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How to make the hair grower of candle nut

How to make the hair grower of material candle nut. Candle nut can grow hair in a natural way. How to easily create natural candle nut oil can do yourself at home. We also have known for generations that candle nut has exceptional properties for human hair.

Candle nut can grow hair in various ways. There are several ways to process the candle nut to grow hair. One way of processing that we will describe is grilled candle nut. Here are some of the benefits of candle nut:

  • Nourish and grow hair
  • Prevent and eliminate dandruff
  • Prevent and treat hair loss
  • Eliminating lice in the hair

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There are two ways to easily create hair grower candle nut oil naturally. The first way with the juice and burned. How to easily create candle nut oil by this method will produce transparent colored candle nut oil.

Make hair grower with candle nut juice. This method is relatively easy to do so that everyone can do. The result will be smelled delicious as fried candle nut. Candle nut oil will be colored transparent, so that when applied to the scalp will not make the scalp becomes dirty. You will overcome the dirty hair again.

How to make candle nut juice is with blender the candle nut seeds intact. Add enough water, then squeezed. Perform this method continuously, until the juice becomes transparent. Put the juice in a closed place, let stand for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the fried candle nut juice until the oil out.

The second way of making hair grower with candle nut. How to easily create candle nut oil with burned as this method will produce black candle nut oil. Candle nut oil that is produced does not cause allergies, suitable for all ages, even on the scalp is sensitive though. And the result can quickly grow hair.

Candle nut oil produced is more effective in strengthening and nourishing for the hair. It is also believed to blacken hair. In addition candle nut oil, you can also try to grow hair with coconut oil.

How to make hair grower with candle nut burned? Drying seeds candle nut with direct sun. After candle nut dries, continue to burn until charred candle nut seed. Once charred, continue with blender. After that, the stay is used for treatment.

How to treat brittle hair appropriately

The brittle hair can be sometimes really frustrating. When we go styling the hair, it can be damaged and even cause hair breakage. Of course, it will make our hair look worse and perhaps it is hard for us getting the good looking yet healthy hair. Still, the right yet effective treatment of the hair will be a good way to get a better condition of the hair. Surely, we need to know the right idea on getting the right treatment for the brittle hair. We can do the right treatment and then the hair will go better and better without being frustrated.

For brittle hair, we have to be much more careful on getting the right treatment. The first is we can go to wash the hair not really often. Then, choose the hair care product with the mild extracts. It will decrease the risk on damaging the hair. Do not forget to always apply the hair conditioner. It can be applied from the middle of the hair until its tip.

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Hair spa and cream bath can be done once until twice in a month, but do not use steamer. It is better to use the warm towel to replace it. So that it would not damage the hair and make it much more brittle. Moisturize the brittle hair and make it strong will be a good way, such like using ginseng, avocado, and many more.

Brittle hair is not something hard to deal with as long as we know how to treat it. One of the good habits too which can be done is for not to tie the hair really tight. Just tie the hair in a loose way. Then, do not forget to always get the healthy diet every day. If we have the brittle hair, consume much more foods which consist of much vitamin B. We can consume brown rice which can also be blended with the white rice. It will be good to make our hair stronger.

How to brittle hair care

Brittle hair is hated by everyone, especially for women. Hair is the crown for women, so that women crave long hair so healthy and shiny naturally. However, brittle hair is minimize the possibility of women having longer hair because it is easily broken and needs to be cut. Brittle hair is caused by hair that is not maintained, the use of electrical appliances such as hair dryers, curling iron, and coloring. Brittle hair can cause new problems like hair loss, reduced pigment hair, split ends, and hair graying.

If you are having problems brittle hair then you need proper care. Not all problems can be overcome brittle hair with shampoo. Expensive shampoos are also not always match your hair, so be careful in choosing a product. You still need shampoo to wash because you cannot make it alone. Pick -free shampoos harmful ingredients.

Use additional hair care products such as conditioner after wash. Give a little massage on the scalp to get blood flowing to the area. Do cream bath 2 weeks with natural products for hair brittle. Give serum to strengthen the hair roots at the same nutrients for the hair.

Natural hair care does not have to go to the hair salon. You can do at home with ease using vegetables and fruits. Celery is believed to provide moisture to the hair and scalp. Brittle hair due to reduced pigment in the hair and the hair moisture decreases. Celery puree and take the water as a hair mask. Use a pre- wash, your hair feel soft and fresher scalp.

Avocado is very rich in nutrients that nourish the skin and hair. You can use as a hair mask for strengthening hair. Brittle hair may be caused by hair follicles that are not strong, limit the length of the hair so as not to overload the hair roots.

Everyone expects to have thick, shine and strong hair but some unlucky people must experience of having brittle hair. Hair with brittle characteristic can be caused by some factors and for some cases can be a sign of serious health problem.

When you feel your hair is less elastic it means that your hair does not get enough moisture, becomes dry and it is in the process of brittle. With time, your hair will lose the shine and smoothness which causes the split ends. It can impact toward someone’s look because hair with brittle condition will make someone pale and unhealthy.

The Causes of Brittle Hair

Brittle and dry hair is caused by several things but mostly the self-care is the most important factor. Nutrition is not only needed by body to metabolism process but also can influence the entire look of someone because lack of nutrition will cause the hair become brittle because the substances which stimulate the hair health can be enough gained.

Self-ignorant toward hair care after using chemical or hair styling and bad habit of self-hygiene also influence the hair condition. Some healthy issues such as illness, the effect of medical treatment and the decrease condition because of disease will affect the hair condition.

Dealing with Brittle Hair

Technology can help you in resolving the hair with brittle condition but you should know that this problem someday can come again if you don’t change or stop the bad habit. Controlling brittle in hair can be done by keep the hair getting enough moisture. Using avocado oil or eggs if you consider natural ingredient will be useful.

Improving the hair strength by using gelatine and avoid of using chemical product in long term. If your hair being colored you should concern toward the hair. Changing or stopping the bad habits which influence your healthy will avoid you from brittle in the hair.

What causes of oily hair problem in women

Causes of oily hair problems in women can be caused by several things. May be the oily hair problem occurs after washing, early pregnancy, or it may happen because of stress. There are several ways of hair care for women, but there are some problems that can interfere include oily hair. Causes of oily hair problem in women may occur for several reasons.

Have you ever felt if had been shampooing every day, but it still feels limp hair because of excess oil production? This condition is very annoying. Moreover, excess oil can easily trigger the growth of dandruff. Not only oily hair problem, but also oily scalp.

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You must perform a variety of ways to cope with oily hair, including buying the care products. Before doing so, it would be better if you know the major trigger of oily hair. Prevent a lot better, that is by avoiding the triggers of oily hair.

Many hair problems can be experienced by people based on some reasons and the hair problems also varies from one person to another. One of the hair problems which most talked is by having oily hair. Naturally, our body can produce a waxy substance from sebaceous glands and it has function to keep the hair being flexible and soft.

The overproduction of sebum because of the body has more sebaceous glands make the hair becomes oily. Hormones or genetic influence the excessive production of waxy substances and mostly happened during puberty in which the unstable hormonal production happens.

The Causes of Oily Hair

Scientifically, the excessive production of sebum causes the greasy hair but it has causes behind the excessive production. The body is influenced by nutrition in conducting the metabolism including the oil production and other substances. The less consumption of nutrition such as liquid, fiber and vegetables will make unbalance substances inside the body and affect the parts of body.

When someone has bad eating habits like consuming fatty meals, it tends to have more risks in experiencing greasy hair. Self-hygiene ad healthy lifestyle will also influence the body in producing the substance include sebum which causes greasy hair.

Controlling Oily Hair

If you have problem with greasy hair, it better to at least control the problem or you can try removing the problem although sometimes greasy hair can remedially happen. The way you can trick this situation is by controlling the production of waxy substances. You should use only shampoo for greasy hair and avoid using moisture enriching shampoo.

Avoid any actions near the scalps which stimulating oil production like deep conditioning, gel and pomade using. Besides that, you should not use oil-based cosmetics because it also stimulates the oil production to entire body and better avoid consuming fatty foods and choose vegetables for daily consumption.

Causes of oily hair problem in women

– The consumption of fatty foods. For those of you who like fatty foods or contain a lot of oil and preservatives, do not be surprised if the hair is always oily. That’s because, as reported from totalbeauty.com, these foods make the body remove excess oil content in your body.

– Hair styling products. The use of hair styling products, so one of the main causes of the hair is very oily. If you apply some of the products on the surface of the hair, it will accumulate in the scalp. No matter if you are wearing a hair styling products, but make sure it is not excessive and sticking the scalp.

– Too often combed. Other triggers are too often combed hair. In fact, when you combing, you actually distribute the natural oils in the scalp to the hair surface. When it is done too often, then the result will look very oily hair.

These are some of the causes of oily hair in women. If preventing the trigger, you will be protected from oily hair. For already experienced, you can try to how to cope with oily hair problem naturally. With this article I hope you get a solution to the problem cause oily hair.

Dry hair best home remedies for black hair

Best home remedies for dry hair on black hair. Has black hair, thick and shiny is a woman’s dream. If you have dry hair problems then you should know how to care for dry hair so that your hair can get back healthy. Dry hair is caused by many factors such as frequent exposure to sunlight, dry your hair with a hair dryer, too frequent or infrequent shampooing, hair chemicals in the medicine, and because of certain diseases.

Hair can be regarded as a symbol of female beauty. But what if the hair plagued by problems such as dry hair? Dry hair tends to fall off easily and the amount of hair loss can be a large amount or a lot. This is due to the possibility of error in hair care, so beauty of hair is reduced.

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If you have dry hair problems then you should know how to care for dry hair so that the hair back to health. Causes of dry hair, among others: the sun, use a hair dryer, genetic, shampoo, coloring, and wrong treatment. It is easy to know the condition of your hair with a hair entering into a glass of water. If the hair is lost then your hair healthy, but if it floats your hair dry and in care needs.

Dry in Natural Hair Care

  1. Avocados used to treat dry hair. Avocado puree and use as a hair mask. Apply evenly to all parts of the scalp hair began, the base of the hair to the ends of the hair. Let stand for 20 minutes until absorbed then rinse thoroughly. Do routine 1-2 times a week.
  2. Lemon will not make the hair dry. The view of the fruit is often mistaken. Combine lemon juice water with 2 tablespoons of honey. Apply evenly through the hair like a mask. Wait for 1 hour and then rinse.

There are also eggs and coconut oil which can be used for the treatment of dry hair.

Avoid doing this to your hair

  1. If you include people who like hair care in the salon, then avoid the use of excessive hair care appliances like hair dryers and curling iron. Heating to high temperatures and often can lead to dry and damaged hair.
  2. Let my hair while sleeping. Tie your hair while sleeping can cause tangles and hair rub against each other. Scalp need oxygen to breathe so air circulation is also smooth.
  3. Washing every day can reduce the hair moisture. Oil produced by oil glands served to moisturize the hair and scalp, but if you wash it every day will dry hair. Shampooing just 2-3 days.
  4. Use a comb with hair density to avoid being separated from its roots. Comb with medium density also facilitate the easy combing to avoid tangles.

Hair care with home remedies to prevent dry hair

If you frequently treatments at the salon to help care for hair, should be suspended while it aims to avoid and prevent the hair from the use of tools which can damage your hair as a hair dryer, a chemical commonly used for hair masks, hair curlers, etc. .

Such tools are commonly used for hair care with temperatures high enough can damage the development and growth of hair so the hair easier to dry which leads to hair fall out easily.

Try treating your hair with home remedies and use of natural materials that exist around us, because a lot of natural ingredients that can be used as alternatives best choice for hair care, for example lemon, avocado, lime, etc.. Let your hair rediscover its beauty and hair can grow optimally.

There are many problems that can occur on the hair, such as oily hair, damaged hair, split ends, hair loss, etc.. Hair does require extra attention, one of which dry hair. Natural ingredients are best home remedies to treat dry hair.

Home remedies for oily hair without washing

Oily hair solution can be done naturally by home remedies without washing. There are various causes of oily hair. Too often are outdoors, hormonal imbalance, hot weather, and so on. In fact, too often comb the hair with your fingers can also cause hair to become limp and oily. This is because all the dirt out of the hands will move to the hair and scalp every time we comb hair.

Although there are many causes that make the oily hair problem in women, the most common of them are over-activity of the gland which produces the oil the scalp, dry scalp and also genetics. This is not a problem that can not be cured, various ways best hair care for oily hair can be done. Actually, to get healthy hair begins with a healthy change in your lifestyle coupled with the satisfaction of individual needs and specific hair types.

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The best thing you can do to help oily hair is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You are expected to take a healthy and balanced diet with vegetables and fruits. Additionally, you should take a multi-vitamin that high quality. Set regular exercise at least three days a week.

Such as the scalp moist is the main contributor for oily hair, so conditioning the hair and scalp after every wash is a great idea. It is highly recommended to use a homemade cooler for conditioning your hair.

In addition, to prepare your own hair conditioner, mix one tablespoon of olive oil with two tablespoons of lemon juice. Stir until blended. Now you can use some of the mixture on your fingertips and work through your hair and entire scalp. Let it sit for a few minutes then wash it.

There are many types of hair owned by all people. In fact, not all of those types give them a benefit. They often feel not confidence with the type of hair. One of the types of hair that people think it is annoying is oily hair. This type of hair is very hard to treat for some people. In fact, there are some easy ways that people can do to treat it. Having oily hair sometimes leads to another problem.

The hair will look duller. Also, people think that oily hair is hard to style. The people, especially women, want to look great by styling their hair. Do you have the same problem of oily hair? Do not worry about it. You can treat it in order not to look soaking wet. You can also be more confidence.

Here are some treatments of oily hair that you can follow:

  1. It is better for you to use a shampoo for oily hair. It contains mild ingredients that are suitable for oily hair. Or, you can also use baby shampoo. This kind of shampoo is very mild and is able to overcome the amount of oil in your hair.
  2. When you are washing your hair, just focus on washing each of hairs. You should reduce the oil in the hair. If you work a lot on the skin of your head, it will dry it.
  3. Try to rinse your hair with cold water. Warm water will make it more oily. Do it regularly when you are washing your hair.
  4. Use a squeeze of lemon to your hair. This lemon juice will reduce the oil.  Do it regularly in every weekend.

Those are some easy ways to treat oily hair. All of them are able to reduce oil on the entire hair. By doing those ways regularly, you will have healthier hair. Also, you can be easier to style it. Let’s try them as soon as possible!

Thus our interesting article about natural hair care tips for oily hair. If you have oily hair you should care your hair with a special. This is very important especially if you want your hair look healthy. As we all know that a great many of us who have a problem with oily hair.

Solving dry hair with miracle natural treatment

Solving dry hair you can do with miracle natural treatment. Hair is one of the important parts that make women beautiful. By having healthy hair, women can be able to dress up whatever they want.

They can make their hair straight, curly, with beautiful hair coloring trends. But, if you already have dry hair, you will not be able to make over your hair style. How can you solve your dry hair with some dry hair solutions, dry hair home remedies, or dry hair treatment?

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Natural dry hair treatment

– Cidar apple of cider vinegar. This extracts can help you to make your hair more bouncy. Mix the cidar apple of cider vinegar to warm water, then apply it to your hair for 5 minutes. To disappear the smell, rinse your hair with flowing water.

– Bottle gourd treatment. This dry hair treatment can you use by using bottle gourd extracts to your hair for a half to one hour. After you wait the extract has been absorbed in to your hair you can rinse it.

– Olive oil treatment. Olive oil is one of the best extract treatment to your dry hair, it can be one of conditioning system that can make your hair shiner. You can combine the olive oil with honey, so the vitamin of the extract more complete. Apply this extract combination to your hair for 2 hour before you are shampooing.

– Amla treatment. This treatment uses amla fruit that is quite popular in India. This fruit can help your dry hair by mixing the amla powder with castor oil and also one egg to be a smooth extract combination. Then, apply it to your hair for 30 minutes before you take a shampooing.

Tips to Treat Dry Hair

Healthy hair becomes something that women should have. Therefore, they have to treat their hair as good as possible. There are many types of hair that women have. One of them is dry hair. This is such an annoying type of hair for them. Some of them think that having dry hair will reduce their confident.

Also, they should have plenty of preparations before going to a formal party. It is due to improve their look. Some of them said that this is a big problem that is quite annoying. Are you also suffering dry hair? Do not worry about it. As matter of fact, there are many ways that you can do to treat this dry hair. You do not need to do complicated ways to overcome this problem.

Here are some tips for you to treat your dry hair:

  1. When you are washing your hair, try to use cold water. As a matter of fact, warm water is not always useful to keep the moisture of your hair. So, rinse your hair with cold water when you are washing it.
  2. If you like to tie your hair, then this is the time to kick this habit. You can tight it only when you have to attend to an occasion, or when the weather is quite hot. If you tie it up more often, your hair will get damaged. Also, it will lead to fall.
  3. Do not use some hair treatment tools such as hair drier or flat iron too often. Those are not good for your hair. Be sure that healthy is important for hair.

Those are some tips to treat your dry hair. By following them, you will be able to improve the health of your hair. There will be no more problem since you have done your best. Those tips are very easy to be done.

The benefit natural dry hair treatments

You can get some benefits by using those treatments. You can save your money from the expensive saloon treatment, you can do it when you are free in home, and you can freely care your hair safely with those natural extracts. So how to solve dry hair problem with miracle natural treatment.

Oily hair home remedies use baby powder

Oily hair care with home remedies using baby powder. Oily hair can make you frustrated. This could happen even a few moments after you wash it and you’re getting that your hair looks dull and limp. Although so many offers available in the market but not much help.

It is estimated that the majority of people who have fine hair have more problems with oily hair than others. This is because they have a lot more hair, more likely to have more oil glands. So the problem with oily hair can be more if you have hair smooth. Influence of the heat will aggravate the condition oily hair.

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How to reduce the oil on your hair with ingredients easily available, how to reduce excess oil on the hair as a form of hair care in addressing the problem of oily hair. Oily hair of course can lead your hair look limp. Beside that also the excess oil on your hair condition can lead to dust and dirt easily sticks to the hair which could trigger dandruff.

Oily hair problems caused by the body producing too much oil in providing natural moisture. Factors affecting the body produces excess oil can be due to an unhealthy lifestyle, eating some foods that cause oil, high stress even oily hair can be caused by interference with the scalp cells.

How to prevent oily hair

Actually there are many factors that can trigger the production of excess oil on the scalp, such as the effect of food, shampoo, or because of stress. Here are a few tips and you should consider solution to treat oily hair.

  • Keep your hair to keep it clean. Dirt from the outside such as dust and pollution can trigger your scalp to produce more oil. To overcome this, shampooing at least once every 2 days to ensure your hair stays clean.
  • Do not scratch your scalp. Oily scalp will feel itchy, but scratching is a wrong action. Scratching the scalp will make the oil glands become depressed so there will be more oil out of your scalp.
  • Avoid spicy foods, acidic, and greasy. Foods that are too oily, sour, and spicy can trigger the production of excess oil on your hair. To that end, reduce three types of food consumed and multiply to consume fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Baby powder as a home remedies for oily hair

Powder can be used as a way to overcome excess oil on the scalp and hair. Using baby powder on the scalp can tackle excess oil which is a fast way to tackle excess oil in the hair. Once the scalp sprinkle with baby powder then you can flatten it until the end of the hair using a comb.

To note here at reducing oil on the hair by using a powder is you have to be diligent hair wash to prevent buildup the powder on the scalp. Buildup the powder is mixed with oil and sweat on the scalp will certainly easily become dandruff.

Give extra nutrients to your hair by using natural ingredients to overcome the excess oil on your hair and scalp. Effective baby powder as a home remedies of oily hair. Baby powder as a home remedies is quite effective in dealing with oily hair naturally.

Dry hair solutions for women with home remedies

Dry hair in women can be treated naturally using home remedies. If you have dry hair problems then you should know how to treat dry hair to get the hair back to health. Dry hair is caused by many factors such as frequent exposure to sunlight, dry your hair with a hair dryer, too frequent or infrequent shampooing, chemicals in hair medicine, and because of certain diseases.

Tips to find out if your hair is healthy or not is put your hair in a glass of water. If your hair sinks, it means your hair are classified as healthy. But, if your hair floats, it means your hair is dry and unhealthy. If you are currently doing in salon hair care, avoid the use of tools which can damage the your hair as a hair dryer, hair curler, chemicals commonly used for hair mask, and others.

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How to care for dry hair with home remedies

Use avocados, as it turns out the avocado can be used to treat dry hair. The trick grab an avocado flesh and puree until shaped like pasta, you can puree it with a spoon or in a blender. After forming the paste, apply the avocado to all parts of hair from start to end of the hair scalp. Then let stand for about 20 minutes, then rinse with water until clean. Do it two or three times a week.

In addition to how to care for dry hair, to prevent it you need to avoid tying the hair while sleeping. Actually this is a wrong way and will be torturous your hair, because the hair roots can not breathe properly. Unleash your hair when you sleep. Also avoid tying the hair while sweating. It aims to avoid the hair so as not to smell.

Besides the issue of dry hair, greasy hair in women are also common. May the way of treating hair with home remedies can solve your dry hair problem.

Revitalize Dry Hair with Foods

The dry hair of course will not be good option for many people especially for women. Every woman wants to have beautiful hair and many of them love to keep their hair long. However, their long hair will not look beautiful if it is dry. The hair which is dry must be broken easily and they will not be able to style it properly.

That is why many people will try to do various treatments for revitalizing dry hair so it will not be dry any longer. They can pay a lot of money for beauty salon treatment and they can also spend a lot of money for buying various hair products. However, actually they also can rid their hair with foods.

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Food Intake

If people want to get the hair which is not dry any longer, they should increase the intake of omega 3 as well as 6 fatty acids. There are some sources of these nutrients which can use including vegetables with dark green colors, flax oil, cold water fish, and pumpkin seeds.

People should also eat more foods with high content of vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin K. those vitamins can be found in rice bran, dairy product, soybeans, avocados, broccoli, as well as carrots. People should increase their iron level by consuming the whole grains, poultry product, as well as meat in large amount because iron will help people to provide oxygen for their hair.

Water and Diet

Instead of spending a lot of money for hair product, it is more necessary for people to drink plenty of water which will be great support for moisturizing their hair. Keeping body hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water every day must be the key for keeping the hair from drying out meanwhile alcohol and caffeine should be avoided. Foods which do nothing such as sugary snacks, cakes, and cookies should be cut back.

What causes of greasy scalp and hair?

What cause and solution of greasy hair and scalp? Greasy heads start from scalp that produces excess oil. Greasy hair is one of hair problems that become a bothersome for many people. The main problem is because it is truly unpleasant to see. All of types of hair can be experienced this problems even when your hair is curly.

If you do not get right hair treatment for your greasy hair, it may cause further problem such as itchy and hair loss. Hence, knowing the causes of it is one of the ways to prevent your hair from it or give the right solution for it. Greasy hair is caused by excessive scalp in producing oil. You have to find a way to overcome the greasy head.

causes of greasy hair, treat greasy scalp
What causes of greasy hair and scalp?

What causes of greasy scalp?

Oily hair can be caused by inside factor from our body. The first factor is the scalp. Greasy scalp has high tendency to make your hair greasy. Greasy scalp is resulted from the excessive production of oil glands that can be found on the bottom of our head skin. Normal oil or sebum actually is important for hair health as it avoids hair from dryness.

However, if it is produced excessively it will be absorbed by the hair. That is why our hair looks greasy. The other factor is hormone. Imbalance of hormone due to pregnancy or puberty will make oil glands produce the excessive oil. The oil production will decrease as long as the hormone turns to be normal again.

Beside the inside factors, the outside factors also play role in making oily hair. Diseases and disorders are one of the examples of outside factors that make greasy scalp. Many kinds of diseases that we had are tending to influence the production of oily glands in our head. Diseases can also affect the production of adrenal gland which leads to production of excessive oil.

Other disorder that attack ovaries also will give almost similar effect to our hair. Another one is caused by the frequency of combing hair. Too often combing hair will also affect oil glands in the head. It happens because when we comb our hair, the tip of the comb will pick the oil and spread it in all of parts of hair. Greasy hair is one of hair problems that became a bothersome for many people.

How to deal with an greasy hair

  1. Make sure you wash your hair properly, which means rinse, rinse, rinse. You should rinse your hair for at least 30 seconds. Sometimes oily hair is actually caused by shampoo or conditioner that is not rinsed properly.
  2. Rinse your hair with normal water after shampooing. Hot water can stimulate the glands that can produce sebum, while cold water can help stop it. Rinsing the hair with normal water can cover the cuticle and reduce the damage to your hair. The same applies to hair dryers. If possible, let your hair dry naturally, or set the temperature to a minimum. Hot air will stimulate oil production quickly and causes greasy scalp
  3. Do not touch hair. Touch your hair as little as possible if you have a tendency of greasy scalp. The more often you hold it, comb it, and even straighten your hair, the more oil produce by scalp.
  4. Wash hair with cold water and use a shampoo with minimal detergent content. Detergent content in the shampoo is able to erode oil levels in the hair in excess so as to make the scalp dry and stimulate the production of oil on the scalp in excess.

The excess production of oil on the scalp would make hair become quickly limp and look dull. This ways on how to deal with extremely greasy scalp. Using natural ingredients to handle greasy scalp is also very effective as apple vinegar, aloe vera etc.