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How to treat urinary tract infections

How to treat urinary tract infections? Urinary tract infections can be caused by bacteria from the digestive system or the anus into the urethra channel. Nine out of ten cases of UTI is caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli or E. coli that generally live in the large intestine and anus.

It is estimated that these bacteria get into a person’s urethra due to cleaning after defecation and small unfavorable. For example, if the toilet paper he used to clean the anus. That’s when the bacteria can get into the bladder channel. In such cases, women are more prone to urinary tract infections because the urethra to the anus distance on their body closer than that of the male body.

treat urinary tract infections
treat urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections can also be caused by urine being stored too long in the bladder provides the opportunity for bacteria to multiply.

How to treat urinary tract infections

If you are suffering from a urinary tract infection (UTI), immediately see a doctor so that treat urinary tract infection with antibiotics can be immediately carried out. During the relatively mild infection and you are not at high risk for complications, hospitalization is not required.

Treat urinary tract infections in addition to antibiotics, painkillers also sometimes necessary to eliminate the pain caused by urinary tract infections. However, if you suffer from upper UTI, avoid pain relievers non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or NSAIDs. It is feared that these drugs can cause kidney problems.

In addition to using medicines from the doctor, the sooner the healing urinary tract infections will succeed if it is supported by the steps that you can do at home, including:

  • Do not hold your desire to urinate due to bladder emptying, you can prevent the bacteria to multiply further.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Relieve pain with hot compresses.

Urinary tract infections relatively light will usually recover several days after treatment begins. But if urinary tract infections is quite severe, especially to cause complications, patients need to be referred to hospital.

How to prevent recurrence of urinary tract infections

Here are some steps you can take to prevent a recurrence of urinary tract infections.

  • If you finish defecating or urinating, wipe with a tissue or water from front to back.
  • Drink plenty of water because you frequent urination, then the bacteria will be difficult to breed.
  • If the urinary tract infections happen very often, ask your doctor to prescribe antibiotics prevention of urinary tract infections.

How to get rid of a sinus infection naturally in 24 hours

How to get rid of a sinus infection naturally in 24 hours. Sinus is a condition consisting of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, which may occur due to infection from bacterial, fungal, viral, allergic or autoimmune issues. Sinus infections can cause headache or pressure in the eyes, nose, cheeks, or on one side of the head.

Sinus infections are also facing problems such as cough, fever, bad breath and nose with thick nasal secretions. Sinus infection also caused by the flu, air pollutants (allergens), extreme climatic conditions, weakened immune system, stress, dehydration, excessive smoking, nasal bone injury and tooth infections.

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How to get rid of sinus infection naturally

Sinus infection further classified into acute, subacute, and chronic. Classification of sinus infections depend on the duration of the condition. Sinusitis Acute (sudden) lasted for less than 4 weeks, sub-acute for about 4-6 weeks, and chronic (long term) sinusitis usually lasts for more than 12 weeks.

Other signs include thick nasal secretions yellow or greenish, cough, fever, bad breath, and pain in the upper jaw, fatigue, sore throat, trouble in breathing through the nose, loss of sense of smell and sometimes a burning sensation in the eye. In severe cases, can lead to osteomyelitis sinus infection, brain infection and meningitis.

Symptoms of sinusitis

  • Pain and pressure in the face, which increasingly feels worse when you lean forward.
  • Nasal congestion with green or yellow mucus, which can flow in the back of the nose to the throat and can cause sore throat and cough
  • Headache when you wake up in the morning
  • Fever
  • Sore ears
  • Toothache or pain in the upper jaw
  • Frontal Sinusitis can cause pain just above the eyebrows and forehead with a gentle touch though.
  • Maxillary sinusitis can cause the upper jaw, teeth and cheeks to ache and is often mistaken for a toothache.
  • Ethmoid sinusitis can cause pain around the eyes and the nose.
  • Sphenoid sinusitis can cause pain around the eye, at the top of the head. You also may feel ear pain and neck pain.

How to get rid of a sinus infection naturally

Drink plenty of mineral water; Drinking water can help in the treatment of sinus infections naturally. Drinking plenty of mineral water will help to overcome dehydration. This method can make the inside of the nose become more humid so it is not too dry. You can try drinking warm water or plain water, and avoid cold water.

Drinking lots of fluids can also replace fluids that have been out, reduce fever and boost immunity. Drinking plenty of water will also help remove toxins from the body that will come out in the form of urine. This natural way can not directly get rid of sinus infections but helps relieve and prevent more severe symptoms.

Eating spicy foods; All types of spicy foods are strongly recommended to consumed when sinusitis recurs. You can include some types of spices that contain spices such as chili, pepper, radish, wasabi and peppers. Some types of spicy spices contain vitamin C is very high. The content of vitamin C will help boost immunity.

In addition, spicy foods will help remove fluid in the nose. The fluid in the nose that has accumulated and caused infection from bacteria and viruses can come out naturally. Consumption of spicy foods while still hot can cure sinus infections naturally, but if too much can also disrupt the digestive system.

How to get rid of a sinus infection fast 24 hours

Using nose drops; This is a medical way or sinus infection medicine you can do other than the natural way to get rid of sinus infections. Visit your doctor for nasal drops that can cure sinus infections fast even within 24 hours. Nasal drops made from grape seed extract help in reducing inflammation in the nasal passages.

The use of nose drops containing steroids can also be used to cure sinus infection. However, this drug is usually given only by a doctor who has examined the condition of a sinus infection and physical of the patient. Nose drops works to reduce the inflammation of the sinus cavity and prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of the breath.

This medicine is usually sprayed directly to the nose. The medicine will reduce swelling and overcome the discomfort in the nose and throat. However, this medicine can also cause side effects such as nosebleeds, a nose that is too dry, sore throat and discomfort during breathing.

Surgery to get rid of sinus infection

The surgery used to treat a sinus infection permanently should be performed on the basis of a physician’s examination. The doctor will make a decision according to the condition of the sinus infection suffered. Some surgeries are not to cure a sinus infection directly but to eliminate the cause of sinus infection.

  • Endoscopy: to make the flow of fluids in the nose become more smoothly. This method will make the liquid does not accumulate in the sinus cavity that can cause sinusitis infection.
  • Removal of a network is like a polyp: This operation is performed to remove polyps that will cause sinus infections.

The way that you can do to treat sinusitis is consult the health professional. ENT doctors will diagnose and take action if it is right to be sick or sinusitis. Because, if a sinus infection is treated late then it can spread to the brain and risk more harm. This article tips how to get rid of a sinus infection naturally. 

Home remedies for sinus infection treatment naturally

Natural ways to get rid of a sinus infection at home. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the channel that connects the nasal cavity of the skull and eye socket (sinus cavity) that occurs because of allergies, chemicals, cancer, tumors, viral infections, bacteria and fungi. Sinus infection is caused by impaired circulation of air to the outside and into the sinus cavities.

Sinus infection can be caused by contamination of the virus that attacks the upper respiratory cavity. Besides sinus infection can also be caused by allergies to air, cold temperatures, animal dander, pollen flowers, dust and also certain diseases or foods.

home remedies for sinus infection, sinus infection treatment, how to get rid of a sinus infection
Home remedies for sinus infection treatment

Early sinus infections may not be too noticeable, as usually the symptoms that appear are very similar to the common cold. However, longer symptoms for more than two weeks can be a serious trigger for sinus infection. The treatment required for sinus infection varies greatly according to the conditions.

Treatment for severe sinusitis should be with the help of a doctor, while treatment of mild sinus infections can be done at home. Sinus producing fluid or mucus useful for cleaning the nasal cavity, a thin layer of moisturizing the nose and throat, helping resonant voice, help balance the head, reduce air pressure changes and humidity.

Causes of sinus infection:

  • Such as nasal congestion caused by influenza virus infection when the body is less fit. Infection that attacks around the nose and throat is often spread to the sinuses (cavities around the nasal mucus flow).
  • Inflammation of the nasal cavity may also be caused by our way of blowing your nose is wrong. Mucus is supposed to come out instead sucked into the cavity so hard to be issued. Can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi.
  • Can also be caused by inflammation elsewhere, in the adjacent eg sore throat, inflamed tonsils, inflammation of the upper molars, sometimes also caused swimming, diving, trauma air pressure.
  • Allergies may aggravate the disease, so people who are already suffering from allergies will be more susceptible to sinus inflammation.

Signs of sinus infection

  • Pain and distress in the face; Sinuses are cavities in the bones around the nose. If a small cavity is blocked, mucus accumulation will occur so that there will be pain in the face.
  • Obstruction and inflammation of the sinuses can also cause the muscles around forehead rose causing headache.
  • Out thick mucus; Mucus discharge thick yellow or green are the main signs of a sinus infection. Colored mucus is caused by white blood cells as a sign of the body’s immune system is fighting an infection.
  • Swollen nose; Bacteria which breed in the sinus cavity will cause swelling. Although common in nasal swelling salesma or people suffering from flu, the sinusitis usually lasts longer swollen.

There are several tips that can be done to treat sinus infections. Given the treatment of sinus infections by using medicines with chemicals also contain the risk of side effects, the following will be presented are natural tips to treat sinus infections.

Home remedies for sinus infection treatment

Eat healthy foods; There are several types of foods you can consume to prevent and treat sinus infections such as pineapple, garlic, apple cider vinegar, yogurt, and radish. Pineapple fruit is the best food to treat sinus infections because it contains brotelain enzymes that have anti-inflammatory properties. This bromelain enzyme can help reduce mucus and reduce sinus inflammation.

Hot drinks; Hot drinks are the simplest home remedies to treat sinus infections. One easy way to treat a sinus infection is to drink hot beverages such as hot tea such as black tea, green tea, or herbal teas. This hot drink will help moisten the mucous membrane and will help mucus out of the sinus faster.

The bedrooms are clean; Maintain the cleanliness of the bedroom, Sinus infection can be caused by dust around you are inhaled and cause infection in the nasal cavity. So it can not be denied again that the cleanliness of the bedroom is very important to note if you are willing to prevent or treat sinus infections.

Avoiding allergens; In order for sinus infections do not recur in the future, it is better you avoid allergens such as dust, animal dander, cigarette smoke, motor vehicle fumes, medicines and foods that can trigger allergies. Avoid all these allergens while you are in the process of treating sinus infections.

How to get rid of a sinus infection in 24 hours

Drinking ginger water; Ginger is home home remedies for sinus infection treatment. Ginger is one of the natural ingredients that can help cure sinus infection. Ginger contains an excellent natural anti-inflammatory agent that cures inflammation of the sinuses. You can make ginger boiling water that can be drunk.

Mix one fresh ginger into two glasses of mineral water. Then boil until boiling and leaving only one glass. Add one tablespoon of pure honey while still warm and immediately drunk. Ginger will help reduce the effects of inflammation and secrete fluid from the body. Even ginger can reduce the effect of sinus infection is quite bad.

Compressing the nose with warm water; This natural way you can do at home for the treatment of sinus infections. Severe sinus infections may cause the flow of fluid in the nose to be inhibited. This can cause a bad headache. For treatment this can then try to compress your nose with warm water or inhaling steam.

You can pour hot water into a small bowl or pot. Then grab a soft towel or cloth and soak in warm water. After that lift and place on the part between the nose and forehead. You can also do steam therapy just like inhaling steam to get rid of nasal congestion. This will help drain fluid in the nose.

If you are suffering from sinus infection then it should be treated immediately. If not, then an infection in one of the sinus cavity will easily spread and infect other vital organs. Location of the sinus cavity very close to the eye, brain and other vital organs in the head. Therefore, knowing the symptoms of sinus infection disease early is crucial.

The most common symptoms are headache, pain around the face and fever. Other symptoms of pale discoloration of the nose, nasal congestion, painful when swallowing and cough. If you feel flu signs but does not go away or frequent relapses. Immediately practice home remedies for the treatment of sinus infections.