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Causes of headaches in back of head in children

Causes of Headaches In The Back Of Head in Children

Do you have experience of children who complain of headache? Previously we have explained about how to cure migraine headache in children. But this is a different case, in this article we describe the causes of headache in the back of head in children.

Headache is a common symptom that can occur in children. But when the children do not know about what is actually perceived, and then they just say that it’s just plain sick. Sometimes children do not understand and they ignore the symptoms of headache. Cure headaches in children should be done after knowing the cause. Here is a review of the causes of headaches in the back of the head in children.

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1. The Initial Symptoms Appear

Headache symptoms in children are often said to be a pain is very uncomfortable on the head. Generally, children can experience headaches on the right, left, front or back. In certain circumstances the symptoms of headaches in the back will make the children feel uncomfortable. Even when the kids cannot say about all the complaints it, then usually they just feel like sleeping, nausea and vomiting.

2. Causes Of Headaches In The Back Of The Children

Children will show different symptoms depending on the age and ability of the child to communicate. As a parent it can deal with this headache according to the symptoms and causes are present. Some conditions of children who have headaches on the back showed symptoms of fever, an infection of the nose, ears and throat.

Other causes most cases are found in back of headaches in children are serious sinus problems. Infection in the sinuses can make a child feel pain in the front of the peak on the back of the head. Children who have problems with the immune system are usually very susceptible to sunlight. When these children are too long in the sun then they will feel dizzy great on the back of the head.

Another indication of the headaches that appear on the back of the head is a serious vision problem. Symptoms of vision problems will seem more severe when children complain about an uncomfortable light on the eyes and sometimes accompanied by dizziness and vomiting. Another problem that can cause children to feel dizzy at the back of the head is a serious infection of the brain. A wide variety of problems such as meningitis and infections of other disorders will make children suffer enough.

3. Treatment For Headaches In Children

Parents can basically do some kind of way to prevent more serious illness. This condition can be done for pain at the back of the head belonging to a low level. If the delivery of drugs showed no symptoms better then you have to bring the child to the doctor. More detailed examination can be performed to determine the actual cause and the best treatment can be sought ways.

Before you take the various steps of this then you should ask the child to rest and give comfort to children. If all symptoms occur in children showed less good things like eye sight began to blur, unclear speech, nausea and vomiting, then it should be the parents should immediately see a doctor. Headaches in children that occur on the back could be an indication of a serious disease and should get treatment as soon as possible.

Migraine headaches in children home remedies

What home remedies for headaches in children. Headache is the most common complaints encountered in daily lives. Headaches are not only experienced by adults, children can experience the same complaint. Headaches in children are usually caused by a virus.

Most parents do take seriously when her son complained of headaches. In their minds occurred if the child is suffering from diseases in the brain, but not all symptoms of headache is something that is so.

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Indeed headaches in children can be caused by abnormalities in the brain. But on the contrary, the cause of headaches in children is mostly a outside disorder of the head that interfere with the function of the central nervous system.

Serious headache usually accompanied by symptoms that are very easy to know. The following symptoms you should be aware if your child is complaining of headaches.

  • Nausea and vomiting continuously.
  • Crybaby.
  • Restless.
  • Excessive flagging.
  • Problems in breathing.
  • Weak and rapid pulse.
  • No appetite and drinking.
  • Stiffness in the nape.
  • Difficulty walking.
  • Changes in behavior.

Most of the times, migraine are being depicted happen mostly to teenagers and adults. The latter especially, when adults are being synchronized with big, hard working people that are holding their coffee cups and dealing with stress. Even if the pictures said so, yet the facts and the numbers said much different things.

According to the statistics, more than one third of the migraine sufferers said that they had their first migraine attacks before they even reached the puberty age; and more than a quarter of children are suffering from recurrent migraines. So yes, headaches and migraines are a problem for kids too.

Migraines on children are not really different from the headache attacks happen on adults. When the trigger of a migraine attack is known, for example because of car sick, not enough sleep, dehydration, or too much flicks from television or computer screens; the pains are easily being ignored, for it usually would vanish in a while.

Yet when the migraines are recurrent, interfere with the children activities because it creates a very severe pain and or other medical symptoms too, a far more serious measures need to be taken, either by taking an evaluation to doctors, or by giving some natural home remedies.

Home remedies to treat migraine headaches in children

Migraine headaches in children home remedies are much considerably recommended than a usual over-the-counter medicines. Not just because it’s natural and cheaper than the medicine, it is also generally more effective, and as always, a child should take over-the-counter medicines as little as possible.

The home remedies could take shape from a simple action like putting warm cloth or ice in the place where the migraine takes place. Some more serious alternative, non-medicine remedies sometimes are also being recommended, for example ginger tea, feverfew or butterbur.

Yet these herbal remedies would need a deeper consultation with the doctors, because not every children body has same reaction with every herb. Some may do well for them and help relieving the pain or even erasing the recurrent migraines attacks, but in few rare cases, it would not help, in fact maybe even create worse symptoms.

Foods that can trigger migraine abdominal

Abdominal Migraine Caused By Foods

Basically, abdominal migraine can also be called as a migraine of the stomach. This disease often happens to the children. It is quite surprising that migraine does not only happen to adult, but also to the children and teenagers. Abdominal migraine has some causes.

First, it is considered to be inherited disease. If parents have historical health of migraine, then it is possible to their children to suffer it. For adults, migraine can also be caused by depression. In fact, children who have to deal with lots of homework and exams are absolutely possible to get migraine. It is due to the muscle tension around the head during the stress.

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Furthermore, this abdominal migraine is also caused by the lack of consuming mineral water. As a matter of fact, mineral water is really useful to avoid dehydration, which is the cause of migraine. Besides, foods are also considered to play a role in causing migraine. Here, in order to avoid migraine, people should know about foods that can trigger migraine abdominal.

Trigger-food of abdominal migraine

Here are some foods that are believed to trigger migraine. First, foods that contain lots of Mono sodium Glutamate (MSG) become the main cause of this disease. It can be easily found in some snacks. Therefore, try to read carefully on the product label to avoid consuming MSG. Besides, cheese also tends to trigger migraine.

Once it is consumed in a large amount, it will lead to muscle tension around the head. Furthermore, sausages can also cause abdominal migraine. It is due to the existence of preservative contains in those sausages.

After you know those trigger-foods, it is hoped that you will be easier to avoid them. The most important thing is not to consume in a large amount. Avoiding the causes is totally useful rather than healing. If you have children with abdominal migraine, try to avoid giving them those foods.

How to overcome abdominal migraine in children

In this article we will discuss about how to overcome abdominal migraine. Recurrent abdominal pain is chronic occur in 9-15% children and adolescents. Once exclude anatomic causes, infection, inflammation, and causes metabolic, functional abdominal pain is one of the most frequent diagnosis. One cause of this functional abdominal pain is an abdominal migraine.

Abdominal migraine is an idiopathic disorder characterized by the presence of a midline abdominal pain with moderate to severe intensity for 1-72 hours. Complaints are experienced vasomotor symptoms, nausea, and vomiting. Abdominal migraine is more common in patients with a history of migraine in the family and is most common between the ages of 3 to 10 years.

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Avoiding food that can trigger abdominal migraine is the most important aspect in the treatment of abdominal migraine. Treatment begins with a listing of abdominal migraine attacks and diet plans. Elimination of foods trigger simultaneously is not recommended.

Foods that can cause abdominal migraine

Dietary intake is a factor of precipitation occurrence of migraine in children and adolescents. Some foods, beverages, and a substance that can cause migraine among:

  • cheese
  • brown
  • orange
  • fatty foods
  • junk food
  • Substance monosodium glutamate (MSG)

Symptoms of abdominal migraine in children

Have you ever heard of abdominal migraine? This disease often occurs to the children. As a matter of fact, some people might think that migraine only happen to the adults. This is such a wrong opinion. There are some researches done to some children in the U.S reported that children with migraine have a possibility to suffer behavior disorder.

In this case, as they get older, they will be easier to get depressed and hyperactive. The most important thing is that it is such the most common thing happens to children after the asthma. Here, parents should have a better understanding on abdominal migraine in children symptoms.

Usually, the children will get headache once they have high sensitivity of sound and lighting. If it happens more than an hour, they will feel loathing and then vomit. The symptoms can also be easily seen from their fade face. Once they are suffering it, they usually lose their appetite. If it happens to your child, the right action should be taken immediately.

The diagnosis of abdominal migraine

To diagnose abdominal migraine, the doctor must first take the patient’s clinical history (where physicians gather information regarding all medical problems and medical care of patients). Doctors also take a family history (gathering information about the health of family members), because of a medical problem may be inherited from family.

How to overcome abdominal migraine in children

There are many ways that parents can do to overcome migraine in their children. The most important thing is to give them mineral water regularly. It is due to the dehydration that is considered to be the main cause of migraine. Consuming healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits are highly recommended in order to avoid migraine.

Also, try not to let your children to consume many foods that contain lots of MSG. Besides, always encourage them if they have lots of homework and exams. By avoiding stress, children will be able to be free from migraine.

If migraine happens in a long-term, it is better to bring your children to the doctor. Here, you can get detail causes and of course the right actions. Overcoming abdominal migraine in children is important in order to avoid it as they get older.

Cause of headaches in the morning

Headache in the Morning

Types of headache

Are you suffering headache? It must be the most annoying disease that might happen in your everyday life. Basically, everyone must ever suffer this headache. But, the symptoms and causes might be different from one to another. Before getting started to heal it, you should know some types of headache.

Migraine can be the most common type for every people. It sometimes hits the half side of the head. The sign of migraine can be started by the sensitivity of both lighting and sound. The next type is a cluster headache. People who are suffering it will feel pain behind one of the eyes.

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The feeling of painful might improve from time to time, but then it disappears without many medications. Those types of headache are considered to be the most common and usually happen in the morning. If it happens to you, it is better to take the right action. But, the action must be suitable for its cause.

What causes headache in the morning

Some of you might have a question about the causes of headaches in the morning. Actually, there are some causes that can be easily found. First, it is caused by muscle tension. You will feel that your head is so tight. This tension is sometimes caused by tiredness or exhaustion. Besides, it can also be caused by sleep disorder.

The difficulty to sleep at night will lead to headache once you wake up in the morning. It also happens to people with sleep apnea. Here, people tend to stop breathing and then start to breathe again while they are sleeping. Last, it can also be caused by depression which happens to the adult.

Those are some causes of headache happen in the morning. If you have known those causes, it will be easier to take an action of healing. Consult to your doctor to discuss the right medication to heal this headache.

Causes and how to get rid of head back side pain

What is the cause of head back side pain? Migraines are pretty common suffered by some people. Migraines are described as throbbing pain on the right side or the left side of the head. It can also happen in both sides. A migraine attack usually will cause the sufferer to be sick and sensitive to lights.

There are two types of migraines. The first is that migraine with aura. The aura stage happens before the attacks. The people who suffer from this type of migraine will see flashing lights, blind spots, and sparkles. The other type of migraine is migraine without the aura. The sufferers of this kind of migraine will feel throbbing pain on one side of their head that moves to their eye and the back of the head.

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cause of headache on the back left side

The cause of head back side pain is located on left and right, both parts of the headache is often we call migraine. Migraine experienced by everyone is different location and the cause. Before treating headache back side, we should look for the first cause of headaches.

The cause of head back side pain

The cause of headache in back side is that because of the changing blood flow in the brain. The changing of nerve cell activity is also believed to be the cause of migraine. Many experts believe that migraine is hereditary. A person who has a close relative of migraine sufferer will likely get migraine attacks.

There are some things that trigger a migraine attack. Some of them are stress, fatigue, hot weather, and dehydration. A hormonal change may also trigger it. Therefore, it is common for women to get migraine attack during their periods.

How to treat head back side pain

Head massage; How to deal with back side head pain is with reflexology. Headaches can be lost when assisted by a gentle massage. Use your fingertips to rub the back of the neck, temples, scalp and shoulders. For maximum results, you can ask friends for help to massage you.

Ice compress on the head; Most people find a way to get rid of headaches with cooling head therapy. If you experience headaches like migraines, pack some ice cubes with a dry towel and place them on your forehead for fifteen minutes, then release them for fifteen minutes. Do it repeatedly until the pain subsides.

Warming up; Headaches can also be stopped with a sense of warmth, especially those caused by muscle tension in the neck and back of the head. Take a bag of warm water then place it on the neck and the back of the head. Alternatively you can take a shower with a warm shower and let the water run down the back of the neck.

Sleep; How to cure the back pain without medication is to sleep. Sometimes sleep can help relieve headaches let alone migraines. You just find a place that is considered quiet to lie down and turn off the lights. Use your sleep with a sense of calm.

Mostly, migraine attack can be treated with painkillers and anti-sickness medicine. The best way to treat it is that by taking the medication immediately once you feel the early symptoms of migraine attack. Some medication might work for you but some are not.

Therefore, you must take note on which one work best for you. While you are having the attack, it is better for you to lie quietly in a darkened room. You can also put warm compress or do a simple massage on your throbbing temples or eyes. In addition to the left, headache on the back right side may also occur.

If possible to cure headaches on the back side without using medicines as above. And try to avoid the cause of headaches like stress, fatigue, hot weather, and dehydration. It is important to recognize the main cause of head back side pain, so that it can be resolved quickly, or necessary with non-medical treatments that remain safe and do not need to drain a lot of costs.

Cause of Headache in Back of Head Right Side

What is the cause of headache in back of head right side? Headache is quite common occurs in everyone’s life. However, the degree of severity of the headache that occurs on people is different. Some people are still able to carry out their routines even though they are suffering from headaches.

However, some other people cannot do anything because of the severity of the headache attacks. One of the headache attacks that disturb the daily activities of the sufferers are migraines. Migraines are throbbing pain on one of the sides of the head and or both sides of the head.

Cause of Headache in Back, Headache of Right Side, Cause of migraine headaches

The cause of headache in back of head right side is various. One of them is the changing weather. Sometimes, people who often get migraine will be more prone to get migraine attack when the day is too hot and sunny. Migraine is also caused by too bright lights and dehydration.

Fatigue and stressed out can also trigger the migraine attack. Between men and women, women are more often suffer from migraine. It is believed that the changing of hormone during a cycle can trigger a migraine attack. It usually happens during their periods.

People who suffer from migraine usually experience not only a throbbing head. It is often that migraine is also accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and loud noises. For a non-chronic migraine, people usually can treat it with over-the-counter drugs. For the best treatment, you must find out what cause your migraine.

If it is stress and fatigue, you must do some rest and relaxation. To speed up your recovery, you can lay down in a darkened and quiet room while you are taking the medication. You must seek the doctor’s help. Getting a prescribed medicine for your migraine is better than relying on the painkillers. It is painkillers will less effective if used for a long period.

Symptoms and Causes of Migraine Headaches in Children

To identify migraine headaches in children before treatment, you should know the symptoms and causes. Migraine can be experienced by children not only the adults. With similar symptom and causes, it can be severe pain for kids, since migraine even when experienced by the adult can be painful.

The severe pain followed by repeating of throbbing on one side of head can create uncomfortable feeling and for worse case it can be followed with nausea, vomit and even faint because of the intolerable pain suffered by the kids, though it will be different depends on the condition and strength. Migraine is different from common headache seen by the pain location and how it can interfere in the routines.

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Children have similar possibility to get migraine like the adult since the kids has their own stress or trauma. Although migraine headaches in children is common and sometimes it is not serious, the parents should be more concern after knowing that their children have already experienced the migraine since it can also be an initial sign of serious problem when it happens often.

The children can experience infection, allergic, high level stress or minor trauma on the head which trigger the migraine headaches. Those can be no problem but giving more attention must be much better to prevent the worse case.

Although the case is similar between migraine in children or adult but in treating it will be different. The age of children will determine the body in accepting the medication treatment and mostly doctors will not recommend consuming the medicine when the migraine is not serious except in certain condition.

Some preventing steps or less-medication action such as sleep, consuming nutritive foods and enough rest may be chosen by the expert to avoid long term effect. If the serious case happen, it is important to soon fetch he doctors in order the child who experience migraine headaches can have proper and appropriate treatment.

Migraine Headaches Causes and Treatments

Causes and how to treat migraine headaches. Everyone should have experienced what is called migraine. A pain felt in a half part of head in which it can be severe and can happen for hours or days. Migraine can be followed by other uncomfortable feeling such as nausea, vomiting, blind spots or tingling in some parts of body.

The severe of the headache can attack repeatedly with throbbing sensation in one side of the head and it can influence the daily activities including sleep and work. Even, when sleeping the throbbing sensation will be more felt. Migraine can be an initial sign of serious healthy issue and it needs more concern.

Migraine Headaches Causes, Migraine Headaches Treatments, migraine headache triggers, migraine headaches symptoms

Migraine is caused by a situation in which an artery located on the skull outside enlarges under the skin of the temporal artery. It means that there is a combination between the vein enlargement and the release of chemical around the vein. The trigger of migraine is caused by some factors related to healthy, psychological condition and foods.

Allergic reactions, stress, sensitivity of noises, smells or lights, different pattern of sleep and eating time, tension headache, menstruation, smoking, and tyramine-contained foods. However, migraine can also happen because you have certain condition that needs deep diagnose and treatment.

Treating migraine can be done by preventing or consuming the medication. However, triggers of migraine will not always cause it and vice versa. Because migraine can be happen suddenly, even when we are not in a situation in which the possibility of migraine can happen. Get enough rest, food, and drink supplies and avoid stress is the way of preventing.

Yet, when the migraine attacks, you can take the medication that is recommended by the doctor. If the migraine happen often and for days, it is better to have medical check up to know better about the healthy condition. Read another article about severe migrain headache home remedies.

Severe migraine headache home remedies

Migraine is a recurrent headache attacks are usually felt on one side of the head, throbbing, accompanied by nausea or vomiting. There is a fact that about 30 million of any Americans who suffer from migraines are women.

Perhaps the main reason is because of the hormonal changes. Women have menstrual cycle which can easily trigger any health problems. Yet, there are other causes of such headache including lack of sleep, lack of healthy food, stress, and also weather changes.

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There have been many medications which you can take benefits to deal with such migraine. Yet, you can also take benefit from therapies to relieve such pain of your migraine. Instead of taking risk from common medication, you can take benefit from natural remedies actually.

First basic effort in dealing with migraine is the need to drink water. It is common knowledge that dehydration may become the biggest aspect in suffering from headaches. Many researches have proven this actually. You need to know that drinking caffeine also becomes the major natural remedies for any people who suffer from such headache problem.

Although it is said to be double-edged sword related to headache, you can notice that it can reduce the pain of your headache or also migraine. Caffeine can restrict your veins. It can also lessen the pain.

Next basic effort to deal with migraine is the usage of headband around your head. This practice has become so much common among people nowadays to deal with headache or migraine. Some people even say that it works the best to deal with the migraine headaches actually.

You can also take benefit from fish oil. This can become your basic need in reducing the inflammation related to your headache. There are many others including peppermint oil, ginger, magnesium, and also vitamin B2. Just conduct consultation first indeed to make sure that you gain proper natural treatment for your headache or severe migraine.