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Causes and home remedies for itchy red eyes

How to cope with itchy red eyes at home? If you continue to experience itchy red eyes, do not ignore it because it could be a symptom of severe eye problems. Article describes the causes of itchy red eyes and watery, and information methods of treatment for red itchy eyes and watery.

Exposure to sunlight and dust are a common cause of itchy red eyes. On the other hand, a person suffering from colds and flu may also experience itchy eyes and watery. Experience itching of the eyes and watery red eyes can be a symptom of eye problems or allergies.

Causes of itchy red eyes and watery

Along with red eyes, if you have other symptoms such as swelling, heat eyes, dry eyes, blurred vision, etc., then surely it makes uncomfortable. If you frequently experience, it is best to get treatment quickly before it gets worse. Here we will review and get to know about the causes of itchy red eyes.

Causes of itchy red eyes and watery

  • Allergies are caused by airborne allergens is one of the common causes of itchy eyes. Eye Allergies can be caused due to various causes such as exposure to dust, mold, dry air, and toxic gases. On the other hand, some people actually have an allergy to eye drops are used to treat dry eyes.
  • Inflammation of the conjunctiva or the outer membranes of the eyes called conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis caused by viral or bacterial infection and it can spread easily from one person to another. Redness, itching, watery eyes are common symptoms of conjunctivitis.
  • Strain on the eye muscles is also one of the conditions that cause itchy eyes, red eyes and dry eyes. Reading for hours or working on a computer for a long time is a significant cause of muscle tension. On the other hand, not enough sleep or insomnia can also cause eye fatigue.
  • Glaucoma is one of the most serious causes, itchy, red and dry eyes also become one of the leading causes of blindness in people. The disease is caused by increased pressure within the eye, which causes damage to the optic nerve. Blurred vision and red eyes are the symptoms of glaucoma. If the condition is left untreated for a long time, it can lead to permanent blindness.

How to treat itchy red eyes and watery

If someone is experiencing itchy red eyes too often, then it should consult a doctor immediately diagnosed. It is important to identify the exact cause of allergies completely. However, if you suffer from an allergic reaction, there are medications available that can help to relieve allergies.

Conjunctivitis can also be treated with the help of medication and eye drops. However, people who suffer from conjunctivitis should be isolated to prevent the spread of infectious eye disease. Treatment of glaucoma depends on the extent to which the disease has spread.

In the early stages, eye drops and other medications may be helpful, but in more severe cases surgery may be required. Splash water on your face or gently massage around the eye with a finger also assist in overcoming the tired eyes.

Home remedies for itchy red eyes

Cucumber; Cold slices of cucumber can also be used to treat itchy and red eyes. The trick is to slice the cucumbers thin and transverse then place on the eyes and let until the cucumber dry and replaced after the cucumber slices have dried up. Cucumber slices are very effective for treating itchy eyes because cucumber is believed to contain a refreshing anti-irritant.

Potato; As with cucumber slices, raw potato slices can also be used to treat itchy and red eyes. The trick is to thinly slicing fresh and cold potatoes and place them on the eyes. Potatoes will make the eyes become relaxed and cool too so the itch is slowly disappearing.

Betel leaf; Betel leaf has long been believed to overcome eye irritation such as itching and red eyes. The trick is to take a number of betel leaves then boiled with water to boiling. Let the boiled water to cool down after that soak the face with eyes open. Eye irritation will heal. This method is quite effective to overcome itchy and red eyes.

By always maintaining moisture and eye hygiene can also avoid the eyes of various infections and irritations. Therefore, always clean the eyes will be safe for his health, if necessary use eye drops that can be taken anywhere and can be used anytime as first aid when mild irritation occurs.

The eyes are often infected with dirt and also dust, resulting in red eyes accompanied by itching. Bad habit of rubbing the eyes when itching will actually worsen the eye condition not only getting red, eyes will also feel hot and also watery. For that when the eye irritation is expected to not rubbed the eyes in a long time.

Eye infections are caused by many things and all can be overcome by doing a number of therapies naturally. However, to overcome the itchy and red eyes need to be known a number of causes of occurrence because if there is eye irritation there are several layers of eyes that will be infected.

Cause of small red spots on skin that don’t itch

Most people would hardly do anything if some small red spots suddenly appear on the skin. As long as it’s not disturbing, not on the face, or on any exposed body parts. Probably just some insect bites, some sunburns, or it’s just because of the water.

Easily forgotten and easily neglected. Troubles appear, panic arise, when the tiny spots start to spread in such rapidity, in a very not normal ways. Then starts the trace to the past, what was that food? What was that drink? Where was that? What was that tablet?

Cause of small red spots, small red spots on skin, small red spots don't itch,

Unknown to some people, medicine can create allergies instead of fighting it. Not just the weird, alternative medicine, but also the usual medicine like the any kind of antibiotics. There have been cases about skin allergy cause by the usage the antibiotics.

It could appear in any level, from the mild ones, as a cause of small red spots on skin that don’t itch, or mount up to a more serious level where rashes, hives, or skins are stripped. Nevertheless, most of the antibiotics allergy still could be handled with some simple moves.

The note of the allergy is that antibiotics are not a type of medicine that could be stopped easily. Though it is one of the most common prescribed medicine, but doctors usually prescribe this as the last step. The antibiotics are should be taken until the time of the treatment is over, otherwise it won’t relieve the health problem, and even could give worse ones.

That’s why when an allergy to the prescribed antibiotic appears, the step taken would depend on the level of the symptom. If it is still could be handled, then the patient would stay in the same antibiotic. But if the side effect could not be managed anymore, then a different dose or a different type of antibiotic drug would be given.

The cause red spots on the facial skin

Various causes small red spots on the skin, itching or not. We can see from the habits we do each day to find the cause of small red spots on our face. Seeing red spots on the face? There is most likely you think it is acne. But when viewed more closely, it is not acne. If you suffer from red spots on the face, you will probably blame the condition of your sensitive skin and are planning to cover with makeup. Do not jump to conclusions and start looking for information about the causes of red spots on your skin.

There are several common causes of red spots like pimples. The first might be due to sun damage and sun exposure. Perhaps you have experienced sunburn, despite apply your best sunblock. But for some people, exposure to sunlight may cause a red rash and acne, scaly skin (called photosensitivity), and can be caused by immunological responses (sun allergy). Some treatments can cause sun sensitivity.

And talk about skin care products, they can cause more problems than photosensitivity. Allergic reaction to something that touches your face, such as skin care or makeup product, or even your detergent may cause red spots like pimples. Do the test yourself at home with the use of the product on the inside of the wrist or elbow to see the reaction of your skin.

And sometimes it is not a form of allergies to skin care products that cause the redness, but the rigors of the ingredients in skin care products. Possible care of your skin contain ingredients that can strip the protective layer of skin and cause irritation. If that happens, you should switch to skin care products are more natural so it does not cause red spots on your skin.

Cause of small red spots on skin that itch

Small red spots on skin

Problems on the skin does not seem to be endless, blackheads, oily skin, dark spots and many others. Red spots that often we find on the face is a problem that is very annoying and reduces our confidence. Of course not only you, but there are many more people who experience both men and women, the problem is how we can eliminate the small red spots without having to cause other problems on our skin?

Previously we have discussed about the symptoms of red spots on all body. Most of us, particularly the women, are expected, and or expecting, to have the body and the skin as smooth as mannequins, or ‘at least’ as smooth as the Korean actors. The wishes can only be realized on the screens, sadly.

Cause of small red spots, small red spots on skin that itch, small itchy red spots

In the real world, never a normal skin can be as smooth as a ceramic glass, in some moments, in some affairs, there would appear a bump, a spot or two. And in this case, the small red spots, that are not just appear, but also give an unbearable itch.

The cause of small red spots on skin that itch

Before discussing more about how to cope with red spots on the face, it helps you to know in advance what the cause of the red spots appear on our skin. The level of itch or the spread of the small red spots could be varied, same thing like the location of the spots. Occasionally and in most of the cases, the itchy small spots would just appear in a short period of time, easily forgotten and neglected.

The cause of small red spots on skin that itch is differ, it could come from external effect, for instance unsuitable cosmetic or other skin products, or environmental impacts like the water and air pollution, or too much sunlight exposures. When the cause of the skin problems come from internal medical issues, it usually hard to be known and could lead to a more serious matter. For example hormones issues, diabetes, anxiety and stress disorders, or food allergies.

The latter cause, food allergies, usually would be discovered if the small red spots appear after unusual food consumption, either in types or in amounts. The usual food allergies are including foods like milk, egg, nuts, and seafood. But the food allergies could also come from uncommon accounts, for the example rice, meat, or some kind of fruits.

Most of the food allergies usually known since early age, but in some cases, mostly idiopathic, allergies to a certain type of food could appear suddenly. Skin problems like itches are the foremost symptom on this health issues, and would need an extra care, for it could lead to another allergy symptoms that are much more serious to the body.

Tips to resolve small red spots on the skin

To eliminate small red spots is to clean your face with a cleanser that matches your skin type face on a regular basis, it takes a long time, but if you do it correctly then the red spots on your face can be lost completely.

Note also that you use beauty tool. If after make-up, facial skin you have problems then we suggest to stop using the makeup. Always use cosmetics that really suitable for your face is a precautionary measure to avoid things you do not want. Facial skin care regularly and properly is how to prevent the skin from various skin problems, including small red spots.

How to get rid of red itchy bumps all over body

How to get rid of red itchy bumps all over body? Improving health can be done in some ways. When you have to deal with many activities every day, you need to stay healthy in order to achieve your goal. But, what will happen when you wake up in the morning and you find red itchy bumps all over body?

It will be quite annoying for some of you. If you are suffering it, you need to take the right action to heal. Taking some medications such as anti-itch cream is really helpful to reduce the itchy feeling. Besides, you can also treat it by applying powder to remove the red bumps.

red itchy bumps all over body, red itchy bumps spreading, relieve red itchy bumps on skin
How to get rid of red itchy bumps all over body

In fact, taking a bath is not recommended when you are suffering this problem. It will be such a hard situation when the red itchy bumps spread all over your body. If it happens, you should know the symptoms and causes, so that you will be able to take the right medication.

Causes of red itchy bumps all over body

As a matter of fact, there are some symptoms red itchy bumps all over body. Some people might consider red bumps when it comes to their face. Acne becomes the most common problem of red bumps skin. But, it only occurs to the face and back. When red itchy bumps all over body, it can be called as skin allergy.

The symptoms of this problem can be easily seen when the skin’s color turns into red and swollen. For someone who has weather allergy, these symptoms are the first sign. If it is a keratosis pilaris, the skin will be red and the texture is dry.

How to get rid of red itchy bumps all over body

Compress with cold water; Most skin allergy specialists recommend to compress with cold water because compressing is a topical natural remedy for itching. Cold temperatures can help shrink the blood vessels and prevent further histamine release. So it can relieve red bumps.

Apple cider vinegar; Apple cider vinegar is one of the best natural remedies to relieve itching. Antihistamines in it can help relieve inflammation quickly and regulate the immune system’s response. So thoroughly can nourish the skin.

Aloe vera; Aloe vera gel is a natural remedy that can cool the skin and relieve red itchy bumps all over body. Aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can help reduce redness, inflammation and itching when applied.

Ginger; Ginger can be used to treat itching because of its strong anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties. Basically, ginger can target genes and enzymes that trigger inflammation, thereby increasing blood circulation in the skin, get rid of bumps and reducing itching.

Those are some symptoms of red itchy bumps happen to the skin all over the body. Since itchy is the first feeling of this problem, you need to take the right treatment as soon as possible. If it is getting worse, do not hesitate to consult to the doctor to diagnose the symptoms of red itchy bumps all over body.