Because of its remarkable functionality, computer technology is constantly being renewed, making it more modern. As can be seen that the computer has been modified in order to carry it anywhere and has a more simple and practical size.

minimize the risk of dementia
Risk of play computer

Then, because of the dependence with this one technology that many people finally can not move from his seat in front of the computer. However, sitting in front of the computer turned out to endanger the health of the body. What are the health problems caused by sitting too long in front of the computer.

The risk if too long play computer

Eye damage; The first health disorder is a disorder of the eye. As is well known that the computer will emit radiation, and radiation is what makes a person’s view disturbed. When someone stares at the computer screen for too long, eye disorders like sore eyes, red eyes and watery eyes are very common. But, if this continues to be allowed, the dangers of computer radiation can result in serious eye disorders such as minus eyes.

Spinal disorders; When someone works in front of the computer for a long time, he will position the seat so as not to get tired quickly. However, sometimes people who sit with relax do not notice whether the sitting position is true or not. If the person does not sit in the correct position in the health sciences, it will be possible if the person is affected by a spinal problem. This is caused by the wrong position of a person sitting in a long time will result in bone to bend left, right or slouching. If this is left unchecked, this can be a health hazard as the risk of spinal cord is increased.

Heart attack; Another bad effect of sitting too long in front of the computer screen is the heart attack. From the results of research in London, England, sitting in front of a computer screen in a long time will increase the risk of heart attack by about 67%. This is caused by a body that is less motion so that heart activity can be disrupted which can trigger a heart attack. Moreover, who has experienced heart disease.

The occurrence of blood clots; Another risk that occurs when a person is sitting too long computer play is the blood clot. Blood clots can occur because the body does not make movements that can help blood flow to normal. Blood clots will be very harmful to the body because if left unchecked, the blood clot can clog the bloodstream that can cause blood vessels to burst.

Exercise plus play computer minimize the risk of senility

Dementia is a decline in mental ability that usually develops slowly, where there is a disturbance of memory, thinking, judgment and ability to focus, and personality deterioration can also occur. At a young age, dementia may occur suddenly if severe injury, disease or toxic substances (eg carbon monoxide) destroys brain cells. But dementia usually occurs slowly and attack aged over 60 years.

But dementia is not part of the normal aging process. Along with age, the changes in the brain can cause the loss of some memory (especially short-term memory) and a decrease in some learning abilities. The change does not affect the normal function. Exercise plus play computer will minimize your risk of senility. This is will prevent senility or dementia.

Forgotten in the elderly is not a sign of dementia or early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia is a decline in mental abilities are more serious, more and more severe. In normal aging, one can not forget the things that detail but the person with dementia may forget the whole incident that had just occurred.

For people who are crazy about computers or face a job that requires sitting at the computer, facing the computer for hours is not felt. So far, people only knew, especially computer radiation can affect eye health, but there are other things more dangerous. But play computer can minimize the risk of dementia.

People who have fun in front of the computer will forget everything, people could spend a day just sitting down to the keyboard and mouse, without realizing the consequences.

The combination of exercise and mental stimulation through the use of computers could help reduce the risk of memory loss associated with age. Doing these two activities was significantly more effective reduce the risk of dementia than play computer or just for sport.

Researchers found that the signs of mild cognitive impairment in people who do not exercise and do not use a computer, compared with those who did moderate exercise and computer use. Mild cognitive impairment in question is a loss of memory as the early development of Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers also found that people who did moderate exercise and computer use have normal memory function, compared to those who do not exercise or use a computer. Moderate exercise includes brisk walking, aerobics, strength training, golf, yoga, martial arts, weightlifting and use some exercise machines.

Computer use is common among all age groups. It is important to examine how the use of a computer link with aging and dementia. Although this study found an association between joint exercises and the use of computers to better memory function, but this does not prove causality.

How to prevent injury during exercise

How to prevent injury during exercise – dmatxi.com. How to prevent injury during exercise. Exercise is a lifestyle committed to maintaining the condition of the body to stay healthy and fit. But in sports, an injury that could arise as a problem in the tendon (ligament) can be broken, or injured in the bearing joint (meniscus) and can also in bone fragility.

And keep in mind all of these injuries can still make someone walk but their daily activities will be disrupted, he still can walk, but its activity is low and for specific movements would be a problem.

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These injuries can lead to complications, for example, was only broken tendon (ligament) but can be a complication of the disorder of cartilage. That is a serious problem and must be replaced joint.

Cause of injury during exercise

Most injuries are caused due to lack of heating or muscles are not well. Heating is necessary also very individual. Conditions that are less fit can also be a cause of injury. An unhealthy condition should not be forced to exercise, because the condition of all the affected tissue so as to accelerate or facilitate the occurrence of injury.

How to handle if event of injury:

Directly compress the ice and do not be heated, for joint injuries. The injury must be cleared so do not swell. The person should rest, do not run out injured and he felt it was good to play again because the injury could get worse later. If you sit or sleep, your feet should be higher and do not put it down because can the added pain and swelling.

If the injury was within 2-3 days the condition does not improve or it gets worse, you should immediately consult a doctor. If the injuries are caused by breaking the ligaments that normally can be replaced using the patient’s own veins.

How to prevent injuries with massage

Massage can overcome the pain that allows you to perform optimally. Prevent injuries by performing a massage, each using different techniques and goals are very different. Massage helps prevent injuries by warming up, increase flexibility and range of athletic movements can help to optimal performance of the muscles, increases blood flow and nutrients to the muscles.

Massage also reduces stress and psychological readiness, which can be an important factor in your sports career. Massage reduces the effects of damage caused to the muscles during exercise. Usually produces pain a day or two after exercise.

Muscle massage treatment to an athlete’s daily routine is usually done in one week. Sports massage treatment will help circulation and muscle performance, and prevent overuse injury.

Prevent osteoporosis with calcium and regular exercise

Prevent osteoporosis with calcium and regular exercise – dmatxi.com. Osteoporosis is a disease that afflicts one due to reduced bone mass and bone density. As a result of osteoporosis are the bones become brittle and break easily due to reduced bone density.

Bone itself is one important part of our body. Bone is the framework that supports our body so we can move. Imagined when the bone is fragile, brittle and easily broken, resulting in bone pain, impaired to move even cause paralysis and permanent disability.

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Prevent osteoporosis with calcium

Calcium is an element of bone and teeth. So, in order to keep awake bone density, it is important to consume a lot of calcium contained in milk. Unfortunately, as we get older, the body’s ability to absorb calcium decreases. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself or your children to drink milk every day from an early age. Because the cause of osteoporosis is the lack of calcium intake at a young age.

Prevent osteoporosis with regular exercise, especially for women who had entered menopause

In addition to calcium, it is important to do regular exercise to strengthen bones and increase bone density. Just like muscles, bones also need to be trained in order to create strong bones.

Sports that can be done to train the bone is by doing exercises that provide compressive force to the bone, loose style and style twist. Styles that can stimulate bone growth into healthy bone. You can try it with biking, jogging, or walking up and down stairs.

In addition to calcium, vitamin D and exercise, it would be better if you try to live a healthy life by stopping smoking. Cigarettes, coffee, tea, and cola may inhibit calcium absorption. Instead, eat nutritious foods and healthy.

In fact, the risk of osteoporosis will increase when women experience menopause. But do not worry, there are various ways to keep your bones healthy and strong, so avoid osteoporosis. One of them with bone train.

  • Walking; Walking is one of the easiest type of exercise performed, can be done anywhere, requires no special equipment and cheap. By walking for 30 minutes every day, will help strengthen bones, especially the hips, the most vulnerable part of the bone if you fall.
  • Weight lifting; Exercise weight lifting 2 to 3 times per week can help solidify the back bone. This exercise can be done in a gym with a special trainer, as well as at home. If you do not have any special equipment, you can use simple tools, for example, with bottled mineral water.
  • Yoga; Yoga can help relax your back feels stiff limbs, to improve blood pressure and some Yoga positions are also good for maintaining bone health.
  • Bike; The exercises above are not only good for bone health, but also gives so many other benefits, such as, increase fitness, strengthen joints and improve sleep quality. In addition, do not forget to eat fresh and healthy foods, especially those containing a lot of calcium and vitamin D.

Bone health is often neglected, because we feel pain when the bones are fragile or when the otherwise brittle bones. The process of taking calcium from the bones is often called the silent disease because it occurs without signs or symptoms. So, continue to pay attention to your bone health, avoid osteoporosis, in order to continue to smoothly work into old age.

Dehydration can cause injury during exercise

Dehydration can cause injury during exercise – dmatxi.com. If you decide to exercise in a long period of time, you should not let your body become dehydrated. Due to the lack of fluid in the body can lead to injury when you’re exercising. Injuries caused by dehydration.

Keeping the body hydrated during physical activity and exercise can help prevent injury. Dehydration can cause a reduction in blood volume in the body and the thickening of the blood that makes the work of cardiovascular system becomes more severe and increase the heart’s rhythm.

cause injury during exercise, Dehydration can cause muscle cramps

Dehydration can also result in electrolyte imbalances, such as sodium and potassium, which serves to control cell function. This imbalance can cause seizures, muscle contraction and loss of consciousness. Symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth, dizziness, excessive thirst, less urination, sunken eyes, low blood pressure, rapid breathing and confusion.

Injury / Muscle cramps

Muscle cramps during exercise can be a sign that you are dehydrated. Keep in mind that the fluid has an important role in keeping the body relaxed and reduce the irritation caused by exercise and activity. Without adequate fluid, this will lead to muscle spasms and contractions are painful.

Exercising in a body state of dehydration can also cause delayed muscle pain attacks. A study showed that delayed muscle pain attacks occur in individuals more susceptible to physical activity in hot and humid conditions. In fact, brain swelling can also occur due to dehydration during exercise.

The experts explained that, dehydration can lead to swelling of the cells in the brain, which leads to life-threatening situation.

Treatment and prevention of injuries due to dehydration

Someone who perform physical activity, and loss of fluid about 3 to 5 percent of the total weight of the body tend to decrease response, impaired judgment and concentration. These factors is one of the triggers of injury due to dehydration.

How to overcome an injury due to dehydration. You only need to meet about 17-20 ounces (about 480-570 ml) of fluid (two hours before exercise), 17 ounces of fluid 15 minutes before exercise and 5-12 ounces of fluid every 15-20 minutes during exercise to stay hydrated.

To exercise or sports activities that lasted more than an hour, drink an electrolyte replacement solution rather than plain water.

Warning; Dehydration which occurs mainly during long-term exercise and weight, can cause coma. Rhabdomyolysis is a condition caused by dehydration during exercise, this has resulted in degeneration of muscle cells in the body that causes muscle pain, fatigue and brittle, as reported by the PubMed Health. This condition can also cause the myoglobin, a protein that normally contained in muscle tissue, in the urine, which gives the color brown.

In more serious cases, rhabdomyolysis can lead to kidney failure. Low blood volume is one sign that someone made a mistake in the fluid needs during exercise. Not only dehydration, drinking too much water during exercise can also be dangerous due to dilute the sodium in the body to dangerous levels and cause hyponatremia, which can be fatal in some cases.

How to prevent and cure hypertension by exercise

How to prevent and cure hypertension by exercise – dmatxi.com. Hypertension is a condition in which a person experiences an increase in blood pressure above normal are indicated by top numbers (sistolic) and the bottom number (diastolic) blood pressure on examination using either blood pressure measuring device in the form of mercury cuff (sphygmomanometer) or using digital other. Consuming Noni is treatment of high blood pressure by naturally.

How to prevent and cure hypertension by exercise

Person’s blood pressure with height, weight, activity level and health normal is 120/80 mmHg. In daily activities, normal blood pressure is stable with a numeric value range. But in general, the rate may decrease blood pressure checks during sleep and rise at a time when activity or exercise.

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Exercise not only helps prevent hypertension but also become part of the treatment of hypertension. Sports activities that prevent and reduce blood pressure is the kind of fitness exercise (endurance) moderate such as walking, jogging, biking, and swimming.

Because fitness training muscle mass mobilization resulting periodic contractions mild and soothing. To realize this process, the muscles are actively pumping blood to the heart in pumping blood lighter. During exercise, blood pressure increased slightly but then the heart and veins become accustomed to working with lower blood pressure. Those who workout regularly have a lower resting heart rate and stable.

The frequency and strength of the movement is very important to note. For example, pushing the load slowly with great strength tends to aggravate hypertension. Therefore, a sport that requires a strong and prolonged contractions, such as weight training, should be avoided. Your goal is to do the opposite more frequent contractions but not strong. In this way, the blood flow through the muscles will be more smoothly and reduce the pressure.

Fitness exercises should be done according to their ability to benefit. You should still be able to breathe relatively easily. If you can not utter a short sentence without halting, you need to reduce the intensity of exercise or rest. Using a heart rate monitor, your heart rate should not exceed 75% maximum heart rate. Maximum heart rate is (220 – age) you. If you are age 40, your maximum heart rate is 180 (220-40). You should have does not exceed 135 beats per minute (180 x 0.75).

Exercise at least 3 times per week (ideally once every 2 days). Do it for at least 30 minutes each session. To achieve real results on blood pressure, you need a minimum of 3 months. But keep in mind that with or without hypertension, exercise is still important to you.

Symptoms of hypertension in general do not show clinical symptoms, high blood pressure usually causes no symptoms. People who have high blood pressure / hypertension usually does not know it until their blood pressure measured because they are virtually no symptoms of high blood pressure.

Sometimes people with high blood pressure will obviously have a condition when the symptoms of high blood pressure will cause headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, chest pain and shortness of breath. Symptoms of high blood pressure will be felt by those who are in the category of secondary hypertension.

People often do not seek medical care until they get the symptoms of hypertension that arises from organ damage caused as a symptom of high blood pressure is chronic (lasts a long time). Types of organ damage that is often seen in chronic high blood pressure are heart attacks, heart failure, stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA), renal failure, a progressive loss of vision, peripheral arterial disease causing leg pain when walking (claudication), and aneurysm.

Recognized that the symptoms of hypertension will be growing over the years, initially causes no symptoms until the onset of symptoms of high blood lead fatal progressive damage to the heart, kidneys, other organs, and veins.

Recognize the benefits of exercise for a healthy body

Benefits of exercise for a healthy body – dmatxi.com. Benefits of exercise are needed by our body to stay healthy and fresh. Sports do not just move your body, but makes you sweat and feel exhausted. Sport is an activity that is very useful for the body, relaxes muscles and many other benefits that we can get from exercising.

Exercise make mental to become more healthy, clear mind, reduced stress and lead to feelings of happiness. Besides the benefits of exercise for us to make a smooth blood circulation, burn fat and calories, and reduce the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure) and obesity.

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Benefits of exercise for health:

Exercise increase endurance; Doing regular exercise can affect several hormones that exist in the body. Eg adrenaline or serotonin, both these hormones, including hormones that can increase our immune system. So we can imagine, when our immune system increases, of any body will be spared from a variety of ailments such as flu or cough (influenza).

Exercise improve the ability of the brain; Sports activities can increase the supply of oxygen in the body, improving blood circulation in the body especially the flow of blood to the brain. It is believed to improve brain performance is better. Benefits of sport this one certainly helps us in studying or working. Not only that, we will become more creative and able to increase the brain concentration.

Exercise increases energy; Physical activity makes your cardiovascular system running well, improving the amount of oxygen and nutrients are distributed throughout the body tissues. As a result, you will have a greater energy to live your life.

Exercise reduce stress; Exercise proved to be quite capable of reducing the stress that we can experience anytime. Exercise can stretch your muscles, making the body and our brain will feel fresh. This certainly can reduce the stress we experience.

Exercise keeping the weight; For those of you who are want to do the diet, the benefits of exercise can help reduce the fat in the body. Sport is a highly recommended activity to be done regularly for those who want to streamline the body. Body movements during exercise will be able to burn fat in the body.

Exercise makes you sleep better; Get regular exercise makes you sleep more easily and more soundly. Good sleep quality in turn will improve concentration, productivity and quality of your emotions. However, do not exercise too close to your bedtime so that it makes it difficult to sleep.

Exercise increase the body’s energy; If we compare two different people, the first and the second exercise routine never exercise, certainly very noticeable difference. People who often exercise will have a very good stamina, be able to do heavy and not easy to limp. Conversely, people who never exercise, will get tired quickly when working.

Exercise increases body metabolism and reduce the risk of disease; In addition to increase endurance and reduce the risk of disease can be caused by viruses or bacteria, regular exercise also can improve the performance of the body’s metabolism for the better.

With exercise, we will avoid the risk of diseases such as colon cancer, was able to lower cholesterol can cause heart disease, lowers high blood pressure, reduce the risk of liver disease, kidney or constipation.

Exercise delaying the aging process; Belaying the aging process. When parents get older, it would appear the changes in the body such as skin wrinkling. Skin wrinkles caused by skin cells were old and did not renew themselves. Doing sports activities will stimulate the productivity of new cells in the skin so the skin will look firmer and brighter without wrinkles.

That is some of the benefits of exercise for us who can improve and maintain a healthy body. You are encouraged to exercise for 30 minutes a day on a regular basis. No need to buy an expensive tool of the sport, you can simply run in the morning, doing moderate exercise movements or even doing homework that is quite strenuous, it already will help your muscles to avoid stiffness.

Excessive exercise can lead to hair loss

Excessive exercise can lead to hair loss – dmatxi.com. Baldness is a common problem that occurs on the hair. This problem can occur in women and men, but generally more common in men. Problem of baldness usually starts with a hair loss and broken easily.

Hair loss usually starts from the forehead and more and more backward, causing baldness in front of the head. However, in some people there who would go bald in the middle. Exercise can keep your body healthy and keep hair from not done to excess. Excessive exercise without meeting the nutritional needs can lead to hair loss problems that could make a quick head bald.

Excessive exercise can lead to hair loss, causes of baldness

Regular exercise can prevent some forms of hair loss because it increases the general health and blood circulation system in the body. Hair condition often used as a reflection for overall body health. Exercise also is a key component to improving the health of the people who have peripheral artery disease, which can cause hair loss in the legs.

Excessive exercise causes the body to chronic stress

However, excessive exercise during the long period of time can make the body experiences chronic stress conditions. Chronic stress is one of the two main causes of telogen effluvium (TE), a condition in which hair follicles enter the resting phase prematurely, which causes hair loss more from hair growing.

In addition to chronic stress, poor nutrition is the cause of another TE, which causes hair thinning throughout the scalp. Excessive exercise can also make you at higher risk of anemia (iron deficiency). One of the consequences of iron deficiency can cause hair loss. That is salty sweat buildup during exercise can be a factor of hair loss. Salty fluid buildup on the scalp can cause hair loss as well as dull and dry.

Prevent hair loss due to perspiration (excessive exercise)

You can prevent hair loss due to sweat by controlling sweat and immediately wash your hair with mild shampoo and pH balanced at least once a week. Exercise can keep body and hair keep healthy provided that not done to excess. Excessive exercise without meeting the nutritional needs can lead to hair loss problems that could make a quick head bald.

Regular exercise can prevent some forms of hair loss because it increases the general health and blood circulation system in the body. Hair condition often used as a reflection for overall body health. Consume a multivitamin. Especially those containing nutrients such as beta-carotene which is essential in the growth and hair care.

Taking vitamin B complex because it contains high protein good for hair, nails and skin. If the skin healthy, it will create a healthier scalp, preventing hair loss and promote hair growth. Avoid excessive exercise up overtraining.

Tips to Reduce Hair Loss Problem

Some people feel frustration when their hair starts falling out. They don’t know what to do and they feel unconfident with their hair condition. Actually you can reduce your hair loss problem in very easy way. You just need to do some tips to reduce hair loss problem here and you can be free from your hair loss problem.

First, you need to know the cause of your hair loss. As we know hair loss must be caused by certain problem. For example, you get your hair loss after you curling your hair. When you have already known causes of your hair loss then you should stop curling your hair and make your hair in bad condition.

Second, you need to stop using shampoo that is not natural. There are some shampoos that are made with chemicals and unnatural ingredients. When you always use dangerous shampoo you will make your hair in dangerous condition too.
Third, you can oily your hair with coconut oil. It helps you to make your hair strong and it helps you to reduce hair loss although you do all activities outside your home.

Fourth, you should not wash your hair with warm or hot water because it causes hair loss. It means when you want to reduce your hair loss, you must use warm to normal temperature or water.

The cause of hair loss is stress and anxiety. It means when you want to reduce your hair loss, you need to reduce your anxiety and stress too. When you have mentally health your can also have physical health that will make you free from hair loss problem too.

You can do some tips above to reduce your hair loss. You need to go to the expert when you think that your hair loss becomes worst. You need to get extra treatment for your hair.

Excess exercise or overtraining causes headaches

Excess exercise or overtraining causes headaches – dmatxi.com. Many people who had had undergone exercise properly, but the body does not even fit. Instead check your exercise level, may be too excessive. What are signs of excess exercise.

Exercise is good for the body because it can improve your fitness. But sometimes people do excessive exercise due to want fast or would like to have a thin body ideal. If someone is doing it too much or too strong can lead overtraining or a condition that can negatively affect the body and mind.

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Overtraining or excessive fatigue occurs when a person doing sports or exercise intensity, frequency or duration is excessive. As a result, people are unlikely to recover enough afterwards. If this has reached the chronic stage can harm the body and can be deviated from the purpose of the sport itself.

Signs of excess exercise (overtraining) :

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Increased injury
  • Easily depressed and irritable
  • Headache
  • Disruption in terms of taste
  • Insomnia
  • Flu that never healed
  • Pain in muscles and joints
  • Anemia
  • Depression
  • Performance drop

To overcome the overtraining condition, there are some things you can do in order to restore the condition is:

The first step is prevention; If any of these symptoms have appeared, then quickly change the exercise or sports program for does not make the condition worse.

Consumption of quality food for the body; Food consumption and composition of time becomes very important for preventing and recovering from overtraining. Try to eat protein and carbohydrates, and eating two hours before exercise and immediately after exercise.

Break; The best treatment for overtraining is rest and recovery, for example by obtaining a sufficient amount of sleep time, reduce the frequency and intensity of exercise for example to twice a week.

Have another hobby for refreshing; Although a person trained hard in the gym, but when the exercise is completed to re-focus on other things like doing a hobby that can please himself or to rest.

Keep your body to stay hydrated; The body will function optimally when it is in well hydrated, so try to continue to consume water before, during and after exercise. If the weather is hot, then the required amount of liquid more.

Excess exercise or overtraining causes headaches.